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  1. I have been looking at the 3 strains you advised. The White Widow seems to come closest to what I'm looking for. However when I look at the shipping restrictions it shows that this (in the Netherlands developed?) strain is not shipped to the Netherlands. Is there a reason for this? And is there another way to get good quality seeds or clones of this strain?
  2. Thanks for your elaborate answer. This is more than I expected to get. Really great. Again thanks.
  3. Hello, I am totally new to this. So I hope you can help me out a bit. I would like to grow some cannabis My goal is to Educate myself to become a first class grower and have fun doing it. Without the risks an illegal grower has. So I do not wish to go in starting with many plants or big investments. I wish to start with say 5 plants and the least investments as possible. So just with some good seeds. Seeds that I can grow in my house at room temperature (mostly 20°C), under regular indoor humidity (Netherlands),
  4. Hi, I am new to growing canabis and hope to get some info on how to best start home growing my own canabis with the least of investments on special equipment.