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  1. Domination is the word well done Green House your the best and keep proving it yer boy wish i was there after meeting franco and Arjan at 2011 cup it looked double the fun this year (dabs ahoay) lol Till next year The Triple from 2012 Green House Domination :-)
  2. Im back Strain hunting once again :-)

  3. Awesome trip, the pics tell so much. Great to see your early years trip different time but same massive smile :-) hope I see you guys at the cup this month. one love
  4. 15.02.2011 week 1 update Right then, below is a table of the week. I will put info from this below each picture Once the seeds were planted I watered with Hard water in a spray with a tiny bit of Super Thrive added pictured below: 10.02.2011 SC004 Plant: Super Critical Auto Watts/Bulb: 300w cfl (red) Meduim: Peet Jiffy PH: 6.0 EC: EC Product: Temp: 32.1c Hum: 23% Pic: SC004 Notes: Night 22.4c - 46% No Pic Fri - 11/02/2011 Plant: Super Critical Auto
  5. some of the things mentioned im not sure are right. The law in the uk in 2011 has cannabis as a class B and the licsence top grow is for farmers and only constatuts to grow Hemp containing 0.01mg of thc so u cud smoke most of the field and u wouldnt get high. i had a farmer grow near me as a test but everyone in my town went and robbed it thinking it was real cannabis. then to make it worse some people not from my town came with guns saying it was there crop. poor old farmer didnt bother again. There is a big diffrence between cannabis and Hemp. Hemp can actually help the world economy more th
  6. Them Ladies look amazing the last pic looked so white with crystals Yer Boi
  7. Nice vid of your crop looking good specially the white lemon ooh weee
  8. Good work they are looking like tasty ladies
  9. Nice growth Those ladies are coming on well keep them posts coming
  10. UPDATE: I recieved my 300w CFL bulb today so here is a quick picture and a compare to my other 125w bulb. Dam its BIG lol The Compare Just need some growth to happen now lol also doing a test to see how the new bulb fits and works in my setup lol Hunter Udon Out
  11. Hello Fellow Hunters, I would like to thank Franco for this opportunity to test GHSC seeds. First, I recieved my seeds 2nd Febuary 2011. 7.02.2011 I decided to germinate these seeds using a glass of water and leaving the seeds floating for 24hrs I put 3 Seeds into the glass. I left the seeds floating for 24hrs then returned to find them sunken ready for stage 2. I then removed the seeds and placed them on a damp not soaked piece of tissue. I folded the paper up and raped it gently with more then placed it in a warm area to leave for 24 - 48hrs. All of this happened on the morning of the
  12. December - 2010 I started to order supplys to make a customized small box to try and grow some auto's a little more descreteley. So January 2011, I started to convert an existing filing cabinet that I had already using aliuminum tape, foam bored and some AC fans i picked up. I first converted the cabinet by making the draws become a solid wall and ankering the right hand wall at the rear with some standard ikea style fixings i had as spares. The draws were fixed with some small flat fixing to hold both draws level with a slight gap. I then ankered the door with the rest of the unit using L br