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  1. Just a late bloomer. She is doing great now.
  2. The plant was in veg at least 30+ days that tent it's in is 4x4 foot (121x121 centimeters).
  3. The 3 part nutrient mixes micro grow and bloom in equal parts as directed and I started using big bud additive after the first week as directed.
  4. So im at week 2 of flowering and it seems to be a slow start. The plant seems healthy and the 12/12 cycle hasen't been interupted so im not sure whats going wrong. I am using a new nutrient the 3 part nutrient from advanced nutrients. Is it normal for some plants to start flowering late? There is only a few hairs so far. The plant is CBD Church.
  5. Dry and ready Still waiting for full cure before smoke review.
  6. Harvest day The 3 node bud This is the bud that had 3 nodes instead of 2. The plant leaf growth is strange with most growth on two sides of the bud.
  7. Day 63 harvest day. Most of the plants were ripe and ready to go at 9 weeks so I harvested. I flushed for a week before harvesting.
  8. Day 56 of flower bud shots. Had to put up a second plastic net across the top to keep the larger buds from falling over.
  9. Day 42 of flower Everything is going well. Had a power outage during the flowering cycle last week and lost about 8 hours of light on time. I had to open the tent and use a hand fan to blow the humid air out and get fresh air in a few times during the power outage to be safe. Been paranoid about mold since my last grow. On a side note has anyone grown this strain before? Ive looked all over and can't find a SLH CBD grow.
  10. Day 35 of flower a little to dry Thanks Pompey and cannabissapean So I let the plant dry out a little to much and lost a few leaves however the buds weren't affected. I did my first full flush of the grow just to be safe. The way I water till it starts draining heavy helps keep nutrient build up from becoming a serious issue Ive gone a whole grow doing this and only flushing at the end with no problems. Yellow leaf in the picture is from not watering enough.
  11. Day 28 of flower Stretching has slowed and everything looks healthy.
  12. Day 21 of flower the stretch continues The plant on the bottom right is now 40in (101cm) also the branch closest to the middle is producing 3 nodes instead of 2 (see picture).
  13. Day 14 of flower Streeeeeeeeetch The plant on the bottom right is growing very tall the tallest bud is 30in (76cm) tall. I'm still watering 1 time a week and everything looks healthy to me.
  14. Day 7 of flower The plant at the bottom right is the tallest and is giving me a bit of worry not knowing how much taller it might get. I keep the pots in a 3x3 foot tray that is raised about 6 in above the ground. I do this to drain the tray into a large bowl this lets me water with a good amount of runoff water to help flush excess nutrients from the last feed. At this point I am watering 1 time week.