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  1. hEY StrainHunter Crew, Wanted to give you guys a big shout out, thanks for all you do in keeping landrace strains as a priority. Love you guys. I wanted to invite you to Southern California, as the MMJ culture and grown tremendously and we just had our first cup in San Diego. I wanted to invite you to come check out how much the culture has been influenced by MMJ and to speak with some local farmers, owners of dispensaries and to try our smoke! We have constantly strains that test higher than 20%THC with several in the upper 20's and some even in the lower
  2. i feel you Bruno, I had to move over 2,500 miles to now be in a legal state of MMJ. You can do it, just dont give up. and please be careful if you stay there and decide to grow. I would suggest LED and stay as small as possible. LEDs will keep heat down, reduce electric spikes (if big brother is on you), and will save you from having to add massive ventilation. Still need 2 full room air exchanges per hour preferably. Peace and Love, Fatty McCoy
  3. hELLO ALL!!! Peace and Good Tidings from Southern California, all organic grow currently under way. All legit as a patient under California's Prop. 215, can't wait for full recreational use. VOTE ON THE 8TH, LET US TRULY EXPERIENCE LIBERTY!!!