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  1. Hi people! Hope you're all doing great. So a couple of months ago I started my first grow of an AutoBomb (64 days) indoor. I've been using a LED panel of 120w (3w leds). Now I think it's close to harvest time. I would like to hear your opinion about it. Probably you'll se the plant and think that it has some weeks till harverst but I'm lacking of time because I'm travelling so I have aproximately 6 days left, maybe 7... Here goes the pictures: So I've been using both Feeding Powder Growing and Short flowering during this grow. Ultimately I've prepared a banana tea with some honey fo
  2. Hi HC01! Nice test dude, you've made an awesome work, it seems to be a nice genetic! Actually I have 1 auto bomb growing with 33 days old, and it's the first time growing autoflowering. Compared to yours, mine just showed pre-flowers about a few days ago, but just on the top of the plant, not on the other branches as yours. I thought fowering may be a bit slower because of the LED light I'm using (36 leds of 3W each). Although I have it with with 20/4, yesterday I changed it to 18/6. Here I leave some photos to hear your opinion. Thank you!
  3. Hello to everyone! It's nice to be around. I'm just here for learning about cannabis growing and upload some pics of my plants, ask for suggestions and opinions. I started growing some just this year so I think it will really contribute to this beautiful hobby. Growing marihunana its not illegal here (of course exterior growing has much more legal troubles thank indoor for obvious reasons) but buying seeds yes, so it's quite difficult to get them! Hope you keep doing well!