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  1. So a year later now... I let my GDP go last winter, and regret it. Stupid me, I thought that I could replace it easy around here. Not so! Real GDP is getting hard to find. Oregon medical strains of old have all dried up after legalization. Rec growers have bought everything up! The one I had was the real deal, green with purple calyxes. I have since picked up another GDP cut from the Midwest in trade (sent to me in a clone shipper) which is thriving under lights this winter. I am hoping it is the real deal. Also in the meantime, I picked up two Grape Ape clones in the summer from a local grower. There seem to be 2 strains of Grape Ape around here, one is just a renamed GDP cut or is an S1/F2 of GDP, and the other is a cross of Mendo Purps, Skunk, and an Afghani. I believe I have the later cut, as it went through a skunk smell phase late in blooming that wafted off, but I still get some hint of skunk now and then after cool curing for 2 months. GA is better than GDP for some things, as it does not put me to sleep like GDP and is as good or better for muscle pain. It is not as good for sex as GDP, and I use GDP if I cannot get to sleep. GA also has a good high to it, clear and not muddled, no rushes, soft mind and body high, not too stony. This GA was super sticky and resinous at harvest. I could not manicure it for at least a month after harvest, or my fingers stuck together after a few trim leaves were cut. I have 2 clones of it going under lights this winter. I am cloning everything to preserve cuts now.
  2. Mexico just signed into law the national legalization of Medical Marihuana. And just last year High Times predicted this would NEVER happen. Snicker snicker...
  3. I never smoked any Indonesian weed. Would love to try growing some of it here though. I presume that it is a pure sativa? I smoked gobs of highland Thai that we used to get on skinny bamboo sticks back in the 70s. They were later replaced with fat Thai sticks dipped in hash oil that just put me to sleep in the 1980s. Lacking any older highland Thai seeds here, I grow Durban Poison, said to be a Thai derived strain. Durban is my favorite sativa. The strongest weed I ever smoked to date was south Indian Ganja, a sativa that was almost black. I got ahold of a cut of a Colombian Black strain here the other day. It was more commonly known as Wacky Weed in the 1970s in California. It has an insane high to it as well. The only problem with it is that it blooms really long and really late. Like into January late. Do Indonesian strains do that, or do they bloom and finish earlier? And welcome to the SH forum!
  4. You can harvest now, as it looks like the hairs are starting to turn orange. You can also look at the trichomes with magnification to see if they are clear, cloudy, turning amber or fully amber and fully ripe. I like to harvest WW earlier just when the trichomes are cloudy and before they turn amber. I like a lighter earlier harvest WW high myself. Some wait until they turn 50% amber after 10 weeks of flowering, or even 75% amber. Its a matter of taste I guess? The terpenes mature over time as well, and earlier harvested WW does not have as deep a smell to it. My nephew did not believe that I grew WW because of the smell. My earlier harvested and cured WW has a dominant pinine smell to it with less humulene (beer) and caryophyline (spicy) smell which they can also develop. The high from WW is lighter and more sativa like when harvested earlier and the high becomes more stony the later they are harvested.
  5. Be with you!
  6. As for the OP looking for strains to cross: I think OG is so overblown and so common now I would not bother breeding it. There must be 100 strains and stories that claim to be the 'original' OG. Many are just the same cut. Many are back crossed, selfed, and odd ball crosses. I have grown several of them, like Ghost and Tahoe, and they were pretty much the same. OG does not do much for me. If I was going to work that strain, I would work with ChemDog, one of its parents. But again, Chem x Diesel x OG lines are all so overworked it is INSANE! There are hundreds of each of those available now. Personally I only cross land race strains to preserve their genetics. If I were to delve into more modern breeds, I would look at older heirlooms and land races to breed with, like WW, Durban, NL, Cali-O, an early Skunk, Blueberry, etc. That way you can get a better genetic base for working with.
  7. Please toss this spam^^^
  8. You can tell if you have white fly if you shake the plant and there are tiny white flies floating around the plant as a result. Maybe try Canola oil mixed in water for them. Or Safer soap spray. Or just live with them. Neem breaks down in UV light though, so if you are growing outside it should dissipate in a few days of sunlight. You can also just spray the older leaves and avoid spraying the buds.
  9. That does not look bad. Old bottom fan leaves normally dry up and die off as the plant matures in flowering stage. If the top leaves are drying and curling up then it is a sign of broad mites. You do NOT want broad mites. I do not see any signs on them on your plant though. Just pull off the fan leaves as they yellow and fade.
  10. I thought of a twist to the 'best strain you ever smoked'. What is the best hashish that you ever smoked? The best hashish I ever smoked was Hawaii Kona gold hash. Only had it once through a previous roommate that moved to Maui and visited me in NorCal with a few grams. We stayed high for a week on that stuff. That was sensational. Gold hashish. I never saw that before or since. O/w the best hashish for me is/was Lebanese Red. I smoked a LOT of that stuff in the late 70s/early 80s. Many ounces... I bought it by the quarter pound. I liked that so much I am growing 2 red Lebby land race strains now here this year that I got through a friend in Europe. Being able to grow Lebanese plants legally is a dream come true for me. I think it has the perfect balance of THC to CBD. Of course there was also Lebanese blonde hashish, which is an earlier harvest of the same general Lebby strains growing there. For some reason the red seems more memorable to me though.
  11. South India black Ganja (a sativa land race) was and remains the best weed I have ever smoked. That was back in 1975. I got an oz from my GF who was from Hawaii. I do not know where she got it from, as I never saw it anywhere before or since. I sold off some grams to cover my smoking habit, and people were literally knocking on my door wanting to get some 2 months after it was gone. It was legendary. Runner up is probably Durban Poison. A land race from South Africa. A real zippy uppity weed that has no body high at all, and no stone at all. Its a purely cerebral high. I have smoked it periodically over the years. I bought an eighth a month ago on sale at a local dispensary here in town for $13 with tax! It was seeded... and I have the seeds sprouting now. Not sure what it is crossed with, but it is worth a try to grow it. Supposedly the west coast strain was worked by a guy in SF to perfection. Dispensaries tend to run out of Durban fast and most charge a premium for it here in town. I also have some Durban sativas from South Africa that I am growing now as well. Tiny seeds, but they are growing fast! I also have Kerala and black ganja seeds, but I am already running 2 strains of Lebanese red this year, so I will have to put them off to grow next year. As you can see I am chasing the best highs by growing them in my back yard here now that it is legal.
  12. Well, you are more likely to find Kush indicas in Afghanistan than you are to find it in India. But in India, you are more likely to find Kush in the north. South India tends to have more sativas, like Kerala and Black Ganja. But then again, there are more crosses being grown everywhere now, and pure strains are harder to find. Kush has been bread into just about everything out there now. Are you looking for Kush plants, dried flowers, hashish, seeds, or just Kush in general?
  13. Yes, it looks like Canada will be the first G7 country to legalize recreational marijuana nationally. This is important stuff! Wake up Strain Hunters forum! https://www.yahoo.com/news/canada-legalize-recreational-marijuana-mid-2018-report-145852604.html Hopefully the US will also legalize it nationally, which would allow for interstate transport of Cannabis. Or AT LEAST decriminalize weed, or make Marijuana a class III or less drug offense so that the industry here can use banks to do business AND allow research on the medical use of Cannabis. I know, big pharma, Sessions, the cartels, the church, and the booze industry are all lobbying hard against that ever happening, but Canada legalizing weed nationally will have a huge influence in pushing legal weed forward in the states and worldwide. Mexico may also make mota legal again... they are at least talking about it down there as well. The senate in Mexico moved to legalize medical marijuana in Dec, 1016.
  14. I am watching Strain Hunter episode reruns and smoking White Widow this afternoon, while making a batch of Blue Dream hash oil from last Spring's indoor grow. While I am doing that, I am also trimming out the Spring indoor WW harvest that will also be made into HO. I am trimming off the sugar leaves of the Spring harvests, after leaving them on when I cured these last year. I will be left with a pile of super tight trimmed buds, and a small jar of Temple Balls that I make with the HO.
  15. I have many seeds from the 70s and 80s, but they have been kept frozen and dry for all these years. The main issue with old seeds is that they may no longer be viable. This is more common in places like the US South, where it is very humid and gets very hot for long periods of time. In places like the US west where it s a lot drier and cooler, seeds can be kept a lot longer w/o being frozen. But they can last indefinitely if they are kept cool or frozen, and most importantly: kept dry. Now this brings up the issue of whether or not Cannabis seeds can be frozen and kept viable or not. Many so called "experts" in published books and magazines on Cannabis claim that they cannot be frozen and remains viable. I have had many debates on other forums about this, and many still claim that it is impossible. However, I point out that many of my landrace seeds have remained viable, and 2 years ago I got a 100% germination rate from 2 strains frozen for 10 and 30 years, respectively. Also in several older books on Cannabis, they talk about several scientific studies done (in Japan) where Cannabis seeds were frozen for longer periods of time and then thawed and germinated. I would also point out that in central Asia, in places like Siberia and Turkistan where Cannabis commonly grows wild, they get a long and hard winter where temperatures get well below freezing every year, and wild Cannabis seeds survive being frozen and sprout every spring there. That aside, one thing I have noticed is that with age, Cannabis seeds get a harder shell from the resins aging over time. So to allow water to penetrate the seeds and induce them to germinate, you need to scratch or scar the seed surface before you plant them or wrap them in wet paper towels. They can also get weaker with age, and you may have to help the seeds by prying them open with tweezers to get the hinge top pop open and the seed halves to pop off of the cotyledon leaves. I have found that you may also want to soak the seeds in hydrogen peroxide for a few hours before trying to germinate them, as they can pick up fungal spores that can cause dampening off and early death of your seedlings. I have found that indica strains tend to be more susceptible to this than my Latin America landrace sativas in my seed collection. Also it sounds like your Indonesian strain was related to a South India ganja strain that I smoked in the 70's. Almost black, and sticky as all heck, and a really string high. Best weed I have ever smoked to this day, that was. Only had one ounce of it in 1975. It was seedless though.

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