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  1. I couldn't help but coming back sooner than later. Autoflower Seed Run #1 This is 1 out of 4 seed runs. This seed run will be Crosses with Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies! I will be pollinating 4 plants 3 of witch are different strains with the 4th being an a IBL back to itself . The 3 that will be Crossed with Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies are Sweet Seeds Black Cream, Buddha Seeds Purple Kush and Delicious Seeds Dark Purple. Photoperiod So this is the story behind these seeds... It was a freebie from attitude. The Strain is Critical Sensi Star , but here's the thing..This strain was brought up in my pollen tent and theirs a Potential for 4 different strains to be the parent of these 2 Seeds! Since I'm not sure I do not want to keep the genetics in my library , so that's the reason for me growing these 2 out. Starting to Prep for everything. Tent is Clean , Seeds are germinating , Pots are filled.
  2. Sorry.. I g2g Goodbye my friend We'll talk again I promise. 18 BMG
  3. Vampire Kush Auto Parents: Purple Kush (Male) X Black Cream (Female) 75-80 days from seed Medium: Promix HP Nutrients: RX Green Solutions About this strain. The Vampire Kush Autoflower is a creation of mine when I had an idea of crossing a Purple Kush and a Black Cream together. What came out was a spectacular smoke experience for myself and friends. The Vampire Kush tends to flower around day 17 and purples with first signs of preflower. The main stalk turns dark purple to black mid-flower with flowers to match. The trichome production from the Vampire Kush visually seems to double that of its parents. I am currently reversing the Vampire Kush for pollen collection and storage. BMG
  4. Really cool! I don't think I've ever had a 2 yr cure. Enjoy!
  5. Yes sir! And Ffhf=fox farm happy frog
  6. Yes I started these 2 plants in ffof and than transplanted into coco and started feeding her a week after transplant because of the root ball bearing ffof. Once it made it past that stage it grew normally. But the mutant never changed.
  7. I do! Here's the story behind her. When she germed out the soil she had 3 cotyledons and had these leaves that looked like this. I had her and her predecessor that is 2 weeks younger than her but bigger now in ffof with the long pots. I figured out that the soil by the roots were not drying because of how long the pots were and light penetration was not enough to dry the soil inside the pot and only the top. I immediately transferred into long pots with coco. I left some ffof around the root ball and experienced some deficiencies while the roots were working it's way out of the root ball and into the coco, once this happened I did not experience anymore deficiencies. The mutant never changed its growing style after transfer. The environment is damn near perfect with temp, humidity etc and everything else is growing fine. I don't understand or know what's going on with her and she's the only one giving me this problem . My only thought left is that it has to be a shit phenotype and want to kill her but I'm also curious what would become of her.. Kinda like a bad child, so that's why she's still alive and another reason is that I'm too far into the Photoperiod part of the grow to germinate another one because of when I'm planning to flip and pollinate. I just don't think she will be ready for bloom with less than a month of veg.
  8. The tent 3 Photoperiods and the rest are Autoflowers. Waiting on 2 more seeds to germ and than the tent will be completely full (I didn't want to use up all of my rapid rooters so I germed a few and than reused the rapid rooters to germ some more, I did this 3x before throwing the rapid rooters away). I also am going to do another windowsill grow and a couple more in small pots next to the window. The small pot on top the long one is an Autoflower that wasn't up to standards so instead of having it in the long pots I uprooted it and transplanted it into the smaller pot I did this because with that type of start I don't believe it would use the space it had available to its advantage efficiently.
  9. I have a little problem with one of my girls and am wondering if you guys ever saw this mutation and can give me an idea of what to expect..i never had this happen and can not find anything close to it when googling..
  10. The Colloidal silver I purchased is called Tiresias Mist from Dr. T Remedies. I purchased mine from Amazon. Here's a link to their website. I only used this on Autoflowers and will soon use it again on this current grow to reverse a Photoperiod. Autoflower use Day 15 start spraying 3x a day 5 sprays, rub the plant down with your hand after spraying (I do this because I believe rubbing it into the plant helps the process instead of just spraying it and walking away) until flowering or signs of reversal. *Important* for Photoperiods You want to start spraying 15 days before 12/12. BMG
  11. Ppm convert chart Nutrient uptake chart Diagnosis Chart
  12. Just finding out about Franco's passing and had to say R.I.P. My condolences to his family.
  13. Will you be typing the last two vids also? I would like to print all that out. And Thank You for taking time to type all that out!
  14. Dracula Cough will be pollinating 2 purple kush auto 2 black cream auto 2 vamp kush auto 2 dracula kush 1 jota auto 10 graveyard kush auto Prep work is finished and am now waiting on the auto seeds to finish germinating. Dracula Cough's are currently vegging and have been trained and mainlined. If everything goes as planned i plan on starting my reversal process on Nov.17 if not i will have to wait until Dec.1 and push my harvest date back by 2 weeks
  15. Apean!!! Sup bro! How have you been?
  16. Pics coming soon
  17. I've noticed some copy cats witch i dont have a problem with or mind trying to recreate my strain, but what i do have a problem with is when you go on enseedfinder implying that your the orginator and creator of my Vampire Kush line and not giving credit were credit is due @ MadCat's Backyard Stash That being said...I will announce my NEW creation! "Dracula Cough" i will not give details on her lineage because of happened above but what i can say is that she has NO relation to the Vampire Kush or her genetics and that they are two totally different strains. Dracula Cough is a Phenotype that took me almost a year to find after popping packs upon packs of seeds to find her, after cloning and labeling clone after clone i vegged the clones separately while flowering the mothers. I weeded out the mother's that were not up to par and threw their clones away. When i found witch phenotype i was looking for I reversed the clone from the mother it came from and made s1 seeds breeding it back to the mother. Dracula Cough will be used in creating each and everyone of my hybrids for the time being. Dracula Cough needs no description because it would not do it justice. I will be documenting Dracula Cough here and only here@ strain hunter forums Happy Halloween to all BMG
  18. so its been almost a year since my last post and what better way to make a return than on Halloween!
  19. If theirs any more strains available as seed that's more Potent than I chose please let me know so I can subtract and add the strain recommended
  20. This is what I'm planning on purchasing.
  21. I would like to create a Potent purple Photoperiod but that's on the back burner for now due to the new seed order! I'll have to reverse, collect pollen and backcross and once I'm finished back crossing i then have to cross those four different strains with each other in order to preserve and continue on with my journey for a Potent purple Photoperiod! Unfortunately it seems all that I read is true and that the purple strains are not as strong as their green counterparts! As soon as I think I'm done with Breeding...New seed order that I have to reverse and backcross.
  22. Did some pollination on the CSS..But not much and covered it with a bag! I'm thinking why I wasn't able to make as much GSC x PK seeds is because I didn't pollinate correctly! From what I've always read is that it only takes a grain of pollen to pollinate ,that's not what happened! I believe I didn't dust the flowers with enough pollen and came out with minimal seed count! So this time I'm making sure that these girls are dusted properly! This is going to be a cross of (Jota Mayuscula Purple Auto Reversed Fem x Critical Sensi Star Fem) I'm also planning to make a seed order soon but am still deciding! I would like to get some really potent knock you out strains and have my eyes on a few, but if any of you would like to chime in and make a recommendation it will be greatly appreciated!
  23. That's crazy, I would have never thought they would go to that extent. Fucking Punk's, Shoot first ask questions later!
  24. Their available at Herbies

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