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  1. Marijuana teaBy Ed Rosenthal - Monday, August 18 2003 Tags: Ask Ed CC43 Advice MARIJUANA LIFESTYLE What are the effects of a cannabis tea?Can marijuana leaves be boiled to make a tea? Will I get the magical properties that I am looking for? I am looking for a chamomile type of relaxation. Schmokin, Internet Marijuana leaves can be boiled to make a weak tea. Even the leaves of immature plants have a slight effect. However, the leaves of mature plants have a stronger effect. THC is only very slightly soluble in boiling water. Adding either some alcohol or some oil to the mix
  2. u have such an amazing set up for me really big respect great work jah bless
  3. yeah man sound good and u have plenty equipment good luck with ur hydro try jah bless u
  4. beautiful scrog respect great job u did there ,enjoy the fruits off ur work jah bless
  5. beautiful wish that could be mine lol respect great set up and aweso^me plants jah bless
  6. hope u found some good help and best advice and as wee said in chatt it wont take long for u stay happy jah bless..........
  7. yeah man my chillums arte conic just like urs just dont understand why is that for u so important if anybody want to build something why he should not do it ,?!? i think much more important is was comes inside the pipe(if its the best weed or charras) or chillum or whatever any way hope u dont take it too serius no offence
  8. only for u elektro she looks exactly just right u...........lol took this pics 30 sec ago so its fresh..
  9. great setup and beautiful plants .may iask u how many lights u use cant see right is it really four cool tubes how much w is one ? do u use a special strong air exhauster to avoid heat jam what strain are u growing and u use seeds or cuttings? if i may guess those are seed plants very short sativa hybrids maybe ?? very nice anyway jah bless