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  1. they seem to be going well. I have a mates property up the aussie bush that he has just dug out with a back hoe and filled with farming soil so hopefully i will get good 10 ft bangers
  2. Wow thank you zub0 very interesting, not quite the answer but it puts me on the right track lol. just wanted to have some fun with male pollen.
  3. Just wanted to ask as i have a few kcbrains autos that are starting to bud up and one of them is a male. If i leave them together will they make auto seeds since all the plants are auto? Also I have some nice big bang in my tent and am thinking of breeding with the auto for a bit of fun, will half of the seeds be auto as well?? Just not sure how it works guys any help is appreciated.
  4. just sprayed them with 50/50 nutes / water. Will keep you informed.. Thank you mate.
  5. YEh guys i thought about taking another 1/2 hr off and all is good now. They did stretch a fair bit but wow the buds are comming on nice. After having some trouble they should produce ok now. Thanx for your help guys and will continue to show, I think i am just a bit rusty after not growing for a while...
  6. Hi guys just writing to ask if you know what is wrong with my clones. They are big bang and have been great for a week then all of a sudden they have started yellowing off. They are not showing roots yet. Is it just they need a light feed??? Cant do another set of clones as the bang is in to flower too much...
  7. Yeh dust it has stretched, almost straight up with no side branching compared to what it had. will take a pic later tonight and give you a look. It looks strange as it is going straight up instead of out like others. If they dont do much i will know to try somethig different. YAY 200 POSTS!!!
  8. Oh and it has preflowered it is 18 inches high!!! Did they change the genetics? O is it a bummer? Love the company but now i am fucked for another 3 months.. Money over meds hope herbie hasnt got old stock
  9. All up 8 -10 weeks? So greenhouse plants have a regime for flowering??? Any other strain all has been good but now i am going to be out of meds for another 10 weeks.. hmm
  10. Hi guys i have 2 big bang under a 400 hps in a tent and i have been having it on 12/12 for 2.5 weeks and it still isnt showing sign of turning to flower? IS this normal? Yeh it is heaps bushier but no flower development? What to do guys? I have no light leaks and all is good vegetively. Yes before comment they dried out a bit on top for a sec last night when my pump failed lol.
  11. Does anyone know if attitude sell to australia? I normally go through herbies for freebies but thought i might try something different.
  12. Also for vege, working heaps better. The buckets have heaps of drilled holes in the bottom and are exactly the same size as the hyro pack containers that they came with but a little higher but still cool and cheaper.
  13. I think it was the grow nutes as they were a budget brand but i bought some Rock Ignight and they are doing heaps better buti upped the ph to around 6.2.. Had a bit of burn as the water ran low as we have 35 deg days here atm
  14. Hi guys I decided to do it by the rules on this grow and see what the difference is compared to when i grow in coir/perlite. I am doing this in an auto pot system with straight perlite and in the past i havent had a problem but after watching the grow vids for Big Bang it said ph at 5.5.. Are they serious? I have stunted plants with nute probs etc and i think it is because of this. I usually do it at 6.5 average with no probs but i am doing what franco said... I am now going to bud mixture while still in vege in case of bad nutes.. Any feedback would help as i am just about to go back to 6.5 and totally scrap the grow and waste more money on GHS... Dont worry about how floppy they are i just gave them a good flush... Cheers
  15. A couple of pics of one of the white lemons i had to cull, 9 weeks done and still a bit white but need meds and still have a few left to go a bit longer. Great taste and flavour and a real hard hitter!!!! 250 watt then 400 for the last 4 weeks flower so not a bad take and these are from seed so no more smoko for now as i had a bad go with the clones and they got massacred lol. Thank you franco for the experience and please give us a go at your next cup. Will sure document.

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