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WanderLust Pharms

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    Hillsboro, Oregon
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    Family, God , Spirituality , (Oddly enough) also The Sciences, Earthly and that of the Cosmos. Political Science, and Economy. Natural Medicines. I'm always researching something. And what kind of grower would I be if I didn't mention Ganja?!?

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About Me

 Well I'm 30 yrs young but feel like I have the body of a WWI para jumper. Due to a bad snowboarding accident my spine was messed up from neck to crack. Its not horrible I can still walk and run if needed, but i'm limited, it is absolutely life altering.  I consider my self a true mixed martial artist as i have had the pleasure of training many of the different arts. I was training full MMA as my back really started going to shit, not to be a cage fighter, i just loved sparing new people, learning, adapting..   At that time i was also looking into joining the US Coast Guard in hopes to making Rescue Swimmer.  Needless to say i wasn't even able to make it into the recruiting office. Also at about this time is when i met my better half. We have been together for over 12 years now and have one almost 6 yr old boy and one 24 month old girl (as of 2017) Living in the state of Oregon and needing more than just narcotics, nerve blockers, muscle relaxers and anti inflammatories, I got onto the states medical marijuana program a few years ago.  Now this was not my first time with cannabis. Believe it or not after all the God talk and that of the C.G. I had smoked through most of my growing youth from age 11 on. It just seemed like a no brainer to use my ailments to my advantage to grow and smoke legally throughout the state. Honestly i hurt so bad smoking or dabbing doesn't treat the pain much if at all.. just makes it a lot more tolerable. That said however i have recently come across some pretty amazing cannabis topicals that didn't kill out the pain but absolutely helped.  Even though i have smoked cannabis since a late childhood, it was still a very private almost taboo topic for me.  Having done so much research on the different cannabanoids and their benefits I am now an outspoken advocate of the medicine. I hope one day we can do away with "Big Pharma" or at least shrink it down.  We need to embrace the natural way of healing again, only to use modern meds when its an absolute must. 

     Right now I have about 20+ strains. only 3 growing right now.  this was after going through many many beans/strains pheno hunting. I learned the hard way after spending about one thousand USD on seeds throughout the internet, that there are some really shitty breeders out there.  The one however ive been most pleased with is my 1 and only strain from Strain Hunters.  This is White Strawberry Skunk.  I my self love the sweeter smokes, i also love that shitty skunky musty nastyness. I honestly couldn't say enough about this strain. I got a handfull of seeds and everything i popped and flowered looked and smelled almost the exact same.  This was one of the most stable pheno's i've grown and was very impressed. Not to mention the amazingly sweet aroma and flavors!  Great resin production!

  To speak on some of the other strains i have and love. One is Blue Maggoo which is from breeder DJ Shorts , its his bluberry crossed with willies wonder and its amazing.  I also have a Norther Lights #5 crossed with Durban Poison that i also just cannot put down. There are some more but I think you get the idea. I am still on the hunt for a legit Alaskan Thunder Fuck (ATF)  a legit Jack Herer , as well as a true durban poison.  These are just a few on the list.

  if you read all that, much love and respect !  God bless!

 Pics of my previous grows.


WLP MadH Top.jpg


WLP BM OD2.jpg

WLP ObamaK.jpg