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  1. I took out the last plants to the spot and now I'll just be there to water the plants, I don't need to worry about moving pots and plants anymore which is a huge relief, I also took a sample of the water close by that I'm using for the plants to check the pH, I was at first a bit worried that the pH was too low but the sample showed that the water is perfect. The plants are growing fine, the Himalaya gold is a definite champ growing tallest of all while the Big Bang plants are much more bushy, also the Bluehash is catching up to the Himalaya gold in height. The Church plants aren't as bushy but just after the Bluehash plant in height. Let's see how this season turns out, I actually think that this season is going to be great. I ran out of chicken wire so a couple of plants have been bunched together, primarily the Big Bang plants and the Sweet Valley Kush plants that are on the competition thread These are the Big Bang This is the Himalaya Gold with the Bluehash behind it This is the bluehash This is the Himalaya Gold and the Bluehash Here are some of the Church plants hidden in the reeds pH reading of the water I use that's close by
  2. I just moved out the two last plants on my balcony, I would've moved them a lot earlier but my gf has been in and out of hospital many times so I've had to wait until she is better. I hope that the Sweet Valley Kush plants catch up with the other plants and I also took a sample of the water close by to check the pH because I was worried that it would be too low pH but you'll see the reading in the picture. I also had to move the plants a bit so they get more sunlight. I'm also happy to inform you all that the plant with the broken stem is alive and recovering, I think it'll grow a hard knuckle eventually and be a bit shorter than the other Sweet Valley Kush plants. The two last plants are at the bottom, I ran out of chicken wire so they have a different chicken wire. I'm also borrowing a game camera that I'm rigging to see what kind of wildlife and possible people move along the edge of the marsh
  3. I bought them from a garden supply store, I've used cloth pots before but I wanted something that would blend in with the environment so I bought those pots. The garden supply store told me first they hold 30L but after coming back a second time for more pots they told me they only hold 20L
  4. It's taken from the only entry point, through the marsh in the reeds there are a lot of game trails from deer that lead around like a maze so it's what you see from the distance if you would walk the same path as I do
  5. Hi, I just wanted to ask something, are there any other parents on the forum who grow and smoke? My gf is expecting a child and for years before I haven't needed to think about that but now I've had to think a bit on smoking habits, I also grow so I can't spend too much time on my plants as I used to. I live in Sweden, Swedish law would consider me a unfit parent because I smoke and grow pot so the state could try to take my child so I have to be extra careful now. I've even bought a safe so I can store my pot in it so that the little one can't take any oil or pot from my stash. How's the situation in your country and if you have kids how do you do with smoking pot?
  6. Make sure to check out my other grow journal, the same spot but other plants. This is dedicated only to the Sweet Valley Kush
  7. So I just took out a couple of more plants to my spot and when I was in a hurry loading my cargo bike with the plants, my neighbor comes out so I had to be real quick and do the usual small talk you have with neighbors. Once he started working on his garden, I told him I was in a hurry to get some errands done. It wasn't until I arrived where I park my bike that I saw that two plants had got their stems damaged, a Big Bang (which suffered minor damage) and a Sweet Valley Kush that took some very serious damage but knowing cannabis plants I know they can recover. I was a bit devastated seeing the state of the Sweet Valley Kush but the root system was fine so if the top won't recover I'll just have two tops instead so let's see how that plant turns out. While I was out there cutting chicken wire I hear a helicopter in the distance so I dropped all I was doing and moved to the treeline to look like someone just walking in the forest eventually I saw the helicopter and it was one of the helicopters that a local airfield uses to for those who are training to get their license but I waited until it was gone. I also had to use a different kind of chicken wire because the garden store had sold out all the green chicken wire, the reason I need chicken wire is because there's a lot of deer in the area especially in the marsh. I have two more plants to take out and I'm doing that this evening, my pregnant gf is back at the hospital so I want to get the plants out before a baby arrives.
  8. Yeah that's one of the plants right there, once you spot the unorganic shape of the chicken wire you see it
  9. So I've moved out all the plants for this grow and when I was moving these last plants two ended up getting their stem broken, one Big Bang and one Sweet Valley Kush. I was carrying the plants to my cargobike which was prepped to go and then my neighbor comes out so I had to be fast to put everything in the bike so that my neighbor doesn't ask too many questions. I was about to have a heart attack due to the stress but I kept my composure and when started working on his flowers, I politely said I was in a hurry to finish some errands before I go to work, it wasn't until I arrived that I saw that when I put the bag with the plants in the cargo bike I saw the damage but knowing cannabis plants I know they'll recover in time. Not only that but when I was out there in the marsh cutting the chicken wire I hear a helicopter in the distance, I had to stop everything I was doing and move to the treeline and look like someone who is just walking in the woods but once the helicopter was close enough to see I saw that it wasn't a police helicopter however I waited until it was gone and then I did the last remaining work then left the place. I didn't want to hang around there longer than necessary but I took some pictures of the plants before leaving. The other plants out there were doing great and have grown A LOT, every time I come there they seem to be getting bigger and bigger.
  10. It's easier to spot the chicken wire, if you can see the chicken wire which has a unorganic shape and is dark green. My plants are well hidden.
  11. A update on my grow, my plants are doing great and growing fast. Every time I come to the spot I am amazed how fast they've grown. I've lost two Himalaya Gold but they were weak so natural selection decided that they weren't going to make it. I'm also taking out later today the Sweet Valley Kush plants I got for the mega grow contest. The Sweet Valley Kush plants will be grown with Greenhouse Powder Feeding so let's see how that turns out
  12. The Sweet Valley Kush plants are a bit late and I've had to carry all the pots to the swamp before I take out the plants in order to reduce suspicion. In my other grow journal I wrote in a post that there is a man who walks his dog and goes to a place where I enter the swamp drink a beer so I always am very careful in order to not draw suspicion. In the picture below you'll see how well my plants are hidden.
  13. I'm sorry I haven't updated for a bit but my girlfriend who is pregnant has been at the hospital so I didn't leave her side except when I went watering the plants on the site yesterday. I've lost two Himalayan Gold because they dried out but all the other are doing fine, I'm putting some LECA on top so that not all the water evaporates as quick. I also am adding more plants to the site since I'm in the Greenhouse Mega Contest so that grow journal link is here (
  14. Sorry that I haven't updated for a bit my pregnant girlfriend spent a couple of days at the hospital. Things are going great, my balcony is south facing so the plants are on the balcony all day. The sweet valley kush seeds came a bit late in the season so they are a bit behind however they are catching up and are very soon ready to go. The Sweet Valley Kush plants will be grown only using soil and Greenhouse Powder Feeding while the other plants are grown in my supersoil mix. It's going to interesting to compare to the differences, which is best the supersoil mix or Greenhouse Powder Feeding. The plants are doing great and are growing in a Ikea mini greenhouse model "Socker" (, there is one plant that is a big bang that is a slow grower but they are all doing fine. The pictures of the Sweet Valley Kush are from yesterday. All of these plants will be grown guerilla so I can't always go out and water them, also my pregnant girlfriend is expecting anytime soon so I'm hoping that I can water the plants before the baby comes along. The temperature is going up and I go to the spot to water every 2-3 days depending on how warm it is, tomorrow is the first day it is very hot so I'm going watering tomorrow I'll be posting a update on my other grow journal as well so if anyone wants to check it out the link is below
  15. So the sweet valley kush are growing fast, catching up to the blue hash and have passed one of the big bangs that are growing slow, so it's soon time to take them out. The weather has been great, sun a couple of days and rains every third day so I haven't needed to water the plants that are already out but by July it'll be very different. I've got a bucket made out of silicon that is collapsible so I can get water from a river that's right close by.

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