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  1. Update: It's been like at least a month and a week (if not more) since she started flowering and my LH has been growing on 100w lights. When do you think my baby is ready to harvest? At the moment I have no clue what to do. On one side, I've read that some people have been stuck with LH's that ''took too long'' but on the other hand I've not witnessed any growth whatsoever.
  2. I've changed the lights to 100w as it was previously and I made my research with the material you gave me and some extra links! I'll be sure to put the extra nutrients my baby needs. Thank you This is her today, on the 22nd of January 2017. She's getting bigger and bushier and if you'd zoom in you'd see the yellow spots I mentioned earlier. I will keep updating this journal. Thank you for being such a good helper
  3. Cannabissapean Thank you so much for replying so fast! Indeed, I've always thought that this tent was too small for 3/4 plants and not that tall for the pure strain sativas. I bought this one because at the time I wasn't sure if I'd stay in my current house so I didn't want to buy such a big piece of equipment and then not knowing where to put it! I will most likely think with my rational head and not with my ''stoner head'', that is, I will put away the heavy wattage, switch to the 100w system which was perfectly fine and was making my plant grow without any problems and then, in the future, when I have a bigger grow room, it will be justifiable to invest in that. For both the 100w and the 400w I am using HPS lights. And yeah, I forgot to mention, I will post a picture here soon, my tent, as you can probably guess, is pretty tight but I did manage to fit there the lights with the reflector, a good carbon filter, an extractor and I have a 8 inch tall fan on the floor to keep the area fresh. However, that was only added only after putting the 400w system. With the 100w lights there, I didn't have the need at all to have fans in there, I'd naturally open the side window and let the plant get some fresh air and it grew amazingly so far and the temperature/humidity was constantly stable day and night. Regarding the scent, she is starting to smell, but I have a bowl with an odor neutralizer wax (apple crumble) that I keep outside the tent from time to time for a few minutes and it fixes the smell like magic. I'm using a soil mix from Atami that is a basic organic soil mix with a light fertilizer and I'm using the three phase bottles of BioBizz so at the moment I'm using BioGrow. Thank you for the help! I'll keep updating here!
  4. Hi everyone, So, after introducing myself, this will be my first ''official'' post. First of all a background: I acquired 2 Liberty Haze seeds and 2 Purple Kush seeds. I assembled a secret jardin grow room (2 feed large x 3 feet tall) and I purchased the 100w light equipment. After some weeks, when the plants were already popping out, I was submited to surgery and hospitalized. Case to say I'm still recovering but 3 plants died. Miraculously, one LH was still alive and kicking despite her state. I managed to focus all my attention on her. She entered vegetative stage in the beginnings of December. A few days ago I decided to use the space that I have, since that I only have just one vase there, so I went to a store and upgraded the lights to 400w in order to have more yield which was what I intended in the beginning. What happened is that as soon as I did this, the usual stable atmosphere of 25ºC/45% switched to +30ºC/30% or less humidity. I do not have a humidifier here, only a dehumidifier, so the only things I have been doing is sprinkling water on the walls of the tent which grant me some 45% of humidity for some hours, or I heat a pot with water and put inside for a few minutes. I already managed to lower the temperature to what it was when I used the previous light system by purchasing a new fan but what should I do now? In only one night 4 big leaves of my baby already got some scary yellow marks (totally different that in the picture I'm showing you). Should I buy a dehumidifier? Did I stress my plant to much? Should I switch to the 100w lights again and just stick to less yield this time?
  5. Hi everyone! This is my first post here on SH. I'm CaramelFondant, and I hope to get along with everyone here and learn from everyone's experiences here.

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