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  1. Day 18 FlowerPH 5.5PPM 820Humidity 50%Temps 19 Degrees lights off - 24 Degrees lights onWater Temps 20 degreesChanged out the nutrients today and trying something different, below if the feeding they got this time around.Silica 25mlCal Mag 10ml = 150ppmMicro 10ml = 145ppmDiamond Nectar 8mlGrow 2ml = 30ppmBloom 13ml = 100ppmPK 13/14 3ml = 35ppmSuper Thrive few drops4ml ph downStarting ppm 360Total 820ppmStarting ph 7.3Finished ph 5.5Plants look really happy but bud production looks a little behind for this stage of the game, doesn't help that I don't know which strains I'm dealing with and if they are early or late finishers.The leds are now lowered to 12 inches from the canopy and the plants are showing no signs of light burn, I'm hoping the pk 13/14 kicks bud production into overdrive but let's see what happens.Overall I'm very pleased with how my first hydro grow is going, I was expecting it to be a hell of a lot more complicated than it is. thanks for looking
  2. Side by side picture of growth in just one day Changing up the light timing did the trick, two days after changing to 11 hours 45 minutes on and 12 hours 15 minutes off buds are forming nicely with lots of white hairs now.
  3. Day 13 of flower PH: 5.8 EC: 1.6 or 800 PPM Humidity: 53% Temps: 24 degrees lights on - 19 degrees lights off. Water Temps: 20 degrees Ok so I'm 13 days into flower now and still no signs of any of the 3 plants showing their sex, no white pistols at all. This has me a bit concerned and the only thing I could think of doing was adjusting my light timer so lights on will be 11 hours 45 minutes and lights off will be 12 hours 15 minutes.... hopefully this will move them along a bit faster. I decided not to change the nutes out for another week as my EC was raising and the plants didn't take up much nutrients. In one week the EC has raised from 1.5 to 1.8, my next nutrients change I'm going to drop the EC to 1.3 or 1.4 and see if this fixes the problem of my EC raising. For this week I plan on dropping the EC slowly by adding just plane tap water PH'd to 5.3 until I find the sweet spot where my water levels are dropping and EC stays around the same. I have narrowed the strains down to either Shiva Skunk or Skunk Kush or maybe even both. Overall I'm happy with growth and they seem to be happy enough for now, over the next week I'll open them up a bit and remove some leaves for better light penetration and do some lst on them. Any advice welcome. Thanks for looking.
  4. Never seen anything like this before, it doesn't look like a deficiency or bug problem, is it only on one leaf? Maybe you got some nutes of the leaf.
  5. Day 7 of flower PH 5.3 EC 1.5 Temps 23 degrees Humidity 58% Water temps 20 degrees Just changed out the nutrients into 20 litre buckets and switched over to bloom mix, still no sign of pre-flowers at day 7. Dropped the PH to 5.3 for this nute change and I will let it steadily rise to 6.2 before adjusting back down.....hopefully this will give the plants a good range of nutrients at different ph levels. I was having some issues with EC and PH rising and water levels dropping before the last nutrient change, I'm guessing this in down to my nute mix being to strong and the plants are taking up water faster than nutrients but maybe I'm wrong. Hopefully some experienced hydro growers can point me in the right direction regarding this? My understanding is EC levels should be dropping as the plants feed, I lowered the EC to 1.5 and I'm hoping this fixes the problem. Feeding mix for this nute change is as follows. General Hydroponics Flora Series Per 12 litres of water or 3 gallons 9ml Grow 9ml Micro 15ml Bloom 32ml silica 0.5ml Super Thrive Tap water starting at 0.7 EC or 350 PPM Total EC 1.5 or 750 PPM I'm waiting on a delivery of Cal Mag and Diamond Nectar which I will also be adding, I would like to add B52 by Advanced Nutrients but it's out of my price range at the moment so any suggestions on something similar would be great. The two Mars Hydro 300w lights have been lowered to 18 inches from the canopy and the plants are really starting to bush out now. Thats it for now, if anyone has any ideas about the issues above I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks?
  6. I have found that growing in Hydro is very finicky so far and unless you have everything dialled in to nearly 100% like environment/nutrients then things can go wrong very fast....growing style and the way you problem solve also play a big factor in it too. I deliberately used the feminised mix seeds for this grow as a test run so I can have optimal conditions for my second hydro grow, I'm still having some small issues like EC and ph rising while water levels are dropping which I will post in more detail soon here and I am hoping some experienced hydro guys can point me in the right direction on how to correct this. @slimkush thanks for the advice and help it's always appreciated man?
  7. @slimkush I was getting some yellowing of the leaves with the veins staying dark green, the Epsom Salt cured this problem and some of the purpling of the stems but not all of it? @Cannabissapean thanks man? I'm going to add hydroguard,Cal Mag, Bio-root and Diamond nectar to my feeding schedule this week once I receive delivery and add everything in the order below. Silica Hydroguard Cal mag Micro Bio-root Diamond nectar Grow Bloom I wasn't going to do any lst training or super cropping on these girls but decided to start yesterday, plant 2 has now been super cropped as it was starting to stretch a good bit and I'm just doing some light bending of branches on the other two plants. Plant 1 and 3 has 7 tops and plant 2 has 8 tops.
  8. Day 2 of flower PH 6.1 EC 1.6 Humidity 40% Temps 25 to 20 degrees lights on/off Water temps 17 to 20 degrees Still on Veg feeding schedule for the first week of flower. So I finally solved the problem why the lower leaves were wilting and dying off, it seems my root zone was getting colder than it should be at lights off causing the plants to go into shock and lockout nutrients. I removed about 5 of the really bad leaves and everything is doing a lot better now. Only issue now is a small bit of purpling of the leaf stems, I think this a calcium issue even though I have very hard water with an EC of 0.6 and have ruled out a magnesium issue as I've been adding Epsom salt. Haven't done any training on these as I don't see them getting huge in height, all 3 have really bushed out since being topped and plant 2 looks like it will be the most impressive in a few weeks....this one is the only plant with no issues yet and just keeps growing and growing. Next week I will be putting these into 20 litre buckets and hopefully I will have a trouble free grow from here on in? Learning a lot from this first Hydro grow and thanks to everyone that took the time to post here and help me out... much love?
  9. Just flipped mine into flower today and forgot to lower the lights also, seeing this again just reminded me?
  10. Beautiful looking plant, they look like some sticky buds? I'm also using Mars Hydro on my grow and found this image a while back for light distance, not sure if it applies to the Mars II model though.
  11. The damage to the affected leaves seems to be still spreading after the nute change, not sure if this is normal. I'm just keeping an eye on newer growth to make sure it's not spreading to these.
  12. I'm just flushing with normal tap water with an EC 0.6, they have been flushing now for 48 hours and the new growth seems healthy. As you can see from the pic below I think I over did it with the nutrients and some of the lower leaves got some bad nute burn, I mixed up a batch of nutes last night at half strength and let them sit then ph'd today to 5.8... I will check the ph again before changing out the nutes today. Yeah unfortunately I don't know what strains I'm growing and these plants don't seem to be heavy feeders so I will proceed with caution when upping the EC in future.
  13. Thanks for the info man, yeah definitely want to try the powder feeding at some stage. I've had my eye on a little 20 litre nft system and would like to try it out on my next grow and do a side by side test grow against the DWC and see what comes out better. I flushed the plants for 24 hours and they seem to be doing a lot better now, I will leave them flushing overnight and do a nute change in the morning at half strength. Thanks
  14. Checked them again this morning and some of the bottom leaves were dying off....turning brown and wilting. Looks like I got nute lock out or some deficiency after my last nute change, it was spreading from the bottom of the plant upwards and some of the leaves started getting pale green in places. Freaked me out a bit, I'm flushing them since this afternoon with just plain tap water ph'd to 5.8 and they seem to be bouncing back now. My last nute change I gave them 12ml grow, 6ml micro, 3ml bloom per 4 litres of water, tap water EC is 0.6 starting off, total EC 1.7, The only thing I can think of why this happened is I usually add micro/grow/bloom in that order but forgot to do this on this nute change and added it grow/micro/bloom... I've read in the past not adding micro first can lock out nutrients this coupled with the fact my ph shot up to 6.7 I'd say didn't help matters much. Tomorrow I'm going to half the nutes for the last week of veg 6ml grow, 3ml micro, 2ml bloom, 3ml silica and 1tsp Epsom salt per 4 litres of water.
  15. Plant #1, 37 days old Plant #2, 31 days old Plant #3, 31 days old PH 5.8 EC 1.7 Humidity 35% Temps, 18 degrees lights off - 24 degrees lights on. Water temps 20 degrees. Changed the nutrients out yesterday with a ph of 5.8 and when I checked today the ph had raised to 6.7 so everything is looking a bit sad at the moment......first time adding silica to my nutes which could be the problem, my tent yesterday started to really stink so I finally hooked up my carbon filter. Still struggling with the humidity because my extraction fan is sucking it all out so if anyone has any suggestions that would be great. Think I'm just gonna give these one more week in Veg before I flip to Flower as I don't like not knowing what strains I'm dealing with and want to move on quickly, plant 3 has bounced back really good now and has the thickest stem of all 3 plants. Anyways that's it for now. Thanks

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