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  1. These are some pictures I just took, Christmas eve 2011. She is a Auto Flower White Russian. My first grow ever were a packet of 5 seeds I got of, 2 girls, a bunch of seeds. Every now and again I crack some open. I don't grow them often because I run a 12 hour bloom room, and normally they don't yeild worth a damn. This one is an exception. She is about 14 days away from full maturity, 8 1/2 weeks in bloom. She stands about 3 feet tall from the top of the bucket. Probably a full foot taller than any of her sisters. Her mother was about 8 inches tall. She smells like a very sweet red grapefruit. If she is like her sisters, her smoke will be rather sweet, with a nice indica/sativa mix, not over powering, but a nice evening buzz. Peace, and Merry Christmas! J
  2. One Super Lemon Haze is on straight water. She will be done this weekend, a few days short of 8 weeks. Incredible! She's so heavy right now!!! It's covered in trichomes And the rest of the ladies: Peace, J
  3. Great looking grow. I used similar sized boxes and Chinese 120w led lights. They work great, but there are some that have no orange. I have two like that, and they will bleach a bud in a heart beat. Yours look good! I used to grow lowryder stuff in my boxes. They're perfect sized. I made seeds out of mine early on, and have hundreds of seeds.
  4. Tokage, I grew OG two grows ago, but this one looks even better. BTW, a friend of mine calls it OMG instead of OG for obvious reasons Thanks! J
  5. This update is as of 18 October. First up, Super Lemon Haze 6 weeks into flower. Looks like she will be done next week. Incredible! Reserve Pravada OG Kush, smelling very Kushish A new comer to the bloom room, another Reserve Pravada OG Kush Another Reserve Pravada OG Kush, she's looking good! Another Reserve Pravada OG Kush: A second Super Lemon Haze: Nothing out of the norm to report, well, just the new norm of SLH finishing in less than 8 weeks! Peace out! J
  6. This is an update with pics taken this am, 10/6. Here are the ladies, btw, I have added a few more clones as they became ready. I hope I haven't over filled the room, again OG on the left, Super Lemon Haze on the right: Super Lemon Haze on the left, OG clone on the right: two OGs: Super Lemon Haze on the right: Super Lemon Haze buds: Young OG bud: Peace! J
  7. No new lights, and yes, lots of room. I have found that more room equals better yeild BTW, the lucky corner is right under a 600w hps, and the roof is 9 feet tall on that side ...
  8. This is the start of a new grow in my shed. I started the plants over the last 4 weeks. Replacing plant by plant as I harvested the previous grow. Here is the layout for this grow: A new Super Lemon Haze in the lucky corner Early and vibrant bud growth! OG Kush, new to the bloom room: Another Super Lemon Haze: So, we have two Super Lemon Haze, and three Reserve Pravada OG Kush. My hopes are high, real high Peace, J
  9. Smoke report wise, final measurements have the total yeild just over 350 grams. The Himalyan Gold is smooth, and a good Indica stone. The Super Lemon Haze is just plain super! It packs a real belt, will lock you to a couch if you smoke it late at night, or will put a smile on your face all day long! Peace out, and check out the newest shed grow J
  10. tokage, In regard to watering from beneath, it's a passive watering system in that the pipes just keep the water in the buckets at the same height as the control bucket. Raise the control bucket and the water level rises in the grow buckets. So, as the plants use water, the water remains at the same level. Peace! J
  11. Thanks Fuzzy, I'll do a final trim on my last plant, and I think I will net 450 grams for 3 plants!
  12. And the Super Lemon Haze: Very very sticky!!! She weighed in at 160 grams! Peace, J
  13. I got the chance to do a final trim on the Himalyan Gold that was growing in the middle. Here she is: The dry weight is either 150 grams or 170 grams. Sorry, I was smoking her as I was weighing and lost track of how many scoops. lol Enjoy! J
  14. Nice and clean! Sweet! Looks like you could use a 120w led panel for that size.
  15. Throw some lady bugs at them. 1500 for less than $10. They eat any insect they see, but won't eat your plants.

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