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  1. I wish I could work from home but I was a essential worker at a construction warehouse so I had to work and so did my partner in crime who is a teacher. We aren't sure who brought it home but once we were infected we knew that it wasn't a ordinary cold or flu. My partner didn't get that sick but I got very sick, I had high fever for a couple of days, coughing, aching joints and muscles, my partner recovered after 3 days but it took me 14 days to get better. Stay safe!
  2. I hope so too, I love the smell of weed and hash, I really love it. Yesterday evening I was watching a documentary about old Stockholm and I could remember smells like spring, summer, autumn and winter. My ultimate smell test was opening a can of fermented herring called surströmming in Swedish, it has a foul smell and one has to eat it outside but since I couldn't go out I decided to open it indoors and I couldn't smell anything. I just looked at the fermented herring and it looks gross but I couldn't smell anything. Stay safe out there! This virus is not fun, I had some very intense nights of fever and coughing. I've recovered but I still can't smell and I can only barely taste things.
  3. So I tested positive with covid-19 and long before I got infected I read about people suffering from smell loss, I became one of those people and I've lost my ability to smell. I really like the smell of weed and hash so it sucks, I've read of people recovering their sense of smell but with changes, certain smells being stronger and/or that it doesn't smell good, it would be such a bummer that when I recover my smell then I might think that weed and hash doesn't smell good. Since smell and taste are connected some can be overwhelmed by flavor and smell. That would be terrible I've been using my vaporizer for sometime since before I got COVID-19 and perhaps that was a good choice I read that smokers are more at risk so vaporizing is great. When I got covid I had intense fevers, coughing, body aches and intense headaches which felt like my brain was being torn apart so I understand the reason to take precautions. A cousin of mine nearly ended up in respirator and a acquaintance who was a bus driver died from it. So please stay safe, some might be asymptomatic so think about it. I also want to thank all men and women who are working in healthcare fighting against this virus. If you've been infected and live to tell the story please do and share any covid related issues
  4. The Silverback has faired well during this season, it's got great mold resistance. The climate during late autumn is that it gets rainy and if the plants aren't mold resistant they'll develop budrot, I was also growing a Frisian Duck which had developed budrot but the silverback did great
  5. Well the harvest was much larger than I anticipated, I had brought a big north face bag to carry as much as possible but I filled it and was forced to carry a plastic bag full of weed which I hid in the forest close to where I live until I could empty my bag. I went twice out to the swamp, I also ran into a second problem after returning the second time, all that buds wouldn't fit in the drying box. I had to pull out my old grow tent along with my drying rack and call a friend to get a car so we could move all the weed to a undisclosed location far away from where I live. It's been a crazy couple of months, in retrospect I wish I could've done some pruning so the plants wouldn't be so wild but I am amazed by their vigor and this was probably one of my most smoothest grows because I didn't need to water except once when I transplanted the plants to where they were. I also want to add that the Frisian Duck isn't that recommended in a swamp one big bud had budrot, all other plants made it exceptionally without any mold or disease.
  6. So this is my drying box, it's a prototype, I've tested it with a open bottle of terpentine which I placed in the box and there is no smell leakage. I'm ready for harvesting
  7. It's soon harvest time and I'm preparing the next phase, I'm building a box for drying the buds so it's smell proof. I am making it out of a axial fan, a 65L plastic box and a carbon filter. Nothing to crazy and very simple, I'm harvesting tomorrow so I want the box to be finished before harvesting so that I can just hang the buds inside of the box so that the smell is contained inside of the box
  8. So the plants are flowering, I'm hoping the frost stays away until end of October to beginning of November so that the plants can finish
  9. I read a article about how growers in the Mekong delta build mounds for growing cannabis and other crops so it becomes like natural hydroponics, I'm growing in a swamp so it's wet so I found a part which was raised well above the water, removed the top soil and came with a metric ton of soil mix. I thought that I would need to water the plants in the beginning but like Jeff Goldblum said in Jurassic Park "Life finds a way". Now all I pray for is that the frost doesn't arrive until from end of October to beginning of November so that the plants have time to finish.
  10. The plants are flowering now, I'm hoping the frost comes late this season. Preferably towards end of October or beginning of November
  11. Yeah I have to but I am growing so I don't contribute to organized crime and so I know exactly how the plants have been grown and which strain it is. The Frisian Duck is something I've wanted to grow for some time now just for that reason but I've also read about ABC strains which I want to breed and at another forum a grower posted a pic of the Freakshow and that's how I came across it. NOBODY WOULD EVER RECOGNIZE THAT IT'S CANNABIS which is exactly what I want with a strain due to current policy in Sweden. I'm really looking forward to breeding with the Freakshow and ABC to create a strain which can handle the short summers in Scandinavia and that doesn't look like cannabis.
  12. I was at a different forum asking about strains that don't look like weed, the ducks foot keeps coming up which I am growing and have heard of before as well as the ABC strains I've heard of before but one guy posted a pic of a strain he was growing which was released in 2019 by Humboldt Seed Co. and no it's not photoshopped, there are a videos of the plant on Humboldt Seed Company's youtube channel. My first reaction was just like yours, "WTF am I looking at? That's not cannabis but after some researching it's actually a strain and as soon as I had done research confirming it's a actual plant, I knew that's going to be my breeding project so I bought 30 regular seeds, I also ordering ABC seeds for a breeding project. You can find seeds for the Freakshow on Humboldt Seed Company's Spanish homepage if you are ordering in EU otherwise if you are ordering from Humboldt Seed Company's North American site. https://humboldtseedcompany.es/product/freakshow-10-regular-seeds/ Check out their youtube channel
  13. Which ones are you looking for? Hybri-tec has his own site and Humboldt Seed Co sell seeds in EU through Spain
  14. It all comes down to the soilmix, I want my soil to contain everything so I don't need to add liquid fertilizer or anything like that later. I carried a metric ton of various stuff from cowmanure, rock dust, soil, coco coir etc with feet that were damaged at work. I was incapacitated after that but it paid off. I haven't needed to add anything, I might however need to add a little guano soon to help with flowering
  15. Hi, I'm growing the silverback guerilla style, I should've started this a long time ago but after I hurt my feet at work I've been under the influence of strong painkillers because I could barely walk. I thought the plants would die during the heat however I haven't been watering once so I assume the roots have grown so deep that the plants are absorbing water from the swamp or marsh. The plants are growing guerilla style near a spot where I grew last year and last time I was there the plants were big and bushy, roughly around 2.5 meter tall. So far the plants are doing fine so let's see how they'll be doing towards harvest. In the picture the silverback plants are on the right side however they are growing with a lot of other plants so they might be hard to spot but I know which are which, the plants are growing on the edge of a swamp or marsh (not sure which is correct to describe it), the plants are growing among reeds on a mound which is way above the waterline and I also added metric ton of my soilmix to make the mound higher.

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