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  1. The topic is good. It is a pity that I am in Russia. I would love to participate, but alas ..
  2. Thanks! --- When the plant bloomed outdoors (after the start of the formation of trichomes) it gave off a strong, pure flavor of fresh lemon. During drying, the smell changed and began to resemble the candied fruit. After exposure (in glass jars / ~ 2 months) smell changed to wood - like sandalwood. After breaking the inflorescence appears fruity-berry flavor (more berry / dark berry). Kief has the smell of cedar resin and after smoking leaves a pleasant sweet taste in the mouth . --- Super Silver Haze (GHS) flowering / outdoors / Russia, Primorsky Krai, 44°N / season 2019
  3. Season 2019. Super Silver Haze (GHS) &. Franco's Lemon Cheese (GHS) before harvesting. --- Super Silver Haze (GHS) and I. ---