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  1. Long time no see! Hope all's been well brother! Looking forward to reconnecting with a new perspective from inside the industry here in California! Be blessed

  2. Dont worry it is just a minor wound and she should not care too much about it
  3. well that is a nice fat lady ^^Thanks for sharing it and looking forward to see how it will end up ^^Probably some nice big nugd, and the kingskush is a tasty one Keep us updated Have a good grow
  4. Nice job man and congratz on the harvest How are the plants smelling in the end? More cheesy or more widowlike? in any case they look liek they have made some nice equal nuggets and i hope the taste will be good. Have a good drying it is the most important part of the grow
  5. Happy birthday brother.

  6. I had some legit lemon haze in Peru It was awesome!

  7. Really close internoed on those plants it should give you some nice main colas everywhere Thanks for the news good ot read the smell is arriving and flowers forming nicely. Grtz
  8. Thanks man for the last update Considering the few nutrients problem they have had the final result is looking really nice imo ^^I hope the taste will be there too! How is the smell on each of them by now? Cheesier or more widow? Have a good last week!!
  9. Sorry to read about the hard condition in your place! Hope the country will make it! The plants are still looking very good even if they didnt get bigger pot. And for sure the PF is perfect in those conditions, as long as you give them food even if the pots get full of roots they will still eat the food quickly with PF Best of luck for the rest of flow!
  10. Getting bigger around here Thanks for the news man!
  11. Thanks for sharing your photos man, Could you explain a little bit more? There seems to be 2 diferent places in those photos no? One with the big bed and another one where the plant seem closer to each other or is it the same? I like the big beds like this I could see myself doing it in 1square meter and just recreate an outdoor soil condition ^^ Anyway plants are looking pretty healthy and i wish you all the best for the rest of flowering!
  12. Thanks for the news man and good to see you writing The plants are looking really nice for sure, nice frostiness and pretty long stalks on those trichomes it seems, reminds me the resin of the moneymaker. Should be good for hash Wishing you all the best for the little time left! That cookie is for sure looking nice too! Grtz!
  13. Can we stop talking aboutsuper cool mustangs please hahah I still dream of the day i will own a fastback ^^ And for the sticks i tried only one one of those modern version it is pretty nice, but like you said too strong, There are a few account on instagram that got pretty strong making sticks like this, first one i believe to bring it back to life in big quantity and really cool informative post was afgoohead i believe, check him its worth looking and see how he makes it with love ^^but still i wouldnt smoke it daily haha
  14. Hello man, tell us a little bit abiout your weather, is it raining a lot, does it get really cold at night or in winter, and when does it get cold, depending on the weather it will define one or another type of plants
  15. Hi guys, when you do a grow in 12/12 from seed, you can count on the sexing to appear around day 20-21 more or less, and for most strains, rarely before. When you veg a plant for a long period as well, like a month or over, the plant always shows sex at the internoedal base once she is mature sexually, even in veg, so if you watch closely the preflower sites among the stem you should be able to see some good hint of rather it is a male or not, Otherwise the best is like Sapean said to force the plant, or a cut from the plant, to flower and see the sex Have a good experimenting around

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