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  1. Sorry if I haven't updated for a bit but I've had my hands full last couple of days, I got a new job as a essential worker at a hardware warehouse for construction workers and gardeners, I'm head gardener at the hardware warehouse. The plants are doing fine, I added some more to the collection. I've got 19 photoperiod plants and 11 autos. I'm reconsidering adding a couple of autos like Critical Orange Punch, Dedoverde Haze and Purple Punch since it's too late to start photoperiod plants now. I love sativas but the short summers in Scandinavia make it impossible to grow outdoors unless one has a greenhouse so autos it has to be. My strain list is: Photoperiod plants: 4 Frisian Duck 4 Early Skunk 1 Sweet Valley Kush 3 Silverback 4 Alaskan Purple 3 Quick Kush Auto plants: 3 Dos Si Dos Cake 1 Mexican Airlines 1 Pineapple Express 3 Moby Dick XXL 2 Haze XXL 1 Blue Amnesia XXL
  2. So here are some of the photoperiod plants. They are on the balcony which is southfacing and they are vegging away. I also wanted to post a picture from Jorge Cervantes book on Guerilla Growing, I've been looking for a better way to transport my plants, I found a hard backpack at Ikea which is ideal for transporting the plants, I'll be putting a pvc tube to keep them straight and to minimize damage.
  3. I have come to that decision as well that I'll be splitting the plants up, the new spot will be better for the autos and I'll be looking at a new spot for my photoperiod plants.
  4. I was actually thinking of building a "fence" with the dead trees and bushes, it would also work as a way to cover the plants. The local beavers also have eaten a lot of wood so I don't need to do too much work, there's a lot of perfect wood for making a fence. I'm hoping that the person whoever dropped the redbull can will stay away, it changes everything. I've been looking around the area for a new place even spreading out the number of plants so not all "eggs" are in one basket. I've got 15 photoperiod plants and 8 autos so far so to minimize losses I'll be splitting up the plants
  5. I did that last year, I used jute bags but it was a bitch to carry them out there so that I could move them. I also needed to water more frequently because of that so I was hoping to lower workload by watering less when growing them in the ground and not in pots. I actually think I'll be splitting the plants up, autos in one place and photoperiod in another place. I was also looking at building a tall mound but it would be a lot of work and I also thought of constructing special pots like in Nova Scotia as in the article from Cannabis Culture on Swamp Growing but that could make a lot of noise when working in the swamp, I want to keep noise and trails to a minimum
  6. Everyone! I've got a problem, I just realized that even if the new spot I chose is good it might be too low. Right now and during all of summer it'll be dry HOWEVER around mid-September the rains will come and water levels will be a lot higher. I don't know what to do either I risk it and around autumn the water will rise MAYBE drowning the plants OR I split the plants up so that the autos grow in the reeds WHILE the photoperiod plants grow in a different place above the water. What should I do? Any thoughts and advice?
  7. I've got a problem though, the spot I've chosen might be too low. In autumn the rains come and the water level rises, it's a wetlands so it'll be deep in some spots. Last year in one area I sank up to my armpits. I am really not sure if it's above the water, currently the water level is extremely low and will keep going down as temperatures rise but around mid-September the rain will double the amount of water every day
  8. The thing is that you won't be able to see the wetlands, there's a highway on one side and on the other side is a river. It's nearly impossible to get there however there are homeless in the area but they further away from the wetlands due to the mosquitoes. Last year I met a retired man and his dog but it's still a bit away from the wetlands, I also met a man building a shelter with a machete so it's hard to get to where I am growing but I also found a empty redbull can near my first spot which gave me a bad feeling. The picture below is from last years guerilla grow and last year I thought that this place was perfect but finding a redbull can and how visible my tracks are I've reconsidered changing BUT one thing is bothering me a lot and it's that in autumn the rains will come and the water level will rise. My new spot might still not be high up enough
  9. After careful reconsideration I've chosen this site, southwards it's only reeds and northwards it's bushes and short trees which during peak summer grows like a wall. I decided to move further into the wetlands because I found alternative entry points close to the new spot, it's in a area which has a lot of cover from bushes in the event I need to bail and I could use a canoe or boat to move the soil close to the spot. Carrying soil through the wetlands is not a option at this moment because in several places I would've sunk deeper if I carried one or two bags of soil, I had wished that it was a decent winter so I could've carried the soil and place it under a tarp so that it was waiting there for me. Jorge Cervantes in his book on Guerilla growing talks about observing changes in nature after growing at a spot, I noticed that me moving back and forth had created a path with visible boot prints from last year so that's why I moved
  10. Sorry if I haven't updated for a while, I've been very busy with my garden out in the front and preparing the area as well as watching the local news to see how things unfold, it seems that Sweden which doesn't have a full lockdown compared to many other countries won't be implementing a full lockdown so that's good news. I'll post some pictures soon from my work in the swamp so you can see how it looks like, I'm still a bit worried about carrying a lot of soil, manure and coco coir out to the area but I'll be doing that before I move any plants. Most seeds have germinated except a few and I'll post some pictures of them soon. Those are some beautiful pictures where you are from @Jenji & @g22, I'm happy that Sweden hasn't gone that way to a full lockdown and everyone stays at home anyways so I can go out to prepare. I hope everyone are staying safe and those of you growing outdoors, I hope this season is a good one
  11. Sounds great, I'm very interested in this but I would like to know the flowering time of the silverback, I need to choose the shortest flowering time because I'm at LAT 59 so it's a short season and even though I would love to grow a sativa, 90% of all sativas flower for too long
  12. I'm mostly worried about how this outdoor growing season will be, I can have two plants on my balcony without people knowing but if my city goes into full lockdown that would mean that I can't go tend my plants on my guerilla patch. I've stocked up on necessities such as dried legumes, fruit and canned foods, I've got a propane grill and a burner so I can cook, I even have a still so I can make moonshine or even better sanitizer (alcohol is a great disnfectant but terrible intoxicant) but I don't think it would go that far, or will it? I'm growing a lot of vegetables this year and I'm picking mushrooms both magic and edible for winter. Just incase
  13. That's lucky and currently a good job, I used to work as a gardener. I had applied to become a royal gardener for the Swedish royal family and their estates but due to corona nobody is getting hired at the moment. That's great and true guerilla, I chose to keep my grow at roughly the same place where I was last year which is close to where I live, sure I could sneak out into the forest and walk through the forest if the whole city which I live in is locked down however Swedish authorities have decided not to lock down my city, yet. I also am thinking of having one or two Auto Ducks on my balcony. I can just sneak out through a window and go out into the forest if the city is quarantined and it might be a good thing because then I won't need to worry about people being out EXCEPT POLICE. Did anyone see the news that UK might have to be shut down the whole summer and people might need to be living in some kind of restriction, that's fucked up, I'm glad I can still go out.
  14. I've been planning and preparing for this season, first no winter which would've made it a lot easier to carry out soil and fertilizer, now quarantine and it really sucks because I've got a lot of things I need to get done. As a outdoor grower one has to be prepared for everything but this affects us all and to add another headache I lost my job like so many others. I grow cannabis so I don't need to spend so much money on buying cannabis and to have full control, there is a serious drought of weed and hash in Sweden due to the borders being shutdown and I for one am happy not to be one of those people who have to pay double or even triple the usual street price. I heard that it's double the street price and some people are being extra greedy by tripling the street price, times are hard, I hope that when harvest comes around the country won't be in lockdown
  15. Denmark and Norway just shutdown its borders, I read that Spannabis was cancelled. It seems pretty serious. I've been training outside as usual, I run and go to a outdoor gym, so far it's only indoor gyms closed so it doesn't affect me, I went to the store earlier today to get some groceries and quite a few people were stocking up on canned foods and toilet paper. Why toilet paper? The corona virus doesn't give you explosive diarrhea. Swedish foreign ministry has recommended to Swedish citizens to not travel to all countries, seriously, all countries. Meanwhile I sit on my balcony, smoking a joint... Enjoying life

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