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  1. ye for smaller amounts of hash this is working good. hope ur gonna be successful, let me know if it worked good.
  2. hey everyone, today i wanted something different than weed and so i had to decide: should i make some skuff or oil? well, i need 2 keep my window open all the time when making oil, because the evaporating butane-gas must get outside my apartment (it could explode and its not healthy if u breath it in). but its not that warm outside at the moment and it would become to cold in here, thats why i´m gonna show u how i made skuff. you need: 1x mirror or glass-plate 1x pantyhose or just those little nylon socks 1x cooling-pack to keep the temp. of the trimmings low 1x credit card or something like that 1x pot where to put the used trimmings in (u can reuse them) before u start, u need trimmings from ur plants, they shouldnt be to crude. they need to be frozen, that will make it easier to shake out the resin. i´ve got 2 of those orange pots, one where i store the new trimmings and one with the old ones. for the new trimmings i use cool-packs to keep the temp down while working. but be careful, dont let the trimmings become wet. then take a pantyhose and cut off the socks, that will be filled with trimmings as shown below: thats the filled nylon-sock, close the open side of it and squeeze the trimmings inside a litte. now u just have to hit this little "ball" against the mirror and see whats going to happen after collecting it with a credit card, u receive a little bit of skuff. do this like 3 times with every filling of the socks and hit the mirror hard enough, to shake out all skuff (but dont make 2 much wind, it could blow the skuff away). as u see, u will get quite a lot of skuff from a little shaking. those 2grams of skuff took me like 30 minutes and its really worth it sure there are better ways of making skuff, but this works good for me and i didnt need 2 buy anything except the pantyhose. peace
  3. Hey Growers, today is the 21th of January 2011 and I just received the Seeds that I now put into water. The Strains I´m trying are: Bubba Kush (Greenhouse, feminized) 2 Seeds Trainwreck (Greenhouse, feminized) 2 Seeds White Rhino (regular) 2 Seeds Amsterdam Indica (regular) 2 Seeds BigBang X White Widow (regular) 4 Seeds I will keep you guys updated and hope that many of you will follow this post. With greetings from, kackpfote
  4. nice babies, hope theyre gonna do good in future
  5. -closed-
  6. this baby is growing really nice under 125w dual-cfl and 4x36w cfl (cool white deluxe) what i have so say: the lemons need more light for growing than my whitewidow and other strains, but if u got it bright enough and good air circulation, they grow good this is my other pheno, not as bushy and not growing that nice than the one above :/ will flower it away, im just gonna take cuttings of the other one.
  7. beautiful long white hairs of the wl looks soo tasty
  8. hey guys, im looking for feminized seeds: cheese, big bang, the church, the doctor, lemon skunk and himalaya gold. i just need 1 of each seed, thats why i didnt purchase them at greenhouse. its just coz i wanna test some new strains if any1 of u has got a seed of those he wants 2 trade or sell, tell me pls. happy growing and take care, kackpfote
  9. ye i know that they just inhale co2 when lights are on. but thx for ur care i will keep u updated! good night and happy growing
  10. white lemon in week 3 buds are coming with long withe hairs. the smell is awesome! they smell like a lemon-tree! closeup to the white-lemon. nice crystals and hairs as u can see! (this phenotype has grown a lot in height when put on 12/12, the next picture will show another pheno that didnt grow much in flower) the baby in the middle is the smaller white lemon btw: the white lemons got a lemon-like smell even on 18/6, when i entered my apartment today it smelled like in a lemontree-forest. luckilie its just that lemon-smell and no weed-smell, so i dont need another carbone filter for my veg-room. i love that lemon-smell!
  11. white lemons is now growing better bird-view this is the second white lemon in grow, not as bushy as the first one :/ at the moment i got 2 phenotypes of white lemon, a bushy one that looks really indica and this one u see above ive also got 2 white lemons in flower, pics will follow.
  12. ye i got 2 white lemons on 12/12 now. first buds are showing and i will definitely keep u updated. im gonna upload pictures tonight, when the light turns on again. i turn on light in my flower-room at night, coz all the other plants "let out" the co2 at night, so my babies can inhale even more
  13. drunk this isnt even the biggest top-bud i will show u some nice pictures of my babies soon, theyre all doin good!
  14. white lemon 1week in flower, first white hairs coming in the middle another white lemon in flower, 1week. white lemon doin better, i just add a very little co2, coz i got problems with temp at the moment :/ im gonna build another set to solve this problem another white lemon doin little better now. as u see, i broke some of the stems of them to let more light get inside.
  15. well i got it from hospital, toka. no borrow ^^ another hospital that is working togather with us had them 2 much and they didnt need it, so they sent it to us. a workmate wanted 2 throw them away, then i took em with me pics will follow tomorrow

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