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  1. I can put some pics more of these 2 ladies ! just ask ! congratulation to GHSC for their work ! I'm with you.
  2. Hi everybody, i just want to share with you my pics of EXODUS CHEESE fed with powder feeding hybrids !! I Love it !! Enjoy
  3. you can know when it's time to harvest with a microscope. milky trichomes or ambered trichomes it is as you like but the best is 50/50.
  4. here it is 1 AFGHAN KUSH SPECIAL . in 2 weeks i will cut it. she's very frosty . i will put other pictures more beautiful of it soon.
  5. here you can see my flowering room with 2 x 400 w hps with cooltube. And you can see my 4 kritical bilbo in NFT. they grow well !!
  6. hello the comunity !!!! today my E.cheese are 25 days old and i keep them in 18/6 during 3 weeks . you can see the diference between Exodus cheese and DINAFEM cheese and original sensible cheese. For me E.cheese is far better. pictures speak themselves. on pict 2 you can see 2 dinafem cheese and between them 1 original sensible cheese and they're late than E.cheese.
  7. hello crentz ! it is difficult to see exactly the problem with the purple light but with you said i think you're right. more, if you solve it with adding epsom salt you was totally right . it's cool to see that. . i hope it will be the last problem for you man ! continue to read and observe your plants like that.
  8. you can try momey maker too.
  9. hello crentz !! happy for you if you solve your problem. Then i don't think it is deficience of magnesium because your leaves don't look tigers.. i can tell you that sometimes it is a sign of cold for your plant but your leaves will be purple too. it can be the strain too . often indica plant can take purple coloration on leaves stems. so you can stop your fan during the night to increase temperature and see if it was that otherwise it comes from your strain. peace BRO
  10. hello i undertand your caution and you're right because a lack of nutrients is more easy to solve than an over feeding with burns. otherwise your new leaves are beautiful and look to accept your mixture. continue man +1 for you
  11. hi there !! as cannabissapean i can tell you NO ALARM brother. i had plant with these mutations and when it grows it will disappear.
  12. hello crentz !! yes good idea to flush it and then give it at half strenght. do you flush with clear water or with florakleen or something like that ? For NFT i just can say : GO !! I have NFT NUTRICULTURE gt205i with 20-25 L tank. i like this system. After it will be interesting to see the difference between DWC and NFT. Finally for your babies after your flush and half feeding , i think you could increase your EC a little if your plants can bear it. continue man and you will be happy soon ! bye
  13. hello friend yes it is wonderful that all presidential candidates were in favor of legalization exept 2 of them : mr fillon and another who i forgot his name. but i know this country and i can tell it is "bullshit" !!!! they lie !!! they just say what the people want to heard . they will not legalize !!! so i can hope but i am really skeptical...
  14. hello my friend ! i am agree with cannabissapean because i use powder feeding in NFT and ph is really more stable . then i use 3 ACID DOWN of HYDROPASSION and itis a good ph down. More , you will earn much time and money with powder feeding ( i use hybrids version) because you don't need to put 2 or 3 products. it is easy to use and it's efficient. i recommand you this. otherwise your plants are beautiful !!! keep on doing this. i can also help you for your humidity. if humidity is too low you can put in your box a humidifier 1 head OR you put some clean wet towels or
  15. ohh !! i forgot ! yesterday i began to transplant some of them and i passed to flowering my 4 GREEN POISON. peace