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  1. Hi, I finished my first grow this year and smoked my own stash of King's Kush for 4/20 but it's time to prepare for another grow, so that in a few months I can have some more weed to try. I'm preparing my second grow and I've invested in a PG-400 by Hydroponics hut to replace the 400w HPS that I've been using. I've decided on growing two Flowerbomb Kush by strain hunters seedbank, two Great White Shark by Green House Seed Co., two Emdog by Humboldt Seed Organization, one Bella Donna by Paradise Seeds and one Blue Hash by Dinafem. I'm using soil and the biobizz line for this grow. More info will be coming soon.
  2. Preparing for another grow

  3. I'm looking forward on starting a next grow soon, I'm preparing for next grow. I'm still unsure if I want more smaller plants or fewer larger plants. I'll look forward smoking this, I'm hoping the King's Kush to be cured by 4/20
  4. Smoking King's Kush QWISO

  5. I made some qwiso with the popcorn buds, I only made two washes but I could've made 3 after inspecting the material but I had already run out of ISO by the second wash. The first two pictures are of the second wash, I didn't have a way to vaporize it so I put it in a pipe and smoked it, the qwsio hit me hard while I was watching Futurama and I was literally laughing at everything and the munchies I had were intense. I'm going to smoke the first wash with my dad, he hasn't smoked hash oil since way back when he was living Canada. The smell of the first wash is so amazing and incredibly clear, it smells like grapes, fresh peeled tangerine and something sweet like vanilla or cotton candy
  6. I've been to a friend who grew Afghan and Blueberry, I remember when he opened his closet and the afghan spread across the entire flat, the outdoor strains I've grown do have a smell which can be felt around the plant up to 15 meters with no wind and probably up to 50 m with wind. The Scandinavian climate isn't the most optimal but the seeds I've got have worked, I started with autoflowering and have tried for example typhoon from zen seeds outdoors, however after growing indoor I can really smell the flower. I remember the OG Kush in Amsterdam, I'm hoping this to be cured for summer. I've got a friend in Portugal who has a house and I'm thinking of going there for a outdoor season, work at the farm and grow some indoor and outdoor.
  7. I hanged them were I had space in the tent but mainly on the rattle with seeds in it. I thought the dry seeds might absorb some of the moisture, I've also placed a dehumidifier in the tent
  8. I'm triming the big buds, the popcorn buds will be used for qwiso. It was a bit dense in the center but I will be using tomato cage to separate the colas to let the light in. The ones I mainlined had a nice size and buds hada similar size but like I said the most resinous plant was the fim'd one so I'm going to upload pictures from the qwiso extraction tomorrow
  9. I'm in the process of harvesting right now, I'll post pics soon. Smells lovely
  10. I started flushing on sunday and now I'm just giving it water, I'm aiming at harvesting at sunday or next week. I've got a problem with my microscope that I can't take pictures with it so I've got to take screenshots when I'm looking on the computer
  11. I'm harvesting this weekend. Here are some pictures I took with a digital microscope at 40X, I tried taking a few at 400x but my hands are to shaky for that and had to change the focus all the time. The two main-lined plants have 2-3% amber trichomes on the buds at the top while 99,99% are cloudy at the buds underneath, the FIM'd has around 1-2% amber trichomes at the top while the buds under are all milky
  12. I've decided to take most of the popcorn buds and use them for QWISO, I'll be making two batches, one batch will be of trim and the other batch will be the popcorn buds. All the popcorn buds will be from the plant that I FIM'd but it's also the most frosty one of all the three plants. The other two plants have some nice buds so they'll be strictly for bud but the FIM'd plant will be for QWISO.
  13. After struggling two nights with something happening to my timer, I've needed to shut it off manually and I've noticed a little brown spots on two of them and necrosis so I've adjusted the ph a bit on them. It's the end of week 7 and I'm checking the trichomes with a microscope, on all of the plants all trichomes are cloudy so I'm reconsidering harvesting two plants next week for a energetic high and let one go a bit more for 50-50 ratio of amber and cloudy for a evening smoke. Tille is gone... I can't find the critter anywhere. I wonder if it has fallen into the soil and when I've watered the plants it might've covered Tille with soil. I'm also a bit worried since my weed guy got busted with 1,2 kg, I met him by chance on the bus and he said he has had cops following him around for the past few weeks and my number was on his phone that got taken by the police.
  14. Pics from when the lights got turned on, the smell is amazing when I open the tent. It envelopes the whole room and is almost intoxicating in itself but very sweet and floral
  15. It's into wek 7 of flowering, I just woke up to pee and I noticed the lights were on. I checked the timer and it should be off, I connected it to a different socket with a normal light and it was still on but after spinning it a few times it seems to be working. What should I do? It's a few hours until the lights go on and I can't go to sleep yet. I'm smoking a joint and wondering if I should buy a new timer. It's only a few more weeks left so any light stress should be in the clear. I'm putting the light back on schedule 7.30 am to 7.30 pm even if the lights were on for a bit too long and I removed timer at 5 am so the plants got 2 hours of night. Or should I let the plats get 24 hours of night before going back to schedule? Any sugestions?

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