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  1. Oh so it is more like trial and error. So a doctor should be there in case somthing happens. Thank you for your answer!
  2. Hello! I didn't exactly know where to ask this question. One of my best friends is suffering of anxiety and depression. I read that in these cases a wrong dosification of THC could get things ever more worse. I looked up in this place to buy some pure CBD oil and on this website http://cbdoilpharma.com/product/raw-oil-3/ they have CBD oil of 3% but they also have 15% and 15% raw, what would be better for my friend? Thanks!
  3. A Lot of people here are really into big asses
  4. What about Portugal... More like a field investigation. It is well known it has a great weather and good soil. It will be more like let's find the best spot to grow. Now it is legal there!
  5. I didn't know TCH combined with CBD has a betetr result than just CBD. In the morning I vape CBD Oil without THC for my axiety.
  6. Amsterdam is my favourite place in world. I think it is the perfect place. The map ain´t the friendliest though.
  7. Thank you so much. It is really good video. Quite a process to get oil, isn't it?
  8. This is just great, isn't it? We still have lot of countries like Spain or Italy that still have a lot to do about this matter.
  9. Hello everyone! I'm here to learn a lot from you. Thank you very much for letting me be part of your community!