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  1. one of them is connected to a branch that gets light and have buds on it which got me worried - i might have white flies what can i do against them? neem oil wont do it because i don't wish to ruin my buds
  2. Hey! it's been a long journey and im starting to see fruits ! problem is that 4-5 leafs dry up curl up and look pretty bad - i pulled out some that were in a bad shape but i'd like to know what the cause of this - i might guess its because it been really hot today but i want to make sure - thank you in advance
  3. you mean the litle one? ill water it with some fret in the evening
  4. also should i tie the side branches? if so how ?! they are way too big and long lol
  5. guys my plant started smelling awesome and start leaning like it gained some weight so i decided to tie it - its my first time growing so i have no idea what i should do any tips would be appreciated ! also i planted another one 3 weeks ago and i think its too small i made him a dome from a bottle 2 days ago- what do you guys think about it?
  6. what stage of flowering am i in? i gave dosage of mid flowering but i dont really know what stage im in lol i pruned 2 llil branches the the buttom which i should cut 2? and how many yield am i gonna get according to the bud sites and everything? plus is this a prolem? (leaf cut up and bruised one got wierd mark on it) or i should pay no mind to it?
  7. i pruned the buttom 2 branches that were only leaves and kept the upper brachnches because they grow out right from the sun ( very long so they get sun as well ) [ OUTDOOR MIRACLE !] gave it a nice dose of fretlizer and ill update pictures when im not high! any way my plant is the shit!
  8. i fret every watering 3l and give it as the chart says but only for 2l i mean i use 1.5l bottles and i put fret for 1l each bottle because autoflowering need less nutes
  9. i dont think ill get a cage or a net because since then there is no problems! it began flowering and it starting to look good! i give it fretlizer every watering but i cut it a bit i put inside 1.5l fret for 1l because its autoflowering but i have no idea what week to give and which amount ! ill upload the chart and pictures so you could tell me please?
  10. its autoflower so i understood that its not advised to touch it because it will stress out ! and now it began flowering i want it to do it fast and good! why would i need more soil? the roots wont go up right? and i dont think its bugs i think its birds! what can i do against them
  11. notes for today- i see white kind of roots coming out of the plant sides wich i think is flowering! whoowo
  12. hey guys - my plant going on well and i just gave him pk-13-14 for the first time so he will start flowering ( i dont want it to get any bigger ) ive seen a lil preflower and i gave it just a lil amount and some mean creature been eating my plant - how do i keep this from happening? im growing in the last floor not on the ground - plus a leaf fell and i felt really bad about it plus the lower ones started to yellow - thank you guys for the help! second question is how many grams do you think this plant will give out?
  13. my father thinks its birds is there any way of keeping them at bay
  14. please help[ me out here i posted it in the wrong section @LeoGetz