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  1. It traumatized my wife and children because the police were very loud and came in with guns drawn while we still were sleeping, at least they had the decency to open our door with a locksmith instead of busting the door down but I feel terrible that my wife and children had to see me being dragged off in handcuffs 5 in the morning, I spent a week in custody so I didn't know what was going on back home but I did get compensation from the prosecutor because I didn't have anything illegal at home and the case against me was dropped. Sweden is great in many ways except small details such as the
  2. So a bit of update why I've been gone for a while, I had police come with a search warrant and they went through everything where we live even vents and behind the fridge. I didn't have anything where I live not even the harvest from last year which I'm happy I moved to a secure place, the only thing the police found was 8 grams of CBD buds which are legal in Sweden and they found my seed collection which also is legal but the police can't tell the difference if it's CBD buds or THC buds so they sent it to be analyzed. They wanted to take my phone and computer but my lawyer helped me to keep t
  3. It would make things easier, I'm converting a fridge with a small freezer into a grow box so I can have a flower chamber and a veg chamber. I'm hoping to build a system which takes care of itself and notifies me when certain parameters are wrong so I can fix it
  4. Hi, I've been growing outdoors for a bit over a decade, I am a biodynamic gardener and I've worked at biodynamic farms, I also build electronics it started with midi instruments and I code C#, python and swift but I've been looking at fertigation systems and I've been tinkering with arduino boards and raspberry pi's for 5 years so I started looking into challenging new project, Sure I would prefer a farm like some of my friends have who grow a couple of plants in a greenhouse on their property but the problem is that I can't afford buying a property for a couple of mill
  5. Are there any other electronics builders on this forum? I build a bit but recently I started looking at creating a fertigation system and a controller which controls all parameters in the grow room
  6. I was one of the COVID survivors who lost their sense of smell, once I regained my smell the smell of cannabis was too strong, it's very hard to describe but the smell was too pungent. I'm serious it smelled at first too much and I didn't like the smell so I've had to train my nose at the hospital from smelling things like vanilla and rose extract to various sodas and stronger spices as curry powder. My smell is very sensitive so a lot of smells smell "new" and a bit overwhelming. Fermented herring was probably the worst, I ate it when I had lost my sense of smell but I decided to eat it
  7. Hello Fellow growers! Let's prepare for another season of guerilla growing at latitude 59, so this winter there is plenty of ice so I've been able to carry out soil close to the site beforehand. I'm still not sure of the strain list, I'll update that soon. I'm happy because the freezing temperature has resulted in a lot of thick ice so I've been able to carry soil near this years spot which means less work for me in spring, let's do this!!!
  8. I'm a guerilla grower at latitude 59 and I would love to participate. There's plenty of ice this winter so I've already carried out all soil for this years season, I'll carry a couple more bags now. After doing a little bit of research on the various strains, I think King's Juice and Chemical Bride would be great to try at this latitude outdoors. There's little info on their mold resistance so that's key to their survival outdoors. It's another swamp guerilla grow and I look forward to this amazing season
  9. I wish I could work from home but I was a essential worker at a construction warehouse so I had to work and so did my partner in crime who is a teacher. We aren't sure who brought it home but once we were infected we knew that it wasn't a ordinary cold or flu. My partner didn't get that sick but I got very sick, I had high fever for a couple of days, coughing, aching joints and muscles, my partner recovered after 3 days but it took me 14 days to get better. Stay safe!
  10. I hope so too, I love the smell of weed and hash, I really love it. Yesterday evening I was watching a documentary about old Stockholm and I could remember smells like spring, summer, autumn and winter. My ultimate smell test was opening a can of fermented herring called surströmming in Swedish, it has a foul smell and one has to eat it outside but since I couldn't go out I decided to open it indoors and I couldn't smell anything. I just looked at the fermented herring and it looks gross but I couldn't smell anything. Stay safe out there! This virus is not fun, I had some very intense n
  11. So I tested positive with covid-19 and long before I got infected I read about people suffering from smell loss, I became one of those people and I've lost my ability to smell. I really like the smell of weed and hash so it sucks, I've read of people recovering their sense of smell but with changes, certain smells being stronger and/or that it doesn't smell good, it would be such a bummer that when I recover my smell then I might think that weed and hash doesn't smell good. Since smell and taste are connected some can be overwhelmed by flavor and smell. That would be terrible I've been us
  12. The Silverback has faired well during this season, it's got great mold resistance. The climate during late autumn is that it gets rainy and if the plants aren't mold resistant they'll develop budrot, I was also growing a Frisian Duck which had developed budrot but the silverback did great
  13. Well the harvest was much larger than I anticipated, I had brought a big north face bag to carry as much as possible but I filled it and was forced to carry a plastic bag full of weed which I hid in the forest close to where I live until I could empty my bag. I went twice out to the swamp, I also ran into a second problem after returning the second time, all that buds wouldn't fit in the drying box. I had to pull out my old grow tent along with my drying rack and call a friend to get a car so we could move all the weed to a undisclosed location far away from where I live. It's been
  14. So this is my drying box, it's a prototype, I've tested it with a open bottle of terpentine which I placed in the box and there is no smell leakage. I'm ready for harvesting
  15. It's soon harvest time and I'm preparing the next phase, I'm building a box for drying the buds so it's smell proof. I am making it out of a axial fan, a 65L plastic box and a carbon filter. Nothing to crazy and very simple, I'm harvesting tomorrow so I want the box to be finished before harvesting so that I can just hang the buds inside of the box so that the smell is contained inside of the box