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Everything posted by Chemnutter

  1. I usually go for 26-27 day time and 20 ish at night and that seems to work well for me. I would advise not to have a difference of 10 degrees or more between day and night as this shocks the plant and slows it down. The closer you can get that gap the faster you will grow. Also keep ur water temp the same as the room temp where possible.
  2. Alright j buds I'm in the UK too. I have had similar issues. I would get a lot stronger fan by the sound of things. Also make sure to vent it back outside not into the room you have your tent in as that will keep temps high in ur tent too. The only problem is your night time temps. But you can buy a little electric radiator to come on at lights off to counter that. I hope this helps u pal, never stop fiddling n tinkering till you achieve your perfect climate it's the most important part of it all n so much quicker when it's right.
  3. Always had great stuff from pick n mix seeds too
  4. It's a sad loss for all Francos family, including the ghs and strain hunter family too. I only knew of Franco from growhdtv and strainhunters videos but I feel like I've lost something too. I've never before seen somebody show such character and emotion at the sight of a plant. The weed world will miss him for sure. I just planted some seeds this crops for Franco RIP BUDDY
  5. Oh well I live near a mint cake factory not so far from there ? maybe after were acquainted a while we could meet up n compare buds
  6. This is such a stinky resinous strain. I did it in a greenhouse in cheap soil with poor drainage and bio bizz nutrients it stayed small due to low light conditions but it was really nice shit. Good luck with yours ?
  7. Hey gameter if ur close to Preston your close to me! I had my hopes up about the Preston club just then lol ?
  8. Cheers man. My chat doesn't seem to work at the moment I just get a blank screen
  9. I know I am new here and wouldn't be considered as a tester right now however I've just ordered strain hunters money maker and dinafem og kush to get a few reports on here. I'd like to build up a rep so maybe in a few months I can get my foot in the door on some new strains! That cheese x widow sounds bitchin ??
  10. I like that policy man. I'd rather wait than get a seed that's not anywhere near as good as before. The ones I had were massive yielders and tasted amazing.
  11. Thats good news, there seems to be a lot of stock issues with a few nice strains from ghs and many other seed companies. Is this the beginning of a worldwide shortage of seeds due to legalisation in more and more countries??? Hope not. Thanks for the reply and information my friend
  12. Been trying and trying to find some ghs chemdog seeds now for over a year and they are out of stock everywhere. Are these seeds discontinued now. I love them
  13. Just stunning that my friend. Lovely roots
  14. Give them another week or two at least. buddy they look beautiful but they don't look mature enough to me at the moment. I wish I had smellavision!
  15. I've run several auto strains and they all seem to produce massively when the light is kept at 20/4. As they are auto they don't need to drop to 12/12. Also I've had great success putting the seed straight into its finishing pot so no transplantation to slow her down. Ghs super critical auto was a monster done this way.
  16. Hi everyone. I'm in the UK. I've been growing ghs chemdog and Jack herer for my father who recently died of a brain tumor. He was a law abiding man who never saw the benefits of weed till it was too late really. I on the other hand have been smoking and growing for my own personal pleasure and to alleviate back pain and insomnia for around 25 years (since 13 years old). My current strains are Pakistan Valley from world of seeds (landrance) and some delicious candy. It's nice to see everyone on here and I hope to chat to you all soon.