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  1. Hey'all! It's the end of week 7. As i said in the post before this one, NL24 turned out to be carrying Hermaphroditism genes, and decided to happily express them fucking up 4 months of my hard work. As with every grow the grower never stops learning, i've "studied" the internet, and found a very interesting study on the subject of Hermaphroditic progeny. In the study, canadian scientists perform a comparison between plants which have been cross-bred and others which have self-pollinated themselves. Specifically, they compare seedling's gender and, subsequentially, the real Geneti
  2. Meh, there's always worse shit that could've happened. Having a hermie NL gives me a huge supply of fem seeds (with hermie genetic traits) and i can use them to pollinate other girls in the case i were to do crossings, without losing potency/smell (as in the case where you use a male). Hermie seeds are 99.9% female. Other than that, as far as i've read online, potency, smell and taste are not affected by the seeds in your weed. It's just going to be a pain in the ass to smoke it. Of course i would've been happy to have a fully fem plant without seeds, but as we say around here: Life's
  3. Little update. Sorry to announce that i've discovered NL24 went Hermie on me. I have no idea when this happened, but there's nothing that can be done to prevent further damage, now. Flowers exhibit already seeds in them. The girl self pollinated. I've run a checkdown on all the things i've done, and considering Northern Lights to be a strong, resilient plant, i'll go with what the Internet says: Never, NEVER use "Vision Seeds" seeds. They're bad. And i had my confirmation. 4 months for a hermie. Fuck.
  4. Hey'all! It's day 41 flowering, nearing the end of week 6 (12 tot so far). Flowers have been fattening up, so that means NL fully recovered the time lost in the first 2 weeks. With this, i might not need to have such a long flowering schedule, as feminized Northern Lights usually take between 7 and 8 weeks (FLO time). I previously calculated 10 weeks because of such time loss. Anyway, i think i'll harvest it at 9 weeks total, pushing it a lil further shouldn't harm the yields anyway. Because the last 3 weeks comprehend budding (fattening of flowers) and ripening, i decided to
  5. Hey'all! Day 33 Flowering, nearing the end of Week 5 (FLO) | Week 11. During the week, i've spotted what i feared would happen after a minor flush: a full N-P-K minor Deficiency. Now, because the GHSC powders stay in the soil for about 2 months, and i don't really want that, i had to figure out a different solution for it. In the past years, i've been experimenting with an orchard, and the best thing that seems to help out in such moments is a Dirt tea. Called in many ways, it consists in putting some soil in a bucket, and adding water. After stirring a while, you leave the bucke
  6. HOLY SHIT Your monster reminds me of the alive Ganja plant in Scary Movie 2. Thank you, though, because now i know what to expect for my next grow (planned a very large pot too, and yet another upgrade to my lighting system). Very, very nice work. Edit: Can't wait to see the harvest of such colossus.
  7. Amazing looking girls, Gas. Love the fact you got a good set of phenotypes. Some exhibit incredible indica traits, other show some hybridization, and in the flowers too. Can't wait to see the Doctor bring you the Cure :3 Stay safe out there. Peace! o7
  8. Hey'all! So, i found a good solution to the heat-dissipation problem. Instead of building a radiator, i got my own radiator. Changed connections, added some tubes, and voilà! 1.5 x 1.0 x 0.15 mt radiator + 8 meter long tube. As long as water has a big surface where to cool off, the radiator will work in both ways (heating the enviroment and getting water cold). Now, grow room's temperature is stable at 27.5°, which isn't optimal, but it's good enough (1.5° above maximum preferred, 26°). Anyway, it is grow day 75, nearing the end of Week 4, flowering. Six more weeks to
  9. On this note, do NOT use lemon juice drops or whatever bullshit you read online. Get yourself a PH corrector, right now. Reason being that Lemon juice breaks down after a few minutes. Same goes with human pee (30 minutes and the ammonia breaks down). Get yourself Hydroponic PH correctors. Again, they're cheap and do their job. I use those: Amazon.com: GH General Hydroponics pH Up and pH Down 1 Quart Combo Kit Water Adjuster Buffer: Industrial & Scientific And a PH Pen: Amazon.com: VIVOSUN PH Meter Digital PH Tester Pen for Water: Garden & Outdoor (my pen is an older version
  10. Definitely this ^ AND, if i may add... Could i ask you which media are you using? Some soils are called "hot" because they're impregnated with fertilizers. My very first grow had such a soil, and i burned 4 branches that would've gotten into full colas. The plant recovered and grew with a main cola and a poor set of colas below. Before messing with PH and having to wait 3, 4 days for the next watering (and see progress), i would FLUSH the fuck out of those pots. If they're 1 Liter pots, give them 8 Liters of water (with corrected PH, which needs to stand between 6.0 and 7.0 (pr
  11. Little update. Tested the radiator and it works amazingly. Temperature of the board dropped to a mere 45° and the room drop is back to 25.5°. I'll add a couple chunks of ice every morning to the water tank, so i'm sure i'll keep it cool throughout the 12 light hours. I'll see you next weekend. Peace!
  12. I didn't buy the lamp: i built it. Bought the pieces and assembled it manually, soldering strips etc. Imagine spending 3 afternoons on 1099 leds. There are no smell problems, like i said in the beginning of the diary, i have 2 active carbon filters (in and out) and they're pretty new (changed them around february). NL has stopped stretching, and i have a lot of room for growing (My lamp is sitting at 45cm, giving me an average of 900umol/s). The thing is: since the lamp is homebuilt, it lacked a dissipation unit because I, being an idiot, didn't think 1099 leds would give off such a h
  13. Hey'all! I got good news and bad news. Good news is, the lamp is doing amazingly, and the plant's loving it. Bad news is, the lamp is hot as all hells, so the temperature in the grow tent rose from 25° to 32°-33° (77F to 89F-91F). I can't raise the extractor's speed as that might damage the carbon filters, so.. I came up with a wild solution. My lamp acts like a huge CPU. It's a frying hot plate that needs dissipation. It can go passive, or it can go active. For it to be active, there are various options. Fans being the first ones, and Liquid coolers being the ultimate ac
  14. Thanks man! It definitely is not well made, as i'm still trying to find a way to dissipate heat: The grow tent's temperature passed from 25 to 32°. But i'm working on a liquid cooling rack for the lamp, so... more updates coming in the next days. Gotcha. I usually write the update in a text file and then paste it adding pics when it's ready.. I guess that time the copy-paste system had a stroke. Rest in Posts.