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  1. So a year later now... I let my GDP go last winter, and regret it. Stupid me, I thought that I could replace it easy around here. Not so! Real GDP is getting hard to find. Oregon medical strains of old have all dried up after legalization. Rec growers have bought everything up! The one I had was the real deal, green with purple calyxes. I have since picked up another GDP cut from the Midwest in trade (sent to me in a clone shipper) which is thriving under lights this winter. I am hoping it is the real deal. Also in the meantime, I picked up two Grape Ape clones in the summer from a local growe
  2. Mexico just signed into law the national legalization of Medical Marihuana. And just last year High Times predicted this would NEVER happen. Snicker snicker...
  3. Big Sur


    I never smoked any Indonesian weed. Would love to try growing some of it here though. I presume that it is a pure sativa? I smoked gobs of highland Thai that we used to get on skinny bamboo sticks back in the 70s. They were later replaced with fat Thai sticks dipped in hash oil that just put me to sleep in the 1980s. Lacking any older highland Thai seeds here, I grow Durban Poison, said to be a Thai derived strain. Durban is my favorite sativa. The strongest weed I ever smoked to date was south Indian Ganja, a sativa that was almost black. I got ahold of a cut of a Colombian Black
  4. You can harvest now, as it looks like the hairs are starting to turn orange. You can also look at the trichomes with magnification to see if they are clear, cloudy, turning amber or fully amber and fully ripe. I like to harvest WW earlier just when the trichomes are cloudy and before they turn amber. I like a lighter earlier harvest WW high myself. Some wait until they turn 50% amber after 10 weeks of flowering, or even 75% amber. Its a matter of taste I guess? The terpenes mature over time as well, and earlier harvested WW does not have as deep a smell to it. My nephew did not believe that I
  5. Be with you!
  6. As for the OP looking for strains to cross: I think OG is so overblown and so common now I would not bother breeding it. There must be 100 strains and stories that claim to be the 'original' OG. Many are just the same cut. Many are back crossed, selfed, and odd ball crosses. I have grown several of them, like Ghost and Tahoe, and they were pretty much the same. OG does not do much for me. If I was going to work that strain, I would work with ChemDog, one of its parents. But again, Chem x Diesel x OG lines are all so overworked it is INSANE! There are hundreds of each of those ava
  7. You can tell if you have white fly if you shake the plant and there are tiny white flies floating around the plant as a result. Maybe try Canola oil mixed in water for them. Or Safer soap spray. Or just live with them. Neem breaks down in UV light though, so if you are growing outside it should dissipate in a few days of sunlight. You can also just spray the older leaves and avoid spraying the buds.
  8. That does not look bad. Old bottom fan leaves normally dry up and die off as the plant matures in flowering stage. If the top leaves are drying and curling up then it is a sign of broad mites. You do NOT want broad mites. I do not see any signs on them on your plant though. Just pull off the fan leaves as they yellow and fade.
  9. I thought of a twist to the 'best strain you ever smoked'. What is the best hashish that you ever smoked? The best hashish I ever smoked was Hawaii Kona gold hash. Only had it once through a previous roommate that moved to Maui and visited me in NorCal with a few grams. We stayed high for a week on that stuff. That was sensational. Gold hashish. I never saw that before or since. O/w the best hashish for me is/was Lebanese Red. I smoked a LOT of that stuff in the late 70s/early 80s. Many ounces... I bought it by the quarter pound. I liked that so much I am growing 2 red
  10. South India black Ganja (a sativa land race) was and remains the best weed I have ever smoked. That was back in 1975. I got an oz from my GF who was from Hawaii. I do not know where she got it from, as I never saw it anywhere before or since. I sold off some grams to cover my smoking habit, and people were literally knocking on my door wanting to get some 2 months after it was gone. It was legendary. Runner up is probably Durban Poison. A land race from South Africa. A real zippy uppity weed that has no body high at all, and no stone at all. Its a purely cerebral high. I have smok
  11. Well, you are more likely to find Kush indicas in Afghanistan than you are to find it in India. But in India, you are more likely to find Kush in the north. South India tends to have more sativas, like Kerala and Black Ganja. But then again, there are more crosses being grown everywhere now, and pure strains are harder to find. Kush has been bread into just about everything out there now. Are you looking for Kush plants, dried flowers, hashish, seeds, or just Kush in general?
  12. Yes, it looks like Canada will be the first G7 country to legalize recreational marijuana nationally. This is important stuff! Wake up Strain Hunters forum! https://www.yahoo.com/news/canada-legalize-recreational-marijuana-mid-2018-report-145852604.html Hopefully the US will also legalize it nationally, which would allow for interstate transport of Cannabis. Or AT LEAST decriminalize weed, or make Marijuana a class III or less drug offense so that the industry here can use banks to do business AND allow research on the medical use of Cannabis. I know, big pharma, Sess
  13. I am watching Strain Hunter episode reruns and smoking White Widow this afternoon, while making a batch of Blue Dream hash oil from last Spring's indoor grow. While I am doing that, I am also trimming out the Spring indoor WW harvest that will also be made into HO. I am trimming off the sugar leaves of the Spring harvests, after leaving them on when I cured these last year. I will be left with a pile of super tight trimmed buds, and a small jar of Temple Balls that I make with the HO.
  14. I have many seeds from the 70s and 80s, but they have been kept frozen and dry for all these years. The main issue with old seeds is that they may no longer be viable. This is more common in places like the US South, where it is very humid and gets very hot for long periods of time. In places like the US west where it s a lot drier and cooler, seeds can be kept a lot longer w/o being frozen. But they can last indefinitely if they are kept cool or frozen, and most importantly: kept dry. Now this brings up the issue of whether or not Cannabis seeds can be frozen and kept viable or not. Many so c
  15. Big Sur

    FORUM rules

    It is now legal to 'give away' weed, seed and plants in many western US states now. So in effect it is legal to trade/exchange them here. Not this site 'here', this location where I am living 'here' (in Oregon, but I believe this is also the case in California, Colorado, Alaska, Nevada, Maine, Washington state, Washington DC and Mass.). As long as the exchange does not cross state lines.
  16. And lets not forget Washington DC. DC is a federal US district and not a state, and as such, falls under federal jurisdiction. So even though they passed the marijuana legalization initiative there several years ago, it has still yet to be fully legalized, as weed is still a federal crime. At any rate, the laws there are supposed to be: You can grow up to 6 Cannabis plants with 3 or fewer being mature/flowering, within your principal residence. You can grow indoors our outdoors there if you are the landowner or if you have permission from your landlord. The later part about landlor
  17. These laws apply to home and personal growing only. This post does not cover licensed growing which is different. In all legal states, you have to be over 21 to possess and grow marijuana, and you cannot sell any marijuana bud, plants or seeds w/o a license. You can give them away though. Possession limits and the number of plants allowed vary by state. In all states growing has to be out of public view. In some states grows have to be in a secured/locked area. Most states also require marijuana grows to be a certain distance from schools (in Oregon, it is 1000 yards). In Oregon you can gr
  18. Gives a new meaning to the street term of 'stepping on it.'
  19. Amusing questions. No hassle involved, as when I want to grow a landrace, I just reach into my freezer and pull out landrace seeds from bag weed that I bought 30 or 40 years ago, and plant them. If I want to breed them to create examples of the landrace, I keep the males and cross them with the females. My freezing the seeds has preserved the original landrace genetics, so breeding them does not really affect my library of genetics. I have lots of seeds. My crossing them to produce seeds is simply a one-off F1, which in my opinion is valid at least for the first run due to the fact that a few
  20. As for doing away with males, IMO that is not going to work. Plants, animals, and fungi all formed about 1.5 billion years ago from a common simpler eukaryote ancestor. A eukaryote is an organism whose cells contain a nucleus and other organelles like the mitochondria enclosed within membranes. This is what separates us eukaryotes from prokaryotic cells (Bacteria and Archaea) that have no organelles within the cell membrane. Prokaryotic cell organisms can pick up and shed DNA as a result, and evolve rapidly. This is why and how bacteria have evolved within a few decades to become immune to ant
  21. Yes, in all my discussions here (and elsewhere on the web), when I say that a Cannabis plant herms or flips completely to the opposite sex, it is a phenotype expression change, and not a genetic one. Meaning that once a seed is formed, the sexual genetics of the plant is set for life. When males turn female or a females turns male (they can also do that), the genetics remain as they were originally. But... females flipped to males produce pollen only with female chromosomes. Meaning that the seeds resulting from that pollen when furtilizing a female ovum will be feminized, as they only have a
  22. I was going to add a section here on the OHA laws for medical marijuana. However, it looks like the Oregon Heath Authority has taken a page from California and is wanting to give up managing the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) and have the OLCC manage it under rec weed laws. Seemingly like in California, the only thing that an OMMP card will get you in Oregon is tax-free marijuana at the point of sale. So you will save 17-20% on your weed with an OMMP or out of state medical marijuana card. All personal growing here will be under the personal rec weed grow limit if 4 plants per residen
  23. I think it depends on the type of tumor, benign or malignant, and where it is. From my reading, THC has the greater tumor destructive action, but CBD packs it own punch. Also CBD will allow you to smoke more THC without feeling as strong an effect. Personally I believe that the THC/CBD ratio in late harvested red Lebanese hashish is the best ratio for smoking, good feeling, and best overall effects that you can tolerate well. Red Leb marijuana is typically between 1:1 or even 2:1 CBD to THC. So I would try 1:1 ratio. If you cannot find a strain or oil with that ratio, you can get a high THC wi
  24. Genetic drift is highly variable in Cannabis. As written in journals and logs in the US growing hemp over the past 300 years, it was discovered early on that you have to be very diligent to select the best plants for seed, or the resulting hemp crop would decline in quality rather rapidly in its own natural tendency to adapt to local climates. Cannabis has a huge spectrum of genetics, and will rapidly adapt to new climates. It has now tapped into humans to move around the globe, and being pre-disposed to rapid adaptation, has become a global invasive weed. The understanding is that in order to