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  1. Sorry for double posting ! i am trying everything to rotate the pictures, but it is not easy to understand for a frenchy like me
  2. Many thanks for your incentives Cannabisapean!!! My girlfriend says i pass more time looking to my plants than with her ! But it is because i really try to analyse everything. The sun shines really hot here, it is also windy, perhaps the reason why pistils are guetting brown easier. But it s not the case of all my plants. Zamaldelica has had the same life time and still has white pistils, breeders says zamaldelica should be ready to harvest at 11/14 weeks. Here she is at 9 weeks:
  3. Cannabissapean, 1. Did i flush her after the last feeding? No, but i will do, i tought giving her only water for the 15 last days would be enough. When you talk about "plain water", does it means a PH ajusted water? I Also tought the yellowing leaves meant she was "cleaned of salt and nutes" 2. I do not think she had been in contact with cannabis pollen, i do not have males plants in the area. I do not understand when u ask '' where are the pistils ''? They have turned red and brown i guess. Many thanks for your help I will flush her and let her 1 week more.
  4. Sorry, i can't manage to put these pics in the good way^^
  5. High every body!!! I send you some pictures of my second session in tropical weather, i have one Super Silver Haze;. I want to know if the Super Silver Haze can be ready after only 8 weeks (58days) of flowering (i stoped additional light and let her outdoor 58 days ago, here the sun shines 12h per day ). She grew in 6l airpots, i think she had some Azote defficiency during flowering because the big leaves went yellow, from the botom to the top, slowly, all flowering time. I stop giving nutrients 10 days ago to the SSH; sorry for my english, i do my very best!! She looks ready, doesn t she?
  6. Many thanks Cannabissapean!!! THe Super Silver Haze grew up to 65 cm, but i gave them additionnal light to keep them in veg for 4 weeks. I had around 40g of a really good weed. I am now harvesting my second session, and i did it much better!
  7. Hi all!! Well, a little bit more about me, i am 34 years old. I started smoking weed when i was around 15 years old, in Madagascar, where i grew up. So, i used to smoke only sativas, untill my 20 years where i went to france, for studying. There, i was really impressed by hashish, i had never smoked some before^^ The indica body stone was new for me, and was very plaisant. But now, i returned to the source!!! And i really, really love sativas. The place where i live, we can only find sativas, but there is absolutely no information about the strains, locale stains. When i was in France, i grew a lot of indoor cannabis. I first started with some Malagasy seeds, that i took with me from a really good weed i found. They vegeted for 1 week, then 3 months of flowering. First experience, not a lot yield, but really nice weed around 100 grams for 5 plants. Then i grew some Mango, California Orange Bud, Haley's Comet, Afgani, Durban poison, Blue Mystic, Purple Haze. My favorite was Purple Haze, and California Orange bud. I made several trips to Hollande, and there, i discovered many strains, and my favorites where Super Silver Haze, AMnezia. I also smoked a lot of weed from "la Réunion", small island at est of Madagascar, where i also made some trips. Called ZAMAL, it s a really powerfull weed. So, i have nice experience of indoor growing, but i am surching some informations on outdoor growing, particulary in tropical weather. Feel free for asking questions, cheers!!!
  8. Hello all!!! I live in a small island called Mayotte, near Madagascar. Here, the sun shine 12h per day, all year long. The weather is hot, with a lot of humidity. At this rainy season, the temperatures can climb up to 32 degrees celcius, and near 48-50 degrees celsius under sunlight, at the hotest hours of the day. The temperatures will decrease around april, at the end of the rainy season. I would like to grow some "Super Silver Haze" and some "Arjan's Haze 1", i have a big balcony where i will put 2 or 3 plants, but i do not want them to get too tall, because of my neiboors... I will grow them in 6liters airpots. So, i have several questions: - Are these strains a good choice for this tropical weather? - How will these strains react to a complete life cycle under 12h/day of sunlight? - When will they go into flowering? - How tall could they go with 6l airpots? - Shall i protect them from the sun for few hours of the day when he shines too hot? - I will use a mix of soil and coco, around 30% of coco, shall i use mineral or organic fertilizers? - Is it mendatory to adjust the PH solution? Thanks for help, and really sorry for my english, i am french, i will try to do my best!! Cheers!!!
  9. Hello all!!! I live in a small island near Madagascar, called Mayotte. Here, the sun shine really hard, 12h per day, all year long, and with a lot of humidity..... I am a cannabis lover, so i m here to share and learn experiences; sorry for my english, i am french, and i will try to do my best!! Cheers!

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