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  1. Hello guys, so after a little bit of hunting we managed to found for you some of the names of the soundtracks in the Expeditions, not all of them sorry, but lets hope it will still help a few of you Lets start with the India Expedition : TITOLO del DOCUMENTARIO: Strain Hunters II (INDIA) TitoloAutore Catalogo Editore Durata Left of centreEmney Steve/ Pomeroy, LeeRSMJOLNOIR1’ 03’’ V-LoudDexter R. / Nangle D.V-the PRODUCTIONJOLNOIR02’ 35’’ Slow MotionBuchert JensINTERVOXJOLNOIR00’ 55’’ Ancient echoesEtoll RobertMEGATRAXJOLNOIR01’ 10’’ Indian MirageSeviroli LuigiONETRACKADAYJOLNOIR01’ 08’’ New DelhiBondi GiacomoONETRACKADAYJOLNOIR02’ 07’’ Himalayan rideRuckdaschel MathiasINTERVOXJOLNOIR04’ 48’’ Rescue patrolHajian Chris/ Lee WillMEGATRAXJOLNOIR01’ 30’’ With IndiaHayes B. / Smith C.KOOL KATJOLNOIR06’ 35’’ Goan droneHughes GeraintKOOL KATJOLNOIR03’ 55’’ Masala dosaHughes GeraintKOOL KATJOLNOIR00’ 51’’ Lethal targetEtoll RobertMEGATRAXJOLNOIR01’ 08’’ Sad destinySeviroli LuigiONETRACKADAYJOLNOIR00’ 44’’ PunjabHughes GeraintKOOL KATJOLNOIR01’ 14’’ That indian trackDexter R. / Nangle D.V-the PRODUCTIONJOLNOIR01’ 48’’ Delhi psycheHughes GeraintKOOL KATJOLNOIR01’ 16’’ - Then a few from the Morocco expedition : Titolo Autore Catalogo Editore Durata Newsified Saba Joseph – Winter Stewart Videohelper MACHIAVELLI 1’ 20’’ Chemical BMX Heiss Frank Videohelper MACHIAVELLI 40’’ Back scratcha Wheatley Paul RSM MACHIAVELLI 50’’ Trashcurve Etkin-Bell John – Farmer Mike Liftmusic MACHIAVELLI 2’ 03’’ - And now the list of Trinidad and St Vincent Expedition : - And from Jamaica we dont have yet the Names, but most of the songs are made By Bobo Shanti aka Marlon Parkes, our guide in the expedition Cheers have a good music session
  2. Hi guys, This weekend was going the IC420 Breeders Cup in amsterdam once again, and i'm happy to tell you the Flower Bomb Kush won 1st Prize of the Indica Category!! Congratulation to all the team hope we will see a little more pictures Cheers
  3. Wassup hunters!! Its me again ^^And with another good news I am happy to share with you this small little 15mn video i edited lately, A brand new Strainhunters High report to keep you waiting until the Congo expedition! We have had the chance to travel with Mr.X and Franco to a great place where a lot of our strains were grown from seed, and we were granted permission to documentate it, So in this small doc you will find some nice descriptions of the Super Lemon Haze, Kaia Kush, Gh CHeese and AMS. I love the part about the AMS a great piece of history for the cannabis enthusiast, and the sight of all this plants is just amazing believe me! I hope you guys will enjoy!
  4. Post here the Screenshots of your bugs, or explain them.
  5. Hello hunters, so here i am to announce this very sad news that some of you must know already, we have lost a hunter but will keep fighting! Respect my brother Franco is an icon and helped change so many peoples lives. He will deeply be missed as a brother, father, son, friend and so much more. "Cannabis is my passion, my bread, my home. I feel it is my duty to make sure this amazing plant is preserved and enjoyed. I am a smoker, a grower, a breeder, and a strain hunter. For life."Franco, the Strain HunterMay 20th 1974 - January 2nd 2017
  6. Yop Guys so, old rules beeing Gone i'll write this new thread to remind them even tho they are pretty simples As our old members know we are very relaxed forum and we don't have that much rules to follow: -Seed trading on the Forum is Forbidden by the law AND by the rules, so please don't talk about trading seeds on the board! What you do in your real life is not our concern, but not on our board - NEVER sale or ask to buy anything on the board, weed, mushrooms, products of any kind,... Depending on the cases members will be warned AND/OR banned -Stay polite and gentle with everyone even if you don't agree with something, anyone starting to call other members any names or badwords will be warned and/or banned depending on how rude he was. Of course everyone can have arguments just do it politly - Anyone can share any link as long as it is not on commercial purpose or clearly spamming, any forum, brand, seedbank, link it if it serves your thread Thanks everyone for reading i will edit with time if i remember somethings i forgot to put! cheeers enjoy our wonderful forum
  7. Hello guys, so here we come with some pictures taken by Mr.X and his "assistant" during his latest hash making session with Bubblebags! Here in total 800g of lower parts bud and prenium trimming were used in 2 times. 400g each time, and those 400g are used 2 times too everytime to get as much as possible the final Result is a little more than 70g of High quality hash, i can almost smell it from here enjoy guys Time to shake those ladies *********break time********* ************** Once the hash is ready,Mr.X breaks it in small piece and let it dry this way for a few days to let the water out, and then repres it all together using his hands and the heat of his HOT spanish body hahaha That's it guys, Mr.X will pass by when he will have time and answer some questions i guess if anyone has some Have a good day hunters!
  8. Hi guys, So to upload pics, on your comment page, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -look next to REPLY button, there is MORE REPLY OPTIONS Click it. -a page loads, under the text box, looks there is a attach file button, Click Upload, Selct your file and then click attach this file -Then your pics loads, and appear with a "add to post" and "delete" Button. Click on your text where you wish to insert picture, and click add to post -If you need to resize check this post, but resize your pics at 800x600 you won't loose much quality Maybe this site takes even bigger than 800x600 http://www.strainhun...e-midget-photos -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the VIDEOS, you simply have to insert youtube SHARE link, or growHd's page link in the text box, and forum automaticly post it for you In case it doesn't work, try to insert with * Have fun guys sorry for the bugs that might happen
  9. Hi guys! So in order to help the members to help you out faster and more easily we will introduce from now on this little Formular. It shall be posted at the begining of every new post requesting help from now on please. -Symptoms of the problem: -Age of the plant: -Medium used (soil/coco/hydro if hydro what type): -Size of the pots: -Temperature Day/night: -Humidity levels: -Type of feeding (brand etc..): -Watering frequency (quantity and how often): -Last EC's used: -PH: -Light Power: -Type of light (LED, HPS, CFL...): -Distance from the plant: -Size of the room: -Ventilation system: thanks everyone! Let's hope we won't have too much problems too solve it will be a good sign :P cheers!
  10. Hello hunters!!! I am glad to be back with some really nice content for all of you!! As you must have noticed already the Hunters have been back on the road lately with the Vice team, and they have had a tough and long road in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa !! So i have been trying to collect as much infos as possible for you about the trip, it was of course impossible for us to do a Live Thread this time for security reasons, but Franco wrote for you a nice summary of the Expedition and some photos From Jackson and Gil the two photographs of the team, and Simon. I edited a small video as well for you guys to see a little bit how congo is looking! You will not see the fields this time as we reserve them for the movie and to keep the full surprise! But Franco as always did a great job filming all his moves and it gives you the opportunity to have a small preview of whats to come! I hope all of you will enjoy this and stay tuned for the big release in september/october hopefully! STRAIN HUNTERS CONGO EXPEDITION 2016 - Teaser article Almost 3 years went by since our last expedition in Colombia, and it was with great pleasure that Arjan, Simon and myself boarded a flight from Brussels to Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, on a cold morning last February. Strain hunting is not easy, especially when it has to be filmed and documented professionally. After the Colombia expedition, the first of our travels produced by the world-famous documentary channel Vice, we immediately started working hard on selecting destinations for the next adventure. Nevertheless we were struggling to get the type of good links on the ground that are needed for such missions. After many unsuccessful attempts at several destinations, finally a really good opportunity popped out, concerning the DRC: a friend of Simon, who wishes to stay anonymous, offered the possibility to work closely with Congolese local authorities, to obtain an authorisation to film rural areas in the vast African country. After months of preparation, by the summer of 2015 it became clear that the expedition to Congo was really possible. Thanks to the cooperation of the Congolese Minister of Communications, Media and Culture we got authorisation to film a documentary on the rural communities of Congo and their main medicinal plant: cannabis. All of this with the support of the local police and the army. In the history of Strain Hunters it was the first time we ever obtained an official authorisation, and we were all very excited about it. Preparation for our mission started full scale: travel documents and visas, vaccinations, equipment, gathering of maps and GPS equipment, and all the other necessary preparations. Like in Colombia, also for Congo we had the privilege of having the production done by Jackson Fager and his Vice team, one of the most professional documentary maker and cameraman out there. Jackson selected for the mission cameraman and drone-pilot Chris—, and sound-man Ramsay —, two very skilled professionals, and great travel companions. We were also able to connect with Christo, a Rastafarian from Belgium who lived in Congo many years and speaks the local N’gala language fluently, and agreed to guide us during the expedition, together with local friends Kabo, a French-Congolese local fixer; and Kaza, a local Rastafarian involved with the local FERACO (Federation of Congolese Rastafarians, recognised by the government and with over 60000 registered members). Simon, Christo, Kabo and Kaza met in Congo already a couple of months before the mission, and scouted the areas we were interested in, looking for links and for cannabis fields. So we go back to that cold Brussel morning, when the group of 7 hunters met at the airport and boarded a flight to Kinshasa, where Simon, Kabo and Kaza were already waiting for our arrival. As we landed it became immediately clear that our contacts were at the top level, because we were picked up at the airplane door by military escort and driven directly into the presidential lounge. There we had some drinks, waiting for customs formalities to be taken care of, and I was even allowed to smoke a quick spliff right outside, on the airport tarmac, looking at the planes parked. It felt unreal, and it was the first sign that Congo is a cannabis-friendly country. The very sad colonial history of the country, dominated by the Belgians for over two centuries until 1965, is not to be overlooked when trying to understand the Congolese position on cannabis. Officially cannabis is illegal in Congo, but the only laws forbidding it are old colonial laws, never really applied since the independence. Congolese have a great Rastafarian cultural tradition and they use cannabis since ancient times as a medicine, religious and recreational aid. It is one of the African countries with the highest cannabis use between the population, especially in rural areas where medicines are rarely available. Congo has been thorn apart by a long civil war, started during the 1960s and never really resolved until very recent times. Over 30 years of internal conflict, fuelled by Russia and the USA during cold war years and later on by the race for the local abundant mineral resources, has left the country with very little infrastructure. The main roads are in bad conditions, and distances are immense. The Congo river, one of the largest in the world, functions as the main highway from the capital Kinshasa all the way to the equatorial province, with canoes, boats and barges navigating restlessly the over 2000 kilometres of calm, murky waters.In the central and southern parts of the country the monetary activity is dominant, with mines extracting all kind of rare minerals and precious stones. We had a very detailed travel plan in mind, covering the three main areas where cannabis is produced in the country: the area of Bacongo, between the capital Kinshasa and the Angolan border; the northern area of the Equatorial Province, around the city of Kisangani; and the area around Mbuji Mayi, in the mining district in the middle of the country. We spent the first 2 days in Kinshasa, visiting Feraco headquarters and gathering information on the local landraces of cannabis, the world famous Congolese Red and Congolese Black. Then, the real adventure begun. It was three weeks of travels, emotions, and great findings, through one of the most amazing countries I’ve ever visited in my life. It’s hard to describe Congo, everything is extreme there. Nature is on steroids; the jungle is lush and impenetrable; the sun is hotter and more intense than anywhere else because it’s at the equator; the rain falls so hard that no protection can keep you dry; the people can be the kindest and most hospitable or the most aggressive and hard to deal with, according to the circumstances. And the cannabis… the cannabis of Congo is truly amazing. It’s one of the oldest and purest African landraces. Cannabis was introduced to Northern Africa from Asia, with the silk-road, and then was brought south into the African continent with the Bantu migration, spanning over 1000 years from 1500 to 500 B.C. Congo is one of the places in Africa where the local landrace stayed very isolated for hundreds of years, maybe more. The combination of several factors ensures this precious situation: decades of war made the country virtually unaccessible to tourists and travellers, avoiding the “hippie trail phenomenon” typical of other areas. Congolese people have always consumed cannabis in large amounts, requiring a steady local production. And finally, Congolese produce enough for their own internal consumption, avoiding importing cannabis from other places, thus preserving the landrace. The Congolese landrace in both its expressions of “red” and “black” is a very tall, lanky sativa, with a very high THC and THCV content and very low in CBD and CBN. It has a very minty, fresh flavour and a giggly strong high, very creative and inspiring, almost energising. The mission was a complete success, we were able to retrieve large amounts of local seeds from selected individuals in the fields, in 3 different regions of Congo. And we made what I believe it’s going to be the most exciting and interesting documentary ever, thanks to the competence, passion and talent of Jackson and his team at Vice. Stay tuned, HBO will broadcast it between September 2016 and March 2017, part of the “Vice on HBO show”. After that it will be online on youtube. The hunt goes on. I’m already thinking about the next one. Fullgas. Franco Loja www.strainhunters.com And some photos That's it for the moment Hunters i hope you enjoyed this little teaser and remember there is much more to come real soon Have a good smoke!!
  11. Dont worry it is just a minor wound and she should not care too much about it
  12. well that is a nice fat lady ^^Thanks for sharing it and looking forward to see how it will end up ^^Probably some nice big nugd, and the kingskush is a tasty one Keep us updated Have a good grow
  13. Nice job man and congratz on the harvest How are the plants smelling in the end? More cheesy or more widowlike? in any case they look liek they have made some nice equal nuggets and i hope the taste will be good. Have a good drying it is the most important part of the grow
  14. Really close internoed on those plants it should give you some nice main colas everywhere Thanks for the news good ot read the smell is arriving and flowers forming nicely. Grtz
  15. Thanks man for the last update Considering the few nutrients problem they have had the final result is looking really nice imo ^^I hope the taste will be there too! How is the smell on each of them by now? Cheesier or more widow? Have a good last week!!
  16. Sorry to read about the hard condition in your place! Hope the country will make it! The plants are still looking very good even if they didnt get bigger pot. And for sure the PF is perfect in those conditions, as long as you give them food even if the pots get full of roots they will still eat the food quickly with PF Best of luck for the rest of flow!
  17. Getting bigger around here Thanks for the news man!
  18. Thanks for sharing your photos man, Could you explain a little bit more? There seems to be 2 diferent places in those photos no? One with the big bed and another one where the plant seem closer to each other or is it the same? I like the big beds like this I could see myself doing it in 1square meter and just recreate an outdoor soil condition ^^ Anyway plants are looking pretty healthy and i wish you all the best for the rest of flowering!
  19. Thanks for the news man and good to see you writing The plants are looking really nice for sure, nice frostiness and pretty long stalks on those trichomes it seems, reminds me the resin of the moneymaker. Should be good for hash Wishing you all the best for the little time left! That cookie is for sure looking nice too! Grtz!
  20. Can we stop talking aboutsuper cool mustangs please hahah I still dream of the day i will own a fastback ^^ And for the sticks i tried only one one of those modern version it is pretty nice, but like you said too strong, There are a few account on instagram that got pretty strong making sticks like this, first one i believe to bring it back to life in big quantity and really cool informative post was afgoohead i believe, check him its worth looking and see how he makes it with love ^^but still i wouldnt smoke it daily haha
  21. Hello man, tell us a little bit abiout your weather, is it raining a lot, does it get really cold at night or in winter, and when does it get cold, depending on the weather it will define one or another type of plants
  22. Hi guys, when you do a grow in 12/12 from seed, you can count on the sexing to appear around day 20-21 more or less, and for most strains, rarely before. When you veg a plant for a long period as well, like a month or over, the plant always shows sex at the internoedal base once she is mature sexually, even in veg, so if you watch closely the preflower sites among the stem you should be able to see some good hint of rather it is a male or not, Otherwise the best is like Sapean said to force the plant, or a cut from the plant, to flower and see the sex Have a good experimenting around
  23. Sounds like you had a nice orgy there You are going to make selection from those seeds now or just throw them randomly? Have a good smoke
  24. Yeah for sure they got denser since last time and it lokos like in a few weeks you will be ready to have a nice harvest at this period of the flowering i start to take of all the bigger leaves to allow a bit more airflow and avoid any mold problem or condensation under the canopy, not saying it is a must do but i like to do it ^^ and that way i believe they focus more on eating all the available food in the plant the last weeks. Have a good end of flowering man and happy harvest if i dont come back before it
  25. Nice thanks for the news, she should start to grow a little faster now that she got a bit older and roots must have grown a bit Be ready for the boom haha Have a good grow!

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