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  1. Hey! Quick one. I am coming to the end of my first grow and they are looking pretty awesome for my first shot (little video For you all attached). What I could do with knowing is: What PH does my water need be wen I flush? How long do I flush For? After my last water/flush do I let my plants drink all till the coco is none dry?
  2. So. I'm in 2 weeks into flower and just pruned them as they were getting pretty bushy. Just needed to get more light through the plant. I do though have the waste. Some may say it's not and that's wat I'd like to fund out. Can I make anything with what I've just cut off? This is my first one so I've added some pics of what their like. Do they seem okay?
  3. So guys. Wat do you think? These are now 15 days into flower. As this is my first I'm not too sure whether they are looking fine or not?
  4. Hi there. Thanks! These are white widow x big bud. Yeah I'm growing in coco and using ionic nutrients. I'll be updating later on this stain as they're now 15 days into flower and need pruning (I think). Keep me posted on wat u think... Nice one
  5. Thanks guys!! Finally got my humidity floating around 38-45 depending on wen they've been fed. 45 when they have. Also got the temp down to 28/29 day and 22 at night. I just added an oscillating fan on a stand. And placed a small box of non-scented dehumidifying pellets in the tent. They seem to be thriving at the min. I'll update with a pic....
  6. These were 7 days into flower. I just wanted some feedback on whether they look fine or not. Wat do u think?
  7. Are these looking fine or not??
  8. Jbudz


    Yh I'll take tht in consideration thx. Think I'll do a full step by step on my next lot. They are looking good and will update in next couple days....
  9. Thanks!!...I think I'll have to for my next one.
  10. Hi all I have only lollipopped once on my plants and it was the night before I turned to 12/12 on my lights. Please see pics added. Do these seem okay or have a done the too much in one sitting? Thank you JBudz
  11. Thanks Chemnutter! I currently do have it flowing out of the room to the outside. My night time temp is at 22. I'm sure I read somewhere that it should be 10°c less thn when the lights are on....is this not correct? Can you give me advice on the Temps I should be trying to achieve? Thank you
  12. Nice one! I think it's something I'll look into next time round. What I've got going don't seem to be preventing any loss of growth/speed atm. Does the humidity and heat being that little high (32°c 55% lights ON & 23°c 60% lights OFF) really make much of a difference to performance? This is my first one and people say not to get too tied up in the ity grity and just concentrate on getting thm through a cycle to see what it's like but I can't help myself lol. Lollipopping for the first time was mental. I only done it the once, the night before I sw
  13. Thanks for your reply. I had a feeling that it could possibly be the exhaust (I got it from china)! I don't have any flaps at the bottom of my tent either so I keep 2 duct holes open. I think I'm going to get a dehumidifier to try sort out tht issue and will look you try change to LED next time round. My tent is 2.4x1.2 and is holding 10plants. Maybe my size of tent and the exhaust power don't add up and all I have to do is change the fan. Any recommendations on LED suppliers? Thank you
  14. Wondering if anyone can help?? I've gone into flowering stage on my WW x Bigbud but I'm having trouble getting my humidity below 50. And wen the lights go off they even rise to 62. I have my exhaust fan on max and leave nothing in my drip trays. Im also struggling to get my temp down as well. Im using cool tubes yet cant get my temp below 32 degrees. Where id like it down to 25-28. My intake air is cool from outside as well. Am I just needing to get a humidifier and put in tent or outside the tent for the air being pulled in? I dont know. Someone help please ?