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papa lazaru

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  1. cant wait for the new vid , if i ever win the lottery ,im going strainhunting ,other than that take me with you franco ,i dont eat a lot and wont take up much space ! lol. but seriously your expeditions are amazing ... keep up the good work ...... praise to the hunters !
  2. and a cat with a bud coat ! lol
  3. another humming bird i got the pictures from google images .
  4. hey guys i just came across this picture and thought i would share it with you
  5. hey earthman its not that expensive you can easily do it for less than £100 return ,even cheaper if you go as a foot pasenger on a ferry, last time i went by boat it was £12.50 each way ... where abouts you going from ?
  6. count me in too , will be good to share a smoke with the rest of the hunters .
  7. hey bigbuddy , welcome aboard , peace and happy growing
  8. hey mate , welcome to the world famous strainhunters . always good to have another u. k,er on here , peace and happy growing !
  9. happy 420 ,let the bud be with you
  10. these are taken 2nd fan leaf from the top but if left will go the same as romuo9,s at the top
  11. defo doing autos on the guerilla grow now , prob do the rhino aswell but as the auto are time triggered, i stand alot better chance of completing the cycle in time, as you cant rely on the crazy british summer lasting as long as it should or the temp staying where they should be to maximise the crop
  12. thanx fuzzy ,good advice as always . its my next investment a ph and ec meter
  13. thanks for the advice john ,ive just flushed , so heres hoping she perks up a bit i will put some more pics up in a day or two and you can se how shes going . no ive not got a ph pen ,i will get one, but for the time being i just got a powder and chart ph test kit ,so not the most accurate lol.
  14. hey samuelo ,autos are an excellent idea mate think i might do some auto super crits and green o matic ,and as you say i might get 2 goes in before the seasons up ........