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  1. Vote? That rarely works in the rigged game of politics. Breed and preserve your genetics. Buy GHSC gear when it's available. It pays to stock up. They have some of the most affordable prices. No excuse not to stock up when strains are available. I still have standard seed GHSC seeds packs put away. The Super Silver Haze is one of them. It's only a 5 pack so hopefully they germinate and give me some gems. That will be part of a breeding project some years from now. GHSC has been on of my most favorite breeders to buy genetics from for over 10 years. Keep up the great work GHSC staff!
  2. That's sad to hear. Hope the best for you. Never give up! Come back smarter and better than ever before.
  3. Hi. Been a long time fan of GHSC and would like to learn and teach new ways of growing and breeding nature's gift. Will be posting some grow logs here in the coming months. My grows are indoor sealed CO2 enriched environments. I mainly grow Dutch/Spain varieties due to the U S. breeders selling untested genetics that carry the hermorphadatic expression. No its not an environmental problem in my garden. The problem is wanna be breeders that know nothing about breeding. It's the breeders not doing their job of breeding out that unwanted genetic expression because it takes years to work a strai