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  1. These pictures are from today 29th September. The best part of growing in a cold climate? PURPLE HUES! I want to add that there was no information that the Sweet Valley Kush would turn purple and this should be added to its description. Some of the buds are turning frosty
  2. I'm posting pics from three different times I've been to the place, first from 22nd September, second from 26th September and lastly from today 29th September. These pictures are from 22nd
  3. These pictures are from earlier today and I removed all the dead and yellow leaves from the plants. The Church plants are turning purple. The Big Bang plants are a bit away from harvest. The Himalaya Gold needs a while more. The Blue Hash however hasn't even started forming buds and I'm worried, I actually thought it was going to be finished first
  4. I haven't updated for a bit but that's because some people at the mega competition are b about nutrients and choice of strain so I didn't feel like interacting with them. They don't seem to understand that I am growing in Scandinavia and the climate is very different here than down south. The plants are doing great, many plants are changing color to purple now especially The Church plants. I'll post pics from three different times I've been to the sight The first set of pictures are from 22nd September
  5. To update everyone, this week the temperature at daytime is at 20C while at night 5C UNTIL friday however from sunday it's going to be 23C at daytime and 15C at night. This is why I moved the plants to get as much sunlight as possible but I am probably the most northern grower in this competition and I am certain that it won't get very cold at day until mid-October
  6. @OG.Naj Well you can take that up with Greenhouse Seed Co. if that's a issue you are worried about, I informed them when I ordered the seeds that I'm growing in Scandinavia so they recommended Himalaya Gold, The Church and Big Bang which I ordered then I took a free seed I got a couple of years ago which was Blue Hash by Dinafem. I chose the Greenhouse Seed Co. said these strains would be great BUT this thread is dedicated for the Sweet Valley Kush because I felt it was perfect for guerilla growing. Let's not forget that all of this is actually about product promotion and R&D, I ended up getting the Sweet Valley Kush seeds because they suit what I am doing and they are flowering. Sure I've grown a variation of strains throughout the years but this competition is about the Sweet Valley Kush and The Doctor. I haven't lost a single plant for the last 4 years. WHY?! I have enough experience to find spots which are great for guerilla growing outdoors IN A NORDIC CLIMATE. This thread is dedicated for a competition and I am most likely the northern most grower among all of you, this is why when some give advice it's from the experience of growing in your climate but I ask those who are growing in my climate which is northern and in a Northern climate. I'm not growing in southern European climate so it feels like there are a lot of people against me due to this, yes it goes down to 5C at night but at daytime it's 20C and I'm confident about my ability. PS: The soil mixture is constantly improving and the soil mix I gave to the Sweet Valley Kush plants contains the Greenhouse Powder Feeding Biogrow however I missed chicken manure to my other plants, my soil mix is a work in process with small tweaks every year.
  7. The reason I chose pots was because incase I needed to move the plants. I moved them a bit where there's more sun so that they can soak up as much sun as possible these last days before harvest. One of the Church plants snapped from the hard winds, I put some branches to hold it up but I'm going to tape it so that it can support itself
  8. My plants are loving the new spot, there's a lot of sunshine however the hard wind had knocked over a couple of plants and this is why I went there today because I had a feeling that had happened because it was blowing very hard. One of my Church plants couldn't take the hard wind and snapped the main stem however it's not dead and I gave it some support with branches, I'm going to tape the plant so that I can stand up
  9. My biggest worry isn't fertilizer for the plants, this is my greatest worry. In west Sweden it's been snowing. This is from Värmland a couple of hours ago @g22 @R.G.S @gasmeter @OG.Naj
  10. I've been following weather reports, along the the coast of Norway it's snowing and hard winds but the Norwegian mountains will spare the eastern parts of Sweden from snow however the temperature will plummet to 5C at night for a couple of nights but towards next week it'll be warmer again. I'm growing also a Blue Hash by Dinafem so I'm hoping to see some color changes next time I go to the spot
  11. On some of the other plants I'm growing the roots of the plants were growing through the pots into the ground so I think they'll be stressed from the move to the new spot either wat, I gave them the rest of the bioenhancer for the roots to prevent too much stress. My other plants are growing using my organic soil mix that I've been fine-tuning every season, that soil has everything in it (I missed adding the chicken manure which was obvious during growing outdoors on my Himalaya Gold plant that was very pale. The only stuff I fertilize the plants with during flowering is palm ash from guanokalong, bat guano and seaweed extract from a local gardenstore that sells 3kg bat guano for 14 euro and 450-480g seaweed extract for 16 euro. I gave the Sweet Valley Kush plants all of the Greenhouse Powder Feeding products while my other plants have my organic soil mix which is constantly improving and once I gave all plants including the Sweet Valley Kush plants some of the flower feeding last week which is a mix of palm ash, blood meal and bat guano that I mix into the soil then I water the plants. I could've also given the sweet valley kush plants a lot more of the Biofeed Grow but I didn't want to burn the plants and I miscalculated however those plants are all looking great compared to my other plants, one of the Sweet Valley Kush plants is as tall as one of The Church plants and I was expecting the Sweet Valley Kush to be shorter. The smells of the plants is amazing, very sweet smell from the Sweet Valley Kush
  12. I was talking to a older grower and he recommended no more fertilizer, the temperature is too low and this was the last week of "summer warmth" so from now it's just going to get colder. Foliar feeding would make sense if it was warmer for a couple of more weeks but tomorrow is the first day of autumn where I am at. This is the end of the outdoor season in Scandinavia, me and others growing outdoors will now just monitor the outdoor temperatures and get ready for harvesting
  13. It would be reasonable feeding them if it was warmer but the temperature is quickly dropping, I don't know where the rest of you are growing but I am growing in Scandinavia, it's the end of the season and next week it's going to drop down to +6C at night but that's just for one night and the rest of the week it'll be between +10-13C. I asked a old school grower who is kind of my mentor who said it's no use giving them more feeding because the temperature is going down with every week that passes, it would just be a waste because they won't be growing as much as they used to, sorry but I listen to his advice more than yours @g22, if I lived further south it I would reconsider but the temperature is dropping and that will slow down growth rates. I've given them enough for this year, now it's just to let them absorb what I've been giving them, I've given them a feeding a week ago and there is no need for more feeding The pots I'm using are 20L pots but I bought them assuming it was 30L however when I came to get more pots the owner of the gardening store told me that the pots are 20L, @OG.Naj I used the pots just for that sake to be able to move them. I came to the spot in early spring and I wasn't sure there would be enough sunlight towards the end of the year, that's why I had to move the plants when I was there on Saturday. I respect and listen to your advice but growing outdoors in Scandinavia is different than down south, this time of year the temperature drops quickly and I'm monitoring temperature on a daily basis, I'm ready to harvest at any given moment when it gets too cold. I think that by mid October the frost will come. However it's also time to pick mushrooms, it's been a rainy year so I'm hoping to get a lot of mushrooms, how is the mushroom situation at your places?

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