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  1. Hello cannabica family I'm going to work with these beauties of seeds for the follow-up contest. Thank @ for letting me enter the contest and thank G. H. For the fertilizers that seem to be the cane. So I start the White Rhino adventure without further ado Greetings and luck Arrankeddj
  2. How beautiful are you uncle I stay here following you
  3. How nice it is to see the newborn plants as babies
  4. happy to have you with us friend I wish you the best crop and here you have me expectativo
  5. es verdad @ el propolix es genial lo usé siempre Mira amigo, te recomiendo que pruebes el tío amanitha es la mano sagrada Lo he intentado y he alucinado las plantas con las que he puesto esto in spanabis I will show you the differences from one to the other
  6. Hello family, I leave some photos of the White Rhino the first irrigation was with root stimulator, and the second was with water alone We have the cultivation parameters in this week schedule / photoperiod: 20 hours on with 4 of darkness. Temperatures: Day: between 22 degrees and 27 degrees. Night: between 24 degrees and 21 degrees Watering frequency: from 3 to 4 days (depending on the size of the sherd and the potting crosor) Feeding: Co2 tablets to give oxygenate to water. Powder Feeding BioGrow mixed in the substrate The stimulant Powder Feeding Enhancer
  7. My mother who paints has those buds You must be in glory with that fragrance and colors, right? I am amazed with these beautiful photos Greetings and luck Arrankeddj
  8. Hello cannabica family, I am writing from this new user since I am the same one with whom I started this follow-up and explain that I continue this follow up with other seeds of the same package only that I put in their day and they died because of me. that I will show you how they are going right now Greetings and luck Arrankeddj
  9. Ve mata al verde, ¡ahí ves a la mujer!!!! My mouth is water Greetings and luck Arrankeddj
  10. white rhyno

    Good germination mate, I remain attentive at the beginning of the follow-up Greetings and luck Arrankeddj
  11. Hello, gardener friend. I've taken a look at your follow-up and I liked it a lot (do not give it to everyone I like if it will not block you with so many hehe hee hee) I'm left wanting to see how the thing continues. Greetings and luck Arrankeddj
  12. Go buds are seen in your garden brother I stay in your follow-up to see how you finish it because it looks great Greetings and luck Arrankeddj
  13. Yes, if only I forgot to explain it but if it is like a stimulator !!! Greetings and luck Arrankeddj
  14. Prepared labels The pots cleaned with water and bleach for a deep disinfection Before the transplant I put the growth subscription as recommended by the manufacturer Look at the roots root ball because it is not extensive but I had to transplant them for the subject of the subscriber And it ended with the first 6 plants since the other 4 are slower.
  15. Hello cannabica family, I will explain a bit the culture medium and the work plan that I will carry in this crop. First the growth room will be this and the White Rhino will be accompanied by other varieties (I will not go into details if they can not give us the grapes hahaha) with which until the flowering will be in this room and flowering will incorporate two more 600W bulbs In the photo you see many plants but most will be discarded since I am selecting and looking for good mothers. The photo growth period will be 20/4 since I've been working with it for several years and it's going great. The lighting will be of HM and HPS in the same growth / flowering site since there will be three bulbs, the lateral HPS and that of the medium HM is a method that we are studying for a while. The culture medium will be on land and with the bio fertilizers that the bank has given us, so thank you very much for the attention provided Finally, for the prevention of pests and diseases, I will use the propolix that you have been using from the first day of cultivation at low doses. With this I finish and tell you that everything is already underway so I hope you like it PS: any help or comment is appreciated as I am not a professional and I love hosting new ideas Greetings and luck Arrankeddj
  16. I become attentive partner to your crop
  17. I stay in the front row
  18. Come bro waiting
  19. This is family friendly !!!!!How well the shipments are arriving to their destinations.I look forward with great enthusiasm to all of you. Greetings and luck Arrankeddj
  20. Hola familia cannabica pues aquí os dejo las 6 nenas que antes asomado Y estás son las 4 más lentas pero todas ya andan germinado Así que de 10/10 con una puntuación del 10 Sáludos y suerte Arrankeddj
  21. Gracias familia por estos magníficos abonos
  22. Hello cannabica family, I've been 48 hours of germination and they are 8 hours away for their first transplant to substrate Arrankeddj
  23. Here you have a photo of the first part of the germination with water and a drop of oxygenated water for about 24 hours and then a typical tuper till you have enough root for your first transplant to land Greetings and luck Arrankeddj
  24. White Rhino es el resultado de un cruce entre una genética Afgana, una Brasilina y una del Sur de la India. Se trata de una planta compacta, muy pequeña, con entrenudos serados y con grandes hojas. Produce varias ramas secundarias y se desarrolla con una forma de matorral, esta genética se cultiva muy bien en SOG o en SCROG. Esta variedad principalmente Indica (80%Indica-20%Sativa) florece en 9 semanas para una cosecha que puede llegar a los 900grms/m2. En exterior y en el hemisferio norte, la cosecha se hace durante la primera semana de octubre para una producción que puede llegar hasta los 1200gramos/planta. El efecto es intenso y medicinal, en particular para luchar contra el insomnio. El sabor es afrutado y el efecto dura mucho tiempo. Premios: 2nd Bio HTTC 1996 2nd Champions Cup 2005 Características de la White Rhino de Green House Seeds : Genética: Afghan x Brasilian x South India Indica-Sativa: 80% Indica – 20% Sativa Floración interior: 9 semanas Floración exterior: principios de octubre THC: 20,19% CBD: 0,11% CBN: 0,05%

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

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