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  1. Hey Everyone, Time for a final update. I have a few pics from 7-10 weeks here. I did as good as I expected if not better considering it was my first crop in a very long time. Final weights: BC God Bud - 3.5g Quarter Pounder auto - 21g ComaKush CK1 - 24g CK2 - 56g CK3 - 41g I also had an unknown bag seed that produced 40g BC God Bud had a root ball issues early on and it never fully recovered. the roots seem to be much finer than the other varieties I had. which I think led to tangling in the planter. I was also able to get some mother plants started from the Coma Kush CK2 and CK3
  2. Hey Everyone. Just thought i'd give you all an update. The girls are all doing well and approx. 1 month into bud. BCGB-2 turned out to be a male so he is now living in a van down by the river. My ills have been fixed. It turns out I was just underfeeding them, their needs were much higher than I expected and I had a fear of burning them with nutrients. so I have got them up to a 1.5 EC and they are responding very well. Sorry it has been a while since my last update. The suspense was killing you, but I have a couple pics for you all. It is getting increasingly hard to get individualized pictures as I have in previous weeks. My lens just isn't made for that wide a shot and the ladies are so meshed together there would be no accuracy. However CK2 and CK3 are considerably bigger than the rest of the plants in the room, topping out around 50cm or so. The QP1 is only about 24cm but seems to very productive and will probably be the biggest yielding. It has pretty good size buds even where the light don't shine. The aroma in my house is the best though. I forgot how nice that was. Here is the room stats and couple random pics.
  3. Hey everybody thanks for coming back, @Cannabissapean I'm pickin up what your layin down, I think the god bud would have been doing much better if I had just that strain in this run. so I'm gonna keep that in mind next time I grow them. I still have about a dozen of those seeds. I'll have enough to do a full crop of just those. For all I know those could be male so im keeping an eye out for the signs. BCGB-2 is doing better than BCGB-1 as you'll see further down the page. CK-3 is doing the best of the 3 coma kush. It is developing c-branching about 5cm long. They do have a bit of curl to them. My water cycle for a few weeks now has been 3 intervals per day at 30 mins each. I'm not sure I want to go below that. I did have them on 5 intervals per day at 1hr each. With the EC ive been running do think its even possible to have nitrogen burn? They should be able to handle twice that, I would think unless I am not considering something. I have been using GH grow, micro, and bloom. along wit calmag. I would really like to start using bio-stimulants but I think my budget is maxed out for this crop and will have to try later. As always your comments are appreciated On with week 6 Alrighty then that's it for this week. Have a great rest of your week end and see you all soon.
  4. Ahha you are right once again Cannabissapean! I zipped it up and put a copy on my site. Here is the Link
  5. I would be very interested in trying some of these if possible!!!
  6. Fantastic! thank you all for your input and joining in. @Mykol76 Thanks man, I did flush for a couple days and then gave them a feeding of Cal-Mag and some Micro. @Afghi420 The BC God Bud is a mostly Indica 75/25 a mix of God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk. The (God) is a Canadian developed strain from what I understand. Finish about 36-45cm tall. Small but sticky and upwards of 25% thc. @Cannabissapean I did manage to find a great chart a while back that I downloaded and has been very helpful in seeing deficiencies and excesses. This is a HQ photo if anyone else would like a copy. Alrighty, On with Week 5 The Ladies have responded well. After flushing and Feeding them CalMag, they have ballooned up nicely and got some color back. Here are the Room Conditions for Week Five The Quarter Pounder auto has started to show signs of flowering. All 3 Coma Kush came back well, Although CK-1 still looks a bit mutant as it always has. Perhaps it's an odd phenotype as I suspect these are F1 seeds and there could be many expressions going on. The BC God Bud have broke free of their stall, and have their leaves outward now. They are still quite small but they are only suppose to get to around 36cm tall. This next week I am putting them into flower. I would like to wait a little longer for the BC God Bud to catch up a bit more, but the other 6 plants in the room can't wait. These should turn out for their expected size. If not, noted for next time. That's it for this week folks, I thank you all for tuning in and hope for your return. take care, bless
  7. Hey Afghi420, Welcome to the forum. You mentioned a Afghani you grew about 20yrs ago. I too had a Afghani about 20-25yrs ago. The description sounds familiar. I did post pics of it in my introduction if you'd like to see them. The pics are crappy cause they are from 20+yr old polaroids. I will say though the Afghani I grew was a yielder, It could put out 1lb per plant pretty easy if you had the room. there isn't a pic of it in my post but I once had a cola bigger than my head lol. Unfortunately I don't have the strain anymore either. People I knew back then had the strain as well, but I haven't seen them in a while and not sure if I could get it again.
  8. Thank you all for your input. I think your right Dust, my cal-mag was deficient. I kinda suspected that to start since my EC from the beginning hasn't gone above 0.6. I usually keep it low to start cause it's always easy to give it more than to try and correct an overage. My lights were approx. 35cm from the tops, Ive since moved them to 70. The interveinal chlorosis is unmistakable. the veins in the leaf stay green while the tissue between is affected by the migration of magnesium. magnesium is highly mobile, so a deficiency takes mag from the lower foliage and sends it to the top where its needed. Sorry I couldn't reply sooner Ive been sick all week with a bug. take care everyone and see you on the next update. hopefully things will look a little better.
  9. Week 4 Update It's been an up and down week. I mentioned last week that I might have a Potassium excess. I'm still not sure if that was the real issue or not but I flushed for five days and noticed the lower primaries experiencing interveinal chlorosis. The centers were greening up so I fed them some cal-mag for the last 2 days of the week. They seem to be recovering. I'll know better next week if they are past the problem. The BC God Bud as noted by the producer, it can be difficult the first time you grow it. They did seem to stall a little this last week but are greening up now. CK-1 looks a little mutant compared to the others. CK-2 CK-3 BCGB-1 You can tell these have Hawaiian in them, very rounded overlapping indica. You can see the interveinal chlorosis on the bottom in this pic. They also seem to have a very rubbery texture to the leaves BCGB-2 QP-1 Thats it for this week. take care everyone.
  10. I didn't even think anyone could get in there. I did read that journalist papers though, very interesting read.
  11. They have picked up the pace and looking good. wish you all the best on your grow.
  12. @Dust Thanks for the Links to Canadian GHS distributors. I appreciate it man. I'd like to also thank anyone that is following this journal, the interest is also appreciated. So lets get started with week 3. I have a correction to make from last week. My individual plant stats spreadsheets have an improper value in the "Stem Width" column. I have a misplaced decimal, They should all be one placement left. I have corrected them since and will show correctly from here on. The Ladies have been working hard this week. They seem to be doing alright, although I think I'm seeing the start of a Potassium excess. So I'm going to do a flush for week four. Here are the room conditions for week three. BCGB-1 BCGB-2 Coma Kush - I still suspect these are F1 seeds. They have fairly vigorous growth and one of them has a slightly different appearance. They seem to be expressing the Hawaiian leaf shape. It looks very similar to one a grew in the 90's. CK-1 CK-2 CK-3 QP-1 In the fourth week for this one and doing well.
  13. That is great to learn banana.brain I have not heard of this tool before. I will look into it. Might be a crop or too before I can get one, but good to know none the less. thank you.
  14. If it helps anyone, ive been able to scroll using the wheel button. press the wheel, you'll see a small white disc appear. if you move your pointer above or below that it will scroll. lol I completely forgot you could do that.

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