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  1. I was just checking out ollas and I found a video of a swedish woman who made a ingenious system using gravity, this is a system I'm currently looking into at a dryer spot because I don't want to draw too much attention by watering too much, it's ingenious and low-tech but still unsure if it's applicable in a guerilla grow setting.
  2. So it looks like I'm also in the competition, I chose the Sweet Valley Kush since it was short and great for guerilla growing but I can't change the name of the thread I'll have to start a separate one for the competition. I look forward for the Sweet Valley Kush because it becomes darker in the last weeks of its flowering cycle.
  3. I really like the idea of Ollas, thanks for sharing but the climate along the coast is wet and cooler. Last year was unusually hot for Sweden BUT it could mean that this year there's a lot more rain with risk of flooding. I'm looking at other methods to retain water in the soil, with the use of biochar and vermiculite so it drain however I might be putting a olla at the a drier spot. I think the number of plants I've chosen are enough, my pots are 40L hence why I need a rubber dinghy to move out all the soil amendments in the bog. It's also not really a bog in the sense like a marshland but its part of a lake that is more like a bog, one can get to the "islands" that way. I've had 70 plants a couple years back and it was a lot of work for a guerilla gardener, I carried out all the soil amendments which was like over 2 tons and I do train a lot so it's not a problem for me. I don't feel like doing that again instead I'm going for a couple of bigger plants so that's why 40L pots seemed reasonable without causing too much suspicion. I can keep most pests away like deer, moose etc but like I wrote earlier my biggest worry is humans who are out hiking or youth who are out drinking in the woods so I need to rely on natural barriers like rose bushes, nettles, bogs/marshes etc. I once put a couple of plants at the university one summer, nobody noticed them because it was in the middle of a rose bush that I had cleared out in the middle and I cut a path I could crawl to at night, there was a lot of people at the university BUT rose bush with its thorns kept people away. It was great, a friend of mine said that someone would notice the smell however even if it smelled nobody knew where the smell came from and the plants at the university was a great smoke they became nice and purple, almost black when the temperature dropped
  4. I had to write my first post on textedit because there was some problems writing on safari however it works on all other browsers but nuff said about that so if anyone else is having problems writing posts just change browsers. I'm a outdoor grower but I can't say I'm a veteran yet, I only have 10 years experience of growing outdoors most of which is in Scandinavia. I really like the Scandinavian countries BUT the weed laws in Sweden are terrible and the pot is even worse EXCEPT in Denmark. The reason I grow my own is so I don't support organized crime groups that are currently battling it out in various suburbs in Swedish cities for control of the drug market and I also grow my own so I can control the whole process of what goes on in the plant. This became very important for me when I worked a couple of months at a grow store in Stockholm which was selling a lot of equipment to people that you wouldn't want to befriend and hangout with however every now and then there were old hippies and dudes that I got along with, I constantly got into arguments with my former boss because he was selling Rox Plant Enhancer to some of the shady big growers. Rox Plant Enhancer is carcinogenic so I tried to convert the shady guys to go organic but all they cared about was weight so I got even more determined on growing my own but eventually I quit working at that grow store and today and also that grow store has been shut down for money laundering and a bunch of other charges. I have always been for organic horticulture especially when it comes to my pot, even my first indoor grow I tried the biobizz organic line but I still prefer making sure everything is in the soil rather than coming with additives and nutrients in various stages. I was actually also reconsidering taking a course in tree climbing and treehouse building so that I could setup a platform at some treetops but it was a bit overkill however one day I think I want to try it out just for fun. I really look forward for this season, I'm hoping it's going to be a good one. I've bought a rubber dinghy so I can get to some "islands" that I've spotted in a swamp/bog, I've grown in swamps before. It's a pain in the ass to prepare grow spots but it's surrounded by reeds and the swamp is so deep in that it requires a rubber dinghy to get to the "islands". I've also got a spot near a turn of a highway that is close to another bog so it can only be reached if you take a long walk through a forest or stop at the highway, now the worst thing that could happen at the spot near the highway is that there is a car accident and emergency services come to the place while a strong wind happens to blow in their direction but it's highly unlikely, I've found moose droppings in the area so I'm mostly worried of running into a female moose with a calf. Another spot I've been scouting is actually near a old grow spot but it's also surrounded by reeds and I've already placed some boards nearby so I can build a platform to keep the plants from the water. All of the grow spots are near a water source in the middle of a nature reserve so the water is safe to use and there's a lot of natural springs in the area. The only thing I'm worried about if this is a season with heavy flooding, that would really force me to reconsider my current plan and do it near a highway I've grown before however it's further away from water so it's a bitch to carry water to the plants. I'm hoping that my biochar in my soil will keep me from needing to water too often, last years heatwave was hot in Sweden with forest fires everywhere in the country however it was a great year for growing.
  5. Hi, is it still possible to sign up to the competition? I'd love to try a sweet valley kush however I'm growing outdoors in a nordic climate so I should've started vegging the plants already if I want them to thrive. I've got 14 plants that I'm growing outdoors
  6. Hi, I finished my first grow this year and smoked my own stash of King's Kush for 4/20 but it's time to prepare for another grow, so that in a few months I can have some more weed to try. I'm preparing my second grow and I've invested in a PG-400 by Hydroponics hut to replace the 400w HPS that I've been using. I've decided on growing two Flowerbomb Kush by strain hunters seedbank, two Great White Shark by Green House Seed Co., two Emdog by Humboldt Seed Organization, one Bella Donna by Paradise Seeds and one Blue Hash by Dinafem. I'm using soil and the biobizz line for this grow. More info will be coming soon.
  7. Preparing for another grow

  8. I'm looking forward on starting a next grow soon, I'm preparing for next grow. I'm still unsure if I want more smaller plants or fewer larger plants. I'll look forward smoking this, I'm hoping the King's Kush to be cured by 4/20
  9. Smoking King's Kush QWISO

  10. I made some qwiso with the popcorn buds, I only made two washes but I could've made 3 after inspecting the material but I had already run out of ISO by the second wash. The first two pictures are of the second wash, I didn't have a way to vaporize it so I put it in a pipe and smoked it, the qwsio hit me hard while I was watching Futurama and I was literally laughing at everything and the munchies I had were intense. I'm going to smoke the first wash with my dad, he hasn't smoked hash oil since way back when he was living Canada. The smell of the first wash is so amazing and incredibly clear, it smells like grapes, fresh peeled tangerine and something sweet like vanilla or cotton candy
  11. I've been to a friend who grew Afghan and Blueberry, I remember when he opened his closet and the afghan spread across the entire flat, the outdoor strains I've grown do have a smell which can be felt around the plant up to 15 meters with no wind and probably up to 50 m with wind. The Scandinavian climate isn't the most optimal but the seeds I've got have worked, I started with autoflowering and have tried for example typhoon from zen seeds outdoors, however after growing indoor I can really smell the flower. I remember the OG Kush in Amsterdam, I'm hoping this to be cured for summer. I've got a friend in Portugal who has a house and I'm thinking of going there for a outdoor season, work at the farm and grow some indoor and outdoor.
  12. I hanged them were I had space in the tent but mainly on the rattle with seeds in it. I thought the dry seeds might absorb some of the moisture, I've also placed a dehumidifier in the tent
  13. I'm triming the big buds, the popcorn buds will be used for qwiso. It was a bit dense in the center but I will be using tomato cage to separate the colas to let the light in. The ones I mainlined had a nice size and buds hada similar size but like I said the most resinous plant was the fim'd one so I'm going to upload pictures from the qwiso extraction tomorrow

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