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  1. Well, hasn't it been a while? During the last 4-5 months i've been living a constant hell, between anger and suicidal thoughts. Our political and economical situation (Italy) hasn't been the greatest, and my personal situation was just pure shit, 100% DOP. Without the possibility to grow marijuana for research and, well, fun purposes - legally speaking - i had my head wrapped in a constant anxiety status and migraines, other than the feel i've been useless for my whole life (which isn't that long, but hey, we all gotta start somewhere). Been talking to a friend about this, and while he didn't understand possibly 90% of my situation, he did propose me a good trip to Nepal. Of course, you can't rely on promises in our "western" world, so i've passed 3 months planning and replanning trips as he kept changing our destination. At one point, i had enough. I had to leave, i had to run from my town. At least for a while. Enough time to clean my mind and body of all the shit i've been living these days. I took my decision. Departed on 19th Feb, Destination Kathmandu, more precisely Phutung Village, in Nepal. Possibly one of the poorest countries worldwide. Volunteering in an orphan home. Reconnecting with humanity, and of course nature at its purest state. Arrived on the 20th, afraid as fuck, i find my contacts waiting me out of the airport. We take the taxi, and the driver, Surya, explains me in a very poor english what the situation in Nepal is. The people, the economics, everything that i "should" know about Nepal or, at least, of where i'm headed. Needless to say, i got even more scared, with my initial thoughts passing between "Oh that's beautiful" to "Holy shit where the fuck have i landed". We arrive at our "home", which is a flat of approximately 15sq mts, shared toilet and no kitchen. Yes, i've been shitting in squat toilets for nearly 3 weeks, now. God help me. The first thing you notice about Kathmandu is the extreme pollution going on in the city. Dust and Air pollution make the people live in a constant grey fog, wearing masks even in their own home. The second thing you notice is that there is no garbage collection. Anywhere. The whole place is an open dump, and i still haven't understood if this is because there is no time to think about it (after the 2015's earthquake, the city is in a constant renewal situation), or if it has its roots in their culture. Anyway, no matter where you are (city, village, nature), you throw away your trash at the side of the streets. Huge pity, as the view is astonishing, and people grow food in this situation (with trash in grown fields). The third thing, which is possibly the best about Nepal, is that people here are kind, generous, friendly to anyone, local or foreigner. There is no concept of violence among each other, to Nepali people we're all brothers from different mothers. There is also no concept of "tomorrow". People live their lifes as if it was their last day on earth. Which is possibly what changed me, in these 3 weeks, to an atomic level. Nepali weed is, unfortunately, horrible. Most "grow operations" are conducted on the side of streets, and without care of male/female separation. Taste is good, but to roll one joint, it may take you up to 10 minutes, as removing all the seeds is a hellish pain. 99% of the weed you find here is Sativa dominant, but because of its non-separation of males and females, the high is very similar to an old, abandoned, moroccan hashish (slow and chilly, no buzz whatsoever). Ganja costs 1000 rupies per 60 grams (around 9 euros for the current change). I wonder why. The best ganja i've smoked in these 3 weeks is something that resembles a Mango Haze. To make a comparison, to get the same high you get with European weed, you'd need to smoke around 4 full joints of this. Apart from this, i've lived possibly the greatest festival ever celebrated in Nepal: Shivaratri. And this year, out of any luck, it was the greatest in 80 years. Shivaratri consist, of course, in celebrating Shiva, and it means that all Nepal can smoke weed, hashish, and drink weed-milk tea for the whole day. In Pashupatinat's temple, you'll see the nucleus of the festival, with monks dancing naked and high on hashish (Yes, Naked. Dicks flip-flopping allover the place), tourists and locals getting high and dancing and singing, and every possibile food you can imagine (local only, though). There was also a fireplace which smelled like burned pig, and i later found out they burn dead people in that fire. My friend took some photos of that, with one photo clearly showing someone's leg on fire. During the last 5 days, i got Traveler's diarrhea (fun times), and i seriously thought i was in danger as i spent more time on the toilet than sleeping. Luckily, my body adapted and i'm now back to jumping and screaming. Lastly, my 11 brothers here are crazy kids, ranging from 5 to 12 year old. Their only toys are 2 spinning tops and a Nintendo 64, other than a ball that resembles more a Rugby ball than a football one. What kills me about them, other than the conditions they live in (and love to live in), is their school system: completely fucked up. A 5 year old kid will get the same program as a 15 year old boy, meaning he'll be forced to solve physics equations, while the 15 year old guy may be asked to solve 3+7 for his exams. Now, i'm sitting on my wooden bed, writing you this message with a wifi that relys on the super-unreliable electricity, coming and going every 15-20 minutes. As soon as i'll have time, or possibly when i'll be back, i'll post some pictures. Until then, stay safe, smoke and enjoy your life. You truly got one, don't waste it on thinking about other's opinions. You are the god of your own life. Peace!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, now it's really been a while. Woken up by a 4.1 Mag Quake, today is the first day Internet came back up. As soon as i got this chance, i thought of updating the thread. I got some news. It's been a week of "Hunting", or how the locals call the "Let's go search for some weed". I got my package of bad luck, but in the end, through persistance, i got my prize. I managed to get contacts with a grower, 42km north of my position, which is currently Phutung Village. Got there and bought some weed. 1500 rupies (14 euros) for almost 50 grams of True Nepalese Himalayan Weed. I also managed to get some data out of it: they grow it from July to April, and while the climate during winter is pretty harsh (i've been living, in february, +25° day +6° night), the plants adapted and survive the cold periods. They dry the product for 2 weeks, and then they store it in pots, instead of jars. Unfortunately, they don't separate males from females, but so far it's a decent price to pay for some really good weed. The weed i have bought is 1 year old from harvest, and the colours have long vanished (i guess from exposure to different temperatures, and overall a poor curing condition), but not the high.. Which is long lasting, and changes from an active high (the first 30-40 minutes) to a very chilly and stoney high (the next 2 hours). In 2 grams of weed, you can find around 5 good, developed seeds, and 10-15 bad, burned, or undeveloped seeds. From the look of it, it's a 100% sativa strain, with very hairy flowers, but not as compact as an indica would be. Maybe there has been some crossing with other genetics, but so far all the weed i managed to get around here is (and feels like) a sativa. Again, i still can't upload pictures, as i lack the correct equipment to (and internet connection is really, really unstable). As soon as i'll get back, i'll post some pics. Meanwhile, the earthquake hasn't provoked any damage in my area, as it happened around 60km south from me, but the shake lasted around 4 seconds, and it made my ass jump (while sitting on the floor). Bouncy. Here things proceed as usual. I managed to find an italian furnace, making Pizza! My stomach is safe. Catch you in some time. Stay safe you all. Peace! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Managed to get some images. The view from the upper hill. Drained river, and Kathmandu slowly eating the valley. Sorry for the tilt. Wonder why the electricity's coming and going faster than the galaxy moving through space.. 8months old Himalayan Gold. Great smoke so far. Peace!
  2. Oh my. That's a lovely lady you've got yourself. Luckily there should be some temp increase in these days, lasting at least a couple more weeks. Doesn't help fruit trees, but ganja growers are gonna love those climate changes heheheh. Hoping she survives the whole cycle. She's really looking cool, and showing amazing colours. Keep her safe buddy! Amazing job!
  3. BOOOM! She's a monster! She's like she's telling you "I'm the mama, i'm grown!" Very, very nice work. Now for the flowering!
  4. Beautiful, Healthy outdoor girl! Hoping for a nice harvest, and a hot end of summer..
  5. Crazy? How? We're all crazy heads around here man! And if we were not crazy, we would have never gathered and grown around here. So thank you for being crazy like me, with me. I'm very sure that if we all lived in the same town.. that town would never see sunlight, from all the smoke around there!
  6. Hey'all, Now this is a surprise! As i said before both in my journal and to Jose, having the honour to participate was already a big win. I would've never thought i'd win the first prize. Wow. I really dunno what to say. Well, i might start off by thanking @Cannabissapean, he had the patience to sit through my papyri of messages, and really helped me out. Also, again, the no longer user I'm Sal (which i'm sure 100% he would've outclassed us all), who kept giving hints and tips. Then @g22, this dude is a goldmine of infos and good music. As i'm writing i just realized i can't tag anymore so.. sorry. Thank you evolution666, it's been quite fun to compete against you.. but it would've been more fun if we lived all in the same town, and actually enjoyed together the fruits of our labour And last but not least all the GHS team, who may have been reluctant (and for a good reason!) to ship the seeds and nutrients to a guy like me. Guys, again, thank you. It was the best Christmas gift to receive, and now it's going to be a great summer start! I'll see you all in September, maybe October. Possibly. Hopefully. Cheers!
  7. I think it has really come the time to end this. First off, i'd like to thank the no longer present user I'm Sal, to which i have to give my most sincere thanks. Without him warning me over, countless times, of my mistakes, i would've probably never learned anything. He used to say Less is more, and well, goddammit he was right. Thank you 'pal. I still need to form a code around that saying, though.. Then i'd like to thank @g22 for heavily supporting me during all of this. One of the friendliest and coolest peeps around here. And well, every single peep that stopped by even reading this shit-hole of a journal. Goddammit, i've corrected myself so many times throughout the journal, i'm sorry it might have been quite the pain to follow Second of all, i've pulled the rabbit out of the hat. She's still holding on her own! Dry weigh is around 9 kg. Some earth fell off, possibly half a kg. What amazes me is that when i pull dry plants out of their pots, most of them either crack, crumble or just break. GHS BioFeeding really worked great. In the next grow, i'll try to use the full recommended dosage, and see if that can be a gamechanger. Also, i'm going to be using a different light, so that's going to be very interesting to see how it develops. Cool peeps, i'll see you all by then. Which i actually do not know when it'll be.. But possibly this autumn. Until then.. Peace!
  8. Well, it's not the same thing, but try to smoke some good buds in a bong filled with vodka, or rhum.. That just delivers you to another planet... To be cured and healed LOL
  9. Ok. Time for a verdict. After 16 days of curing (21 days with drying), White Rhino is ready to be tested. Smell One bud does not give off an intense scent. Smells like good marijuana, but has nothing particular about it. When grinded, though, smell intensifies a lot. The trim smells fresh, light, and has both a hint of hash and berries. The entire jar is another story. Opening the jar for more than 5 seconds fills the room with an aroma of fresh resin. After 16 days, it feels like it's not at its best. Another test is required in a month. Taste Taste, too, isn't exceptional. There's no harshness in smoking it, it feels very light and, again, fresh. There's no "grass" feel, it's just very, very light hash tasting. I feel that, for it to improve, it may require 1-2 months. High Now we're talking. This strain has a very specific high, and one that you might not want to underestimate. At first, because of its light taste, i smoked a bit more than i should've. The high starts off for the first hour as a very creative one. It then subsides in an extremely narcotic one. High lasts for 4 hours before either collapse on the couch, looking "somewhere" in the wall; collapse before the 4 hour counter, or somehow come back from trance. Very, very powerful high. Now, i can't imagine if 1-2 months of curing will increase its potency.. i'm pretty happy with the results i got. Some pics. Chosen bud: The trimmed bud: Testing Ensemble: (with some left-off kept for a future joint) And special thanks to Who kindly shipped seeds, nutrients, and supported me throughout this journey. I feel like this strain requires more testing. I've used a lower dosage of nutrients, and although i'm very happy with the results i got, i'm also very aware that this strain just explodes in growth. Because the contest has a limited time, I tried to grow it as large as possible, in the fastest time possible, to fill the entirety of the tent, but i feel like this strain can give much, much more, if left vegetating for much more time. Of course that would require a bigger tent, as a 60x60 is a really small enviroment. Either way, it has been a pleasure to grow such a strain. Quite easy to grow, no issues with mold and pests, and aside from some PH issues, growth has been pleasuring and chilling enough to let me learn much, much more than i would've thought. I'll stop updating until the second test, to see if smell/taste has improved, in a month and a half, so that would be July 10th ish. Until then.. Peace!
  10. I've been reading more about Curing processes. It seems that i've been wrong the whole time (including my "studies" and research throughout years) and you and @William Trust are correct. What i've been doing is what i'd refer to Phase 1 Curing, or the 2-3 weeks to smooth harshness. What i've been missing is indeed the 2-6 month Phase 2 Curing, where buds improve in taste/smell and potency. Unfortunately, i do not have the time nor the space to replenish the stashes, as said above, so i really "can't" wait in terms of smoking it. If i had a perpetual setup, i would then definitely do the entire process, as it's a matter of some months before i'd have perpetually perfectly cured buds. Instead, as of now, i'll need to rationalize these 95grams in 3-4 months, up until i can grow again. Thank you for pointing that out, guys. The more you know.. Peace!
  11. I understand what you mean, buddy. Sorry if what i wrote above sounded like a rant, it's just that Yes, i'm very paranoid. If i was living in a legal state, i'd probably be not as i'd not have to worry every 3 seconds that police busts in my apartment and sends me to jail for growing something i'd like not to buy on the criminal streets. Instead, what @William Trust wrote above sounded to me like an indirect way of saying that I'm a grower for money only. Sorry for misunderstanding that, didn't mean to sound rude. I'm only afraid somebody misunderstands me for what i'm clearly not. Friends of mine would call me an asshole, because i've never ever sold not even half a gram to them. I'm too afraid of consequences to even do that. So.. again, sorry for misunderstanding. About the curing process, i'll keep in mind 2-3 months instead of 2-3 weeks. Now, i have zero possibility to start growing again up until september/october, so i can't replenish my stashes. Ergo, i'll save a couple colas both for tasting / storing reasons. I know my chickens (me hehehe) and this weed, if good as it smells now, wont last very long.. Cheers!
  12. My method is what i studied, and what everybody i know implies, so.. I don't use any ventilator or drying machine. When i harvest, i chop the colas and not the entire plant. I hang it upside down, trimming away fan leaves and half of sugar leaves (parts without resin anyway). When it's dry (5-6 days later) i just bottle them up without humidipacks. I keep checking buds regularly and daily, to see if there's any ammonia (bad) smell or a very humid enviroment (also bad). So far, with all the weed i've grown and dried-cured, range for curing is 2-3 weeks, while for her max taste and flavor/smell it takes up to 1.5 months. Of course, i'm not willing to wait that much for a simple reason: it's not much weed and i want to smoke it all. It's my weed, after all. And just to clarify, if i wanted to sell my weed, i would not be SO stupid to update each of my moves on a forum. Considering the forum is controlled, considering my local laws, and the fact that i grow little to for personal consumption, should let you guys understand i have NO interest in selling weed. I grow for myself. EDIT: I forgot to mention that the enviroment in which i dry and cure is very, very dry. It ranges from 25 to 35% of humidity. Drying took place in my tent, where humidity was under control. Curing is taking place in a separate dark room, humidity is almost absent there. That might be a reason for why my buds dry a bit quicker than yours. Cheers!
  13. Now that's something i didn't know. I dry 2-3 weeks because i want to smoke it. It would be illegal to sell it, and i have no interests in getting 20 years for less than 100 grams But since i'd like to know the difference, i'll save a couple colas in a different Jar, and test them in July. FOR SCIENCE!
  14. Curing process is almost over, as of 10 days since they've been put in Jars. Smell/Taste report is coming at may 26-27. Buds have taken a nice colour, and are very, very compact and hard on touch. As of now, they don't crumble yet. As soon as i see crumbling, i'll add the boveda humidipacks. I'll see you all in 5-6 days. Peace!

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