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  1. Hey guys, It's day 67 of my Sweet Mango, I did not harvested yet because the colors were changed only partially. Now it seems like the upper leaves started to die, I attached a pic, I don't know exactly how it should look when is time to harvest. Do you think that I should finish the process? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Thanks John! It happened today that I realised it's week 9 and they are about to finish, I'm really excited. I will keep checking the plant with seeds to see if they turn brown, untill then I would like to keep her under lights, I am saving some money for the next time. Have a nice day!
  3. Nice grow and advises John! I have followed your advice and gave them water only when they ask for it, when the leaves are faint or pointing down. Actually the most of the times I water them when I see they are not looking so filled with power. First time when it happened to me did not really know what is it and why are all my plants pale. So far everything is going good, I have attached some photos where you can see that since 2 days ago some leaves started to turn yellow, shall I consider this as an almost end of flowering, end of life? They are just finishing the week 9 right now. I have checked the plants who developed seeds but they are still green (not ready yet) and I really want to have a bag of seeds after this first experience. Only 1 of the 4 girls is filled with seeds, the rest are mostly bud. Considering I have just finished the week 9, by following the GHS description, both the Sweet Mango and the Super Lemon Haze finished their life. Do you think it's wise starting to flush them? Once again thanks for the support John, Cheers from Europe!
  4. I feel amazing to receive such information from people with plenty of experience. I am at my first grow, there's still a lot to be learned. Actually due to the fact that I did not get the plant out of the tent to pollinate that specific bud, the other plant near it was also pollinated. But no probs, I can't wait to test out something like that. I live in Belgium, here the temperatures are not so high but still it would be better to run the lights during the night.. By the way, I just saw your YouTube Chanel, nice! I will soon update with some photos! Thank you for the support John! Cheers!
  5. Oh, I wish I had a fully room where I could grow. But for now I am really thankful. I belive Australia is hotter! It is a good advice but I belive that there is no chance to switch from giving light during the day to give them only during the night..I guess this will somehow affect or harm them. So far they are doing good, managed to keep the temps between 26-30 in the last days. The nitrogen deficency backed up although I lost some leaves, but is good to know for the next round what to do in time and what to expect for. Today I was surprised to see some little seeds forming on the specific bud that I have pollinated.. another surprise was to see that by misstake I have pollinated also a part from the plant nearby it. But I am not mad at all, I hope it will be a nice strain out of that Indica Male and Sativa female! Besides that the buds are starting to form, it is really amazing how they develop. Thanks for the support! Good luck!
  6. Hello John, Thank you for the support! I have managed to fix them, they seemed to suffer also from nitrogen defficency but now everything looks fine. My only biggest problem is the heat which I am working on. I was actually happy because of the male, I have pollinated only a branch, hopefully I will get some seeds from that one. The lights are not air cooled, the high temps are also due to the increase of the hot outside, this is also a factor and I am thinking to let the lights run mostly during the night.. The distance between light and plants is not so small, but due to the small tent and a powerful lamp.. feels more than summer haha. I will update with some photos soon. The flowers are looking lovely! Thank you!
  7. Nice job Leo, they are looking great!!
  8. Thanks for the advice regarding the dry period between feedings. I did not gived them so much dry periods until now. In the last days they seemd to have a nitrogen defficency and I have tried to change that, I lost just a few bottom leaves from each plant. They seem in the flowering stage now, hopefully I will not mess them up, it would be disappointing especially for a first grow. There are 2 pictures
  9. Hey guys, is day 26 of my ladies and they seem to enter in the flowering stage already. I am still feeding them with the Startbooster Nutrient and the Stress Regulator. I am wondering if I should trim some water leaves so the branches with little flowers on it to have more light? Although I have read that it is not indicated for autoflowers because they don't have that much time. All 4 have about the same height. I am still going to give them some time before I switch to Topbooster and Flowering related nutrients. Besides that from my beginner's opinion everything looks alright, I managed to lower the temperature and they are growing visible day by day. From the photo's you can easily see which one is the Sweet Mango and which ones are the Super Lemon Haze Auto Thanks in advance!
  10. The Super Lemon Haze is looking great so far, maybe they will have more space after I am taking the male out. Neither of them started the flowering process?
  11. Girl Scout Cookies, nice strain! Good luck with them, tonight the male is going out, R.I.P
  12. Thanks for the advice, the other ones doesn't seem to show any male sign.
  13. Hahaa, I just had a deja vue =)) Do you think that it is useful anyhow? Shall I cut it ? Or is there the chance that I can collect some seeds later from it? Thanks Sal!
  14. Hey guys, I was just taking a better look at my so called ladies and then I noticed something at my 20 days Sweet Mango Auto. Being at the first grow I do not know how a male or a female plant looks like, but I remember that somebody posted a picture at a time which was showing the differences between them, and I remember the male plant looking exactly like one of my 2 Sweet Mangos, the one that had some troubles in the comments above. I uploaded a picture, hope somebody can tell me if it's a boy or a girl
  15. I have noticed that the one that it is affected is the only one plant that is exactly under the bulb. I always have a windows open in the room that is the little tent but the intake would not be able to take the fresh air directly from outside. I will install one as close to the window, hoping that this will help them feel less incomfrotable Thank you for the informations Sal!

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