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  1. I miss my lemon skunk. I had that strain growing for a couple years, i definitely had a great smell/taste and high. I remember that plant being extremely resistant to disease. I wasn't aware it was a Greenhouse strain when i was growing it, just got the clone from someone. I remember that plant having a strong lemon smell, very nice.
  2. btw, How do i reply to someone's individual post instead of replying to the topic? I just did a quote above when i did that reply. Cannabissapean's reply to Afghi420's question: Only Moderators and Staff have the power to reply directly inside an individual's post, like this. The way you can reply to the topic in general, is to scroll down to the bottom of the thread's page and click on "Reply". This is the normal method of replying within a thread. As you have already seen, you can reply to the post individually, by clicking on "Quote", which will bri
  3. I have always had a thing for Dr,Grinspoon.. I've never tried it but always wanted to. I just remember seeing pictures in a magazine once of the plant and it had the strangest looking buds on it. It looked like olives strung up on the plant.. There were just marble sized buds everywhere. This plant looks a lot more normal and has much bigger buds
  4. I shouldn't say my old Afghi wasn't a yielder i suppose.. I wasn't too knowledgeable of a grower back then and wasn't doing much to promote bigger yields so there is a good chance it could have been a good yielder. I also used earth juice way back then as i still do now and it doesn't pump out massive buds, it does pump out the best tasting and smelling weed i've ever had though, thats why i stick with it.. I've had the same rockstar grown by other people with different nutes and it never has the same pungency as it does with the earth juice. Did your old afghi have that afghi stink? Mine woul
  5. Sorry to hear about Franco, this was the first i had heard of him passing. I only knew him from watching all of the Strain Hunter videos, that must have been a real blow to all of you guys who worked with him personally. I'm sure his name will live on for a long time.
  6. Here are a few pictures i will put up of my Rockstar Kush. I have been growing this strain for 3 or 4 years now and smoking the weed daily for just as long and have had no urge to switch to anything different yet. I am a fan of afghani strains, especially when they smell as pungent as this strain does. The high is as good or better than 90% of any of the A grade strains i have tried from dispensaries. Here are some of the pictures i have taken over the course of the last few years. I currently have only a couple going atm and they aren't in flower so i don't have anything nice that is current
  7. It was definitely an Afghani variety, it had the classic Afghanica rounded leaves, the fattest and roundest i have ever seen by far. I have had a true skunk in the past too, the real skunk that smelled as if you were standing over a dead skunk. Actually the skunk strain i had was one of my all time favorite as well, it didn't have that special euphoria like the afghi but it was a couchlocking strain, which is what i am after, and how could anyone not enjoy a true skunk weed smell. I need to look up more info on Afghani #1 grows people have done as the strain does sound similar in description t
  8. Hello there to fellow smokers and strain hunters out there. I live in a small Province in Eastern Canada and have been toking for about 25 years, daily for about 20. I have been growing myself for the last 3 or 4 years. I happened upon a bag of Rockstar Kush one day, this version comes from Med Man, who is a top notch grower that i believe lives in British Columbia and happens to have some killer Afghani genetics. I happened upon a bag of this rockstar one day and when i got home i found an article in one of the magazines about this guy and his rockstar bud, along with other strains his has..