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  1. I miss my lemon skunk. I had that strain growing for a couple years, i definitely had a great smell/taste and high. I remember that plant being extremely resistant to disease. I wasn't aware it was a Greenhouse strain when i was growing it, just got the clone from someone. I remember that plant having a strong lemon smell, very nice.
  2. Those BCGD look like they have some afghani in them, very rounded leaves..
  3. btw, How do i reply to someone's individual post instead of replying to the topic? I just did a quote above when i did that reply. Cannabissapean's reply to Afghi420's question: Only Moderators and Staff have the power to reply directly inside an individual's post, like this. The way you can reply to the topic in general, is to scroll down to the bottom of the thread's page and click on "Reply". This is the normal method of replying within a thread. As you have already seen, you can reply to the post individually, by clicking on "Quote", which will bring the first author's comments into your Reply, and that will be posted at the bottom of the thread. This ensures that all the replies within the thread remain visible to all thread visitors, and it prevents the confusing situation of having multiple branching of the thread. Now, having said that, if the "Quote" from the original author is more than you needed, you can click into his "quote" and erase that portion of his quote that you deem to much for your purposes, just please do not misrepresent the author by adding, changing or selectively omitting his words. Be aware, however, every author has the privilege of returning to and editing his original post at any time. If you wish to reply to the author separately from the thread, then use Messages. However this form of communication is private and will not be seen in the thread. To use Messages, click on the author's Avatar, then click on "Leave Message". If you wish your comment to the author to be seen within the thread, then you will need to manually copy it from your Message(during an edit), then return to the thread and paste it into your next reply in the thread. The forum may not allow you to copy your correspondents replies in Messages, but if you can, because it is from a "supposed" PRIVATE conversation, you should FIRST secure permission from your correspondent before doing so, otherwise you would violate his trust and compromise yours.
  4. I have always had a thing for Dr,Grinspoon.. I've never tried it but always wanted to. I just remember seeing pictures in a magazine once of the plant and it had the strangest looking buds on it. It looked like olives strung up on the plant.. There were just marble sized buds everywhere. This plant looks a lot more normal and has much bigger buds
  5. I shouldn't say my old Afghi wasn't a yielder i suppose.. I wasn't too knowledgeable of a grower back then and wasn't doing much to promote bigger yields so there is a good chance it could have been a good yielder. I also used earth juice way back then as i still do now and it doesn't pump out massive buds, it does pump out the best tasting and smelling weed i've ever had though, thats why i stick with it.. I've had the same rockstar grown by other people with different nutes and it never has the same pungency as it does with the earth juice. Did your old afghi have that afghi stink? Mine would smell even as baby clones in a tray, just a little rub of the stock and you would be that afghi stink all over your fingers. There is something nice about a strain that gives you that euphoric comfort like morphine.. The last time i got a bit of afghi about 5 years ago i smoked a joint and ended up laying on the lawn in my back yard for half an hour with my dog staring up at the clouds, i felt so good. That stuff was only probably a quarter the potency of the old afghi i had too, but it did have the euphoric feeling. I think the original granddaddy purps might have beebn similar to the afghi.. The way it just took the United States by storm is something that i guarantee would happen if the afghi were around today. I've been looking around for past few years online trying to find something similar with that euphoria or hopefully find the afghi itself. I couldn't imagine the concentrates that could be made with this afghi...
  6. Sorry to hear about Franco, this was the first i had heard of him passing. I only knew him from watching all of the Strain Hunter videos, that must have been a real blow to all of you guys who worked with him personally. I'm sure his name will live on for a long time.
  7. Here are a few pictures i will put up of my Rockstar Kush. I have been growing this strain for 3 or 4 years now and smoking the weed daily for just as long and have had no urge to switch to anything different yet. I am a fan of afghani strains, especially when they smell as pungent as this strain does. The high is as good or better than 90% of any of the A grade strains i have tried from dispensaries. Here are some of the pictures i have taken over the course of the last few years. I currently have only a couple going atm and they aren't in flower so i don't have anything nice that is current quite yet. This strain is by Med Man, a breeder in Western Canada for anyone wanting to know the exact genes here. I am going to be ordering one or two more of his strains soon because i was happy with this one. I didn't order the rockstar initially though, it was a plant i got from a few bag seeds i saved from an ounce of rockstar kush i bought nearly 4 years ago now, maybe longer. I think i might try his Conkushion next, as he has personally told me it is one of his most powerful strains and i believe it also maintains the pungent afghi type odor. The really dark looking purple plants are easily done with a little cool temps with this strain.
  8. It was definitely an Afghani variety, it had the classic Afghanica rounded leaves, the fattest and roundest i have ever seen by far. I have had a true skunk in the past too, the real skunk that smelled as if you were standing over a dead skunk. Actually the skunk strain i had was one of my all time favorite as well, it didn't have that special euphoria like the afghi but it was a couchlocking strain, which is what i am after, and how could anyone not enjoy a true skunk weed smell. I need to look up more info on Afghani #1 grows people have done as the strain does sound similar in description to what i had somewhat. All i can say is the afghi was very noticeably better than any other weed i have smoked, mainly because of the smell and that euphoria, the 45 day flower was nice too. Anyways, thanks for the welcome, see you around.
  9. Hello there to fellow smokers and strain hunters out there. I live in a small Province in Eastern Canada and have been toking for about 25 years, daily for about 20. I have been growing myself for the last 3 or 4 years. I happened upon a bag of Rockstar Kush one day, this version comes from Med Man, who is a top notch grower that i believe lives in British Columbia and happens to have some killer Afghani genetics. I happened upon a bag of this rockstar one day and when i got home i found an article in one of the magazines about this guy and his rockstar bud, along with other strains his has.. After reading the description and seeing the pictures of the strain i knew for sure i had the real deal version of his rockstar bud, so i am positive on the strain. Anyhow, i lucked out with a couple seeds out of the bag, which matched even nmore the description i just read in the magazine, which said this strain tends to be prone to hermies, although i have been growing it for a few years straight and have stressed it on numerous occasions and only once had a batch that had more than a a couple seeds. I have been using earth juice to grow my plants ever since i started and i do this just because the tastiest and best smelling weed i have ever had came grown with earth juice, and after trying rockstar grown by 4 or so different people i know for a fact the stuff i grow is more pungent, of course that could just be the pheno i lucked out on. Now i will get to the reason i came to this forum.. About 20 years ago there was a strain floating around my area that we just called Afghi, it was by far the absolute strongest smelling weed i have smelled in my days of smoking. I mean one little bud or a rolled joint sitting in a cupboard would smell the entire house up and go through walls. The only way i can describe the smell is 'Afghi'... Sort of a skunk smell, but different.. The bud had very little crystal and shaggy leaf, the best part of this bud was watching people kind of turn their nose up at it because it looked like shit, that was until they smoked it, although with that smell you would have to be crazy to not know that it was high end weed. The buds practically oozed of a sap on the plant, not covered in crystal but crazy sticky and gooey when you opened the bud. The high lasted a good 3-4 hours and would plant you on the couch and might cause drooling in some people. The one thing about this strain, and i've not met many smokers in my life that seem to be able to relate to this, is the high was so euphoric it was more similar to a heroin high than it was a weed high. Obviously not quite that heavy, but it really made you feel pleasant and happy and would plant you in dreamland for hours. I have read a million indica descriptions that claim a 'euphoric' high and have tried numerous top rated strains, i currently have about 12 dispensary grade strains right now as i just got my medical right to use about 2 weeks ago and have been enjoying it ever since. I can safely say that out of the 12 A grade rated strains i currently have none are any better than the rockstar kush i have been growing and none come close as far as the smell goes. The rockstar kush i grow is an afghani cross and has a nice skunky smell, similar to the old afghi i used to grow but a little different, doesn't go through walls quite like the old afghi. Another thing about this afghi strain was the leaves were very wide and round and it flowered in 45 days, i could put it outside around mid June and it would be finished early August, it was a primo outdoor crop for that reason. There ios a strain listed by a company i think is called British Columbia Seed Company that is called Couchlock, the description of that strain soounds similar to my old afghi, so does the original granddaddy purps. I'm wondering if the strain Afghani #1 is actually a high end afghi and possibly the strain i am looking for, has anyone tried growing it out from fresh seed stock recently? I have posted my 'afghi' strain description on about 5 occasions now trying to find someone that has even experienced the strain, or weed that gives you that type of high for that matter. When i say the high was different than anything i have ever smoked i mean it, i have been smoking daily for 20 years at least and have tried a few strains over the years and nothing has ever come close to giving me that type of euphoria buzz. I did get a bit of afghi maybe 5 or so years ago that was called afghi, had the smell but not the 4 hour dream buzz, the smell wasn't as intense and the high was still euphoric more so than anything else, just not quite as strong as it used to be. I can almost guarantee if this strain was around now it would be World famous in no time, although since it didn't have much crystal and look pretty maybe it wouldn't, unfortunately..If anyone has experience with the afghani strains or better yet knows of the afghi euphoria and which strains still have that let me know. I wish so much i had that strain today and could get it tested because i am positive something in those results would stand out and be very special for the medical community as well. Take it easy.

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