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  1. I don't know why, but now i've got the picture in my head of your dogs rolling on the floor laughing loud as fuck. That's really cool man, about country. I wish i had your privilege, to live in a rural area with almost no car horns whatsoever.. And air quality.. Much better! Only issue would be the shit-ton of insects heheheh Check out the filters i linked to "Mis D". Not to buy them, but as a reference. I'm using the small ones at 10cm diameter, but i gotta say they're doing quite the great work. Journal previous to this had me with a homebuilt tent, and odour was crazy. No extractors / filters whatsoever used. Now i can smell something is growing, but i can't tell if it's weed, grass, or any type of lettuce. I just smell green. It's quite the difference considering i too am surrounded by trees. Another stoney possibility would be to leave the kitchen hood on all fuckin day, but that might raise one or two eyebrows heheheheh Peace!
  2. I should have a bunch of these plastic containers around the place! I knew that being a crazy hoarder would've saved me in the future.. heheheh I'll search for it and test it out. If i can't find it, i'll try with a normal cup, or glass or something. Cool to know the ratios. As for distilled water, again i should have it around but i'm not entirely sure.
  3. @evolution666 Thank you man, same about yours. Some of your colas are so thick i can smell them from here.. Mine, though, is just one plant. I don't have the space necessary to grow 4, unfortunately.. Yet! I agree with you about strain recommendation. Maybe a Lowryder (or any other strain mixed with that genetic) should be fitting perfectly: Grows small, delivers a good quantity of THC, harvest in 10 weeks, automatic (https://www.zamnesia.com/vision-seeds/280-lowryder-autoflowering.html). It's not the best yielder, but it's a fair step forward in this messy business heheheh Same for me, first time user with time-released, all-in-1 nutes. Gotta say i'm pretty amazed. I've been a fanatic of BioBizz products, but after trying their nutes i doubt i'll go back to liquids. Peace! EDIT: number of weeks changed, i've mistaken another strain with this one (from 7 to 10).
  4. Heyo, Welcome to the forum! What size of your grow tent do you intend to grow in? This is important both for light size, ventilation system etc.. If you decide to buy a small grow tent like i did, which is a 2'x2'x5'7" (60x60x170cm).. Ventilation: a couple of these (or anything in the range of 110m3/180m3) should fit https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B00X9KW7FE/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_19?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=AEGT8THQU3RRN Carbon filters: I bought a couple of these (one as intake, one as outtake) https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B00MNJ4TO4/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_20?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A11IL2PNWYJU7H Grow Tent: this is what i'm currently using https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B005ZQX4U2/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_18?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3DCK9X2I9P3B8 Nutes: this is pretty much your choice. I think most on the forum would agree to go bio/organic, i'd recommend you organic if you can, bio if you can't, and never use chemicals. Me, @g22, @OG.Naj, @evolution666 and some other fellas on the forum are currently testing the GHSC White Rhino, along with their new BioFeeding powders (time-release). I'd recommend you checking them out. Timer: I absolutely don't recommend you to buy anything digital on amazon. Buy mechanicals, or if you're a bit more a handyman -ahem, handygirl in this case- and have some more time on your hands, buy an industrial timer, with 2+ channels, for automated machinery. They cost 50-60 euros (using one right now, but can't provide you the link atm), and never lose one millisecond. Soil or coco? I've always grown in soil, although i'm absolutely no expert and always learning something (like the recent issues i had). To me, soil is a good medium, has a lot of potential, but also a lot of challenges. Some growers prefer soil taste, some prefer coco taste, some others hydro or aero taste. I... Like good weed heheh It's something, again, up to you. If you feel like spending something less for your first grow, and feel less confident, go soil. If you instead feel ballsy enough to try something else, do it. It might end up you're better at something else than growing in soil, and for some job positions it's something more Strain recommendation? So far, none. Not because i don't like one, but because i'm pretty new on the forum too. I rarely find weed on the streets, figures "named". Imo, growing is a money-saving, scientific passion. There's always something new to learn, both from direct experience and from other's. So.. my recommendation is to pick up the forum's shop, scroll between the pages, pick a name, make an order, give it a try.. And then try another one! Lighting system: This is a harder topic to discuss. It mainly depends on your needs, possibilities.. Currently, i'm growing with a combo of these lights: 4x 6500K 35W https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B01MTOS6H3/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_24?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A2MGDQH5VQSMR 4x Blurple 45W (Don't fall in the trap like i did, it's not Full Spectrum at all :D) https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B072L25VTD/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_23?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ADOVXU49YLK5Q As far as i understand and experienced, my setup burns colas at 32cm, runs perfectly at 45cm, keeping a room temp at maximum 29°. But i absolutely don't recommend you buying my setup. I'm considering an upgrade to a COB lamp. Cobs have a much fuller spectrum, less power draw, much more efficiency. I'm currently closely watching this beauty: https://www.ledgrowshop.eu/cf-grow/cxb3590-x2-led-grow-light-2/ But i'm also currently watching this other beast: https://www.ledgrowshop.eu/optic-led/optic-2-cob-led-grow-light-205w--uv-ir--3000k-5000k-cobs/ Some other growers will recommend you HPS systems, some will recommend CFLs, some others have succesfully grown with Neons, and even led strips. It all depends on your needs, and what you feel would work best for your enviroment. Keep in mind that HPS are way hotter than LEDs, but HPS have a better spectrum for flowering over thousands of led lamps. Little spectrum comparison. A famous blurple led, viparspectra A 600W HPS spectrum: A COB Spectrum: About PAR, what you gotta keep in mind is that above 1000, plants are going to require additional Co2. Without it, they're either going to burn, or your harvest diminished. This said.. There's so much research i need to do, and if possible, i'll share some of it if asked. Sorry if this post is quite the papyrus Peace!
  5. Start of week 6. Update time. It seems i finally found the fix to the whole bunch of issues that i encountered in these last 2-3 weeks. In the last weeks, the first issue to show up was both a N deficiency and toxicity, at the same time. Secondly, i thought it was caused by chlorine. When fixing chlorine, other deficiencies showed up, like the Magnesium and Manganese. In the end, i thought it all was caused by my nutrient dosages, which were from half to 2/3rds the recommended dosages. What changed? During last feeding, i realized (while i was feeding the extra bio-bloom) that my water PH changes because of the release of limestone. And then the thought hit me like a hammer on your testicles. When i flushed, i didn't change the water PH, nor i waited for both chlorine or limestone to evaporate/be released. I just flushed.. And now i'm pretty convinced i've got an overabundance of limestone in my soil. This overabundance changes Soil PH over time. So, to test it out, when i watered with the BioBloom, i measured runoff as soon as it got in the saucer, and it was 6.5. But, knowing limestone needs time to release, i thought of this: water passes through surface, mixes with limestone present in the soil, runoff water comes mixed with limestone. I let the water in the saucer sit for a couple of hours, and to my sad surpirse, when i measured it again, it was sitting at 7.2PH. Exactly what i was fearing. 6.5 -> 7.2, means the soil was at 7.9PH. The day after the BioBloom feeding, i decided to perform a microflush, basically re-watered in 24Hrs, with water PH'ed at 5.4. Runoff instantly measured 5.5, but upon waiting a couple of hours, PH was sitting at 6.2. Measured it again some hours later, no changes. 5.5 -> 6.2, means the soil was at 6.9PH. 4 hours after the microflush, the affected leaves perked up and regained their original dark-green/blueish colour (except the affected parts, of course). Today's feeding happened at PH 6.0, while runoff measured 6.5 (after 1 hour). I believe soil PH is still above 7, which is not good, but extremely better than around 8. Next feedings are going to happen always in the range of 5.8-6.2. I refixed the schedule to No BioBloom, and Cal-Mag each 2 feedings, alternated with Enhancer: Enhancer - None - Cal-Mag - None - Enhancer and so on. Another good thing that i've seen is that the buds resumed fattening, which i didn't see in 10-14 days, due to the wrong soil PH. Some of the pistils have started turning orange. But now, i guess a couple of pics is all we want to see. Enough good-vibez ramblings. Highlander's Canopy: Highlander's Flowering View: Highlander's Bud Close-Up: Highlander's "Trunk": Just wanted to share the last pic out of curiosity. Interesting to see lower, exposed roots change their colour to light overtime. I'll see in the coming days how the plant reacts to the lower soil PH, but i think that by stabilizing it everything should be back to normal. Until next update.. Peace! P.S.: i gotta say i'm pretty in love with the GHS powder feedings. A part from the fact they shipped a shit-ton of it for free, they work amazingly. I tried the nutrients on the tomatoes i planted in my greenhouse. They were dying, 20cm tall, yellow leaves, no fertilization. My dosage was a mere 10g BioGrow, 15g BioBloom, on an area of 120x60, and the tomatoes came back from the dead. In 3 weeks, they are 1.5mt, flowering, not a sign of yellowing whatsoever. Big Up to GHS!
  6. This is really interesting, because it lets you see directly which plants love an abundance of nutrients, while the others don't. I'm not criticizing by any means your work, man. Just saying that you might want to keep an eye on it. Btw, i didn't zoom. I had that issue in my second grow and i remember how it developed from that stage. It's not bad, but it can be, considering the excess took the upper leaves first. Mine is just an advice, about flushing, but i understand the risks behind it and the possible complications. It's up to you. Either way, they look amazing. Big fat colas incoming!
  7. I understand your English, man, don't worry. We Italians can't even speak our language correctly, so no worries about mistakes Sorry to hear about the delays. Will take a seat to the grow, even if it wont finish per the contest. The more i learn about other's techniques, the better for the future! And, by taking a quick peek at your girls, you can see there are 2-3 different phenos in there, some more sativa, some more indica. Gonna be interesting to see the differences when they mature! Peace, man!
  8. When i was 18, me and a friend stayed in a hotel room that was 1.5mt wide and 8mt long. You can't imagine how trippy it was when we took some shroomies.. That room was nightmare fuel. I wanted to meet a couple "hunters", but CanapaMundi was too crowded for the small space GHS had. I stayed near the stand for 15-20 mins, then left, then came back, but situation didn't change much. We can surely meet there, at some hour, and go smoke a doobie somewhere for sure! Gotta meet my fellas!
  9. A couple of them are showing you a nutrient toxicity. The ones with the clawed, yellow-tipped leaves should need a small flush. This is a good pic of what Nute Burn (in the earliest phase) looks like: Keep us informed about the development of the issue, although i'm sure you'll be able to overcome it in a blink A part from this little issue, they look gorgeous, man! Keep up the great work!
  10. Holy s*** HTCC! It's a legendary event around here. Everybody talks about it, nobody ever went there (we italians are lazy asses ) Do you know a bit about the expo? Or there's already a website? I'm going there 95%. Just need to be sure of a couple things. Happy you liked Spannabis. I guess i'll save some money for a good trip next year in Barcelona. Dunno about Madrid.. I'll see.
  11. Hey buddy, Sorry to hear you had so many issues. Contest ends 1st June, WR takes 9-10 weeks to finish the flowering period. If you start flowering now, you'd probably finish at around June 20. A honest tip? Don't rush it, take your time and grow it properly. Since there's probably no way you're going to finish in time for the contest, if i was you, i would focus on growing the plants at their best, instead of "at their fastest". Otra cosa, perdoname si no te hablo en español, lo entiendo, y recuerdo un poco de catalán, pero mi gramática es repugnante
  12. Hey buddy, welcome both on the forum, and to the contest. Unfortunately, the contest ends by the 1st of June. Unless you 12-12 right now, i doubt there'll be 9-10 weeks to finish it. This doesn't mean i don't encourage you to continue. Every grown White Rhino is helpful to the eyes who will grow some in the future. Share your experience, show us what you got! By the way, i'm very interested in your DIY cob setup. Have you already used it? At what temp does it run? Do you have a spectrum chart / par measurement / any idea on the CRI of the 2 chips? I'm going to buy a lamp for the next grow but i'm still researching on Cobs. Need to be sure where and how i spend my money, you know :3 Anyway, nice girlies there. I'd put them already under the cobs at 1m height. They're well past the germination / seedling phase. Cheers!
  13. I need to apologize to the whole community, i've made a mistake. Wednesday isn't the start of week 4, it's the start of week 5. Raised an eyebrow when i saw the correct date on my schedule, i skipped one week. Guess i should smoke less. Since the issue is not fading away, and is progressing (even if not as fast as before), i took these 3 days to carefully examine with JC chart at hand the fallen leaves, and compare them to deficiencies and such. It appears my plant is suffering from a combination of some micronutrients, such as molybdenum and manganese, plus (minus) Magnesium, Phosphorus and Potassium (which are quite a pain in the ass). So, 2+2 means that i should've sticked to the recommended dosages. Luckily, it seems that the plant has reacted to that minor jolt of Cal-Mag-Micro, so that's something i'll keep feeding (apart from enhancer day). Since she's also plausibly suffering from P and K deficiencies, i'll try to give her 0.5ml/lt of biobloom, just this time. If she reacts well, i'll feed it once every 2 waterings. If she looks like she can't take it anymore, i'll stop, and keep with the cal-mag. I have no other fix to this issue: as i said, right now i'm in the midst of week 5. Adding powders now means a harsher and more chemical taste (if she survives the dosage), doing nothing means to see her consumed bit by bit, each day faster. This is the updated schedule: 04/04/18 BLOOM 12 – 5 ¼ /Lt Soil 180W 6500k + 140W FS 12 – 12 05/04/18 BLOOM 06/04/18 BLOOM 07/04/18 BLOOM ¼ /Lt Soil, Cal-Mag, 0.5ML/LT BioBizz Bloom 08/04/18 BLOOM 09/04/18 BLOOM 10/04/18 BLOOM 11/04/18 BLOOM 13 – 6 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k + 140W FS 12 – 12 12/04/18 BLOOM 13/04/18 BLOOM 14/04/18 BLOOM ¼ /Lt Soil, Cal-Mag, 0.5ML/LT BioBizz Bloom 15/04/18 BLOOM 16/04/18 BLOOM 17/04/18 BLOOM 18/04/18 BLOOM 14 – 7 ¼ /Lt Soil, Cal-Mag 180W 6500k + 140W FS 12 – 12 19/04/18 BLOOM 20/04/18 BLOOM 21/04/18 BLOOM ¼ /Lt Soil, Cal-Mag, 0.5ML/LT BioBizz Bloom 22/04/18 BLOOM 23/04/18 BLOOM 24/04/18 BLOOM 25/04/18 BLOOM 15 – 8 ¼ /Lt Soil + 0.5g /Lt Enhancer/ Soil 180W 6500k + 140W FS 12 – 12 26/04/18 BLOOM 27/04/18 BLOOM 28/04/18 BLOOM ¼ /Lt Soil, Cal-Mag, 0.5ML/LT BioBizz Bloom 29/04/18 BLOOM 30/04/18 BLOOM 01/05/18 BLOOM 02/05/18 BLOOM 16 – 9 ¼ /Lt Soil, Cal-Mag 180W 6500k + 140W FS 12 – 12 03/05/18 BLOOM 04/05/18 BLOOM 05/05/18 BLOOM 1/2LT x Soil LT (Flush) 06/05/18 BLOOM 07/05/18 BLOOM 08/05/18 BLOOM 09/05/18 BLOOM 17 – 10 1LT x Soil LT (Flush) 180W 6500k + 140W FS 12 – 12 10/05/18 BLOOM 11/05/18 BLOOM 12/05/18 BLOOM 13/05/18 BLOOM 1LT x Soil LT (Flush) 14/05/18 BLOOM 15/05/18 BLOOM 16/05/18 HARVEST 18 – 11 180W 6500k + 140W FS 12 – 12 17/05/18 DRY 18/05/18 DRY 19/05/18 DRY 20/05/18 DRY 21/05/18 DRY 22/05/18 CURE 23/05/18 CURE 24/05/18 CURE 25/05/18 CURE 26/05/18 CURE 27/05/18 CURE 28/05/18 CURE 29/05/18 CURE 30/05/18 CURE 31/05/18 TEST Note that i'm calculating 11 weeks, but i'm well aware she actually takes between 9 and 10 weeks to complete flowering. I added that extra week only to see how many days of margin i actually have before chopping her down. Since White Rhino should be a heavy THC yielder, if i can, i'll try to get every last bit out of it. If Highlander looks done at the end of week 9, i'll chop her down then. No regrets. Until wednesday.. Peace!
  14. A good classic.
  15. RH levels are fine, ranging between 35 and 45%. I've got to say, something changed between today and yesterday. Leaves have stopped falling, and the affected leaves don't feel like wilting on touch anymore. Instead, they're stiffer and harder on touch, and they're perking up again like nothing ever happened. The only thing i changed is that yesterday i added 0.25ML/LT Cal-Mag. I stopped feeding the Cal-Mag when people in the forum said it was already present in the biogrow and bloom powders, and that's when the N / Chlorine issue showed up. I'll see in the coming days how she goes with 0.5ML/LT Cal-Mag each feeding (except for Enhancer Feeding day). If the plant stops her madness and leaves stop falling, i probably figured out what the real Deficiency here is: either Magnesium or Manganese. If she doesn't.. I'll just pray Jah to help me reach Harvest day. Cheers!
  16. Day 29, aka start of Week 4 flowering. Instead of mounting supports for the plant, i've tied Highlander to herself, twice. It's basically a lighter version of the nets used outdoors to contain a tree. Instead of placing a net above the canopy, i've tied the whole plant with a string, circling it all. I've also ordered the supports and they should arrive in a week or so. Feeding today was a bit different. I've fucked up with the PH down, so i had to use a bit of PH up. Fed with PH 6.4, couldn't bring it to 6.5 as i had little time to. Runoff at 6.4. The supposed Chlorine issue is rapidly spreading towards other, upper leaves. I'm not sure if it is chlorine, or if it's a deficiency caused by the flush. Either way, i'm just hoping she reaches 9th week without leaving a trail of leaves. To be sure, i added just 0.5ML/LT of Cal-Mag-Micro. The yellowing looks much more like a deficiency now. Hope it's not chlorine and i can fix it with Enhancer and some extra Cal-Mag here and there. I'll keep the dosages VERY low. Meanwhile, canopy has totally a different feel. Stretch is completely over. Plant's structure reaches 83cm, 53cm without the pot. As I'm Sal said, plant put on about 80% of stretch, as i started 12-12 and she was 30-35cm. The buds are starting to take shape, trichome production is amazing for being this early. What i'm reeeeally surprised about this strain is the low smell she emanates. Opening the tent doesn't blast your nose, it just smells.. grassy. But if you dare to touch one bud.. MAN, that's a strong smell. Pine scented, pungent, some citrus i can't recon. Who knows if she'll explode in smell later in the blooming phase, but as of now i'm really satisfied with it: it's super ninja. I guess it's time for a couple of pics. Highlander's Structure: Sorry about the quality of this pic, camera didn't cooperate. Highlander's Canopy: Highlander's colas, thickening: Highlander's flower close up: Highlander's Chlorine/Nutrient issues: What do you think about the leaf issues? Any thoughts about it? Had something similar before? Please share your experiences, i need to know how to treat it. Until next week.. Peace!
  17. I'll be taking a chair to see those. Got a GSC from CanapaMundi, if you seed a cookie i'll be watching closely. A good opportunity to learn more on "her family", lol. Was Spannabis good? Had good vibes? There's spannabis in madrid too, maybe worth visiting.
  18. They are beautiful man, recovered perfectly from those issues you had. Well done, can't wait to see your harvest!
  19. Day 77, aka Day 22 Bloom. I guess it's time for an update. Issues As of today, i see 1-2 leaves falling per day. It's not bad, but it's not optimal. Leaves turn light green (compared to their healthy colour) or slightly yellow before falling on their own. Spots, instead, appear mostly on edges and tips, and not in the middle of the leaf like before. Perk-up remains but in lower levels. Clawing is slowly disappearing / it's barely noticeable. Feeding Today i fed her a quarter of enhancer recommended dosage (0.25g x LT) as Highlander's still recovering from the flush, but i couldn't miss this feeding as it would've fucked up my schedule too much. Soil was still a bit moist: on a scale from 1 to 4, it was 1.5. Yet, as said before, i had to feed her. So, instead of feeding her the standard 4LT, i fed her 2.5. PH spikes So, since i noticed chlorine symptoms, probably mistaken for a N deficiency/toxicity, i decided to let my water rest for as much time as i have on my hands before feeding it again. Normally, my water sits at 6.7-6.8 PH. Having left it for 36 hours in the watering can, i measured it again to see if something changed (out of curiosity). It was 7.6. A bit confused, i washed my pen a couple times. Still 7.6. I also noticed there was a thin white-ish layer of something, still trying to understand if it's limestone (most probably) or dust. Either way, removed most of it with a strap of toilet paper (no ink on it). Corrected the water to 6.5, and resumed feeding. Flowers Buds have grown exponentially in the last week. I don't know if it's her schedule, or the flush effects, but flowers have nearly doubled in size in a week. My jaw is on the floor. I've dared to touch one flower. Smell is definitely piney, with a touch of lemon or some other citrus i can't recon. Pics I guess it's time for a couple 'o pics. Highlander's canopy: Highlander's hopefully lenghty colas: Highlander's flower close-up: She's getting frosty, this early! I'll see y'all in a week or so. Peace!
  20. Now that the issue is slowly fading away, i have more calm to make moves. I've noticed clawing is still present, both from N and overwatering, but i guess in a couple days it should be fine (except for N that is still a mistery to me). Then, today, seen a leaf falling, got it and looked at it. It wasn't yellow, nor green. It was.. rusty.. bronze. FUCK! CHLORINE! Reading Chlorine symptoms: -Leaf tips and margins burn, turn bronze color (it is happening) -Young foliage turns pale green and wilts (it is happening after flush) -Roots are stunted basically forever, but i can't verify it -yellowish and bronze leaves are smaller and develop slowly (always had small leaves, dunno if it's genetics) -Young leaves develop burned tips and margins (some leaves did it in the first 2 months) NOTE: both severe def. and excess have the same symptoms. My leaves don't turn completely yellow before falling, they turn bronze! But since the leaf is so dark, the bronze is barely noticeable. Starting from now, i'll let my water evaporate for 36 hours before using it. Haven't done it before, so i guess mine is an excess. Flushing also happened with chlorine, i guess. If it's toxic to my plant, i wonder what the fuck i'm drinking everyday. Meh. Peace!
  21. Exactly what i was looking for. Since my cab is 60x60 and i'm a stranger in SoG method, i will probably always grow 1 plant per cycle, so 1 light is perfect. Also, 100W is so little compared to my actual 320. I'm also considering to buy a regular light, such as a Mars II Pro Epistar 80, but its spectrum is way less fuller than a cob. If you had both (FS and COB) what would you prefer using? I'm of the idea that a fuller spectrum is more beneficial to the plant than a double-band lamp.. But i might be wrong.
  22. I've performed the flush today, as yellowing came back, even though not as hard as before. Anyway, i am tired to see it coming back, so i did it. As you said, third runoff was way lighter than the first, so i figured the media was almost clear of that. Another thing i added is washing the cloth-pot itself. Didn't know there was so much build up on the sides. This is important because cloth when wet retains a lot of water, and if that water is full of nutrients then the external roots risk burn (my guess). Anyway, plant clawed for a couple of hours (overwatering), and now she's fine. I've got a fan back down pointed at the pot, so that it dries a bit faster. I'll resume feeding next week, at half the strenght, and then back to schedule. Let's see how Highlander recovers.
  23. Little update. Highlander's clawing is slowly disappearing. Leaves stopped yellowing and falling, it's been 24hrs since the last one. Also, the perk-up/praising the sun god stopped. The only change done to the setup is the increased rack height. Now it's early to make claims, but my hypothesis is this one: Having set the rack at 32cm, plant was getting too much light. To balance the issue, she started sucking up the nitrogen from the lower leaves to sustain the canopy. The sucked-up nitrogen went in the already nitrogen-rich upper leaves, that started to show signs of toxicity. Plant's last resort was perking up, trying to say "yo, please, sun is burning bruh". By bringing the rack back up, the N need was less and all went back to normal. Trichomes are starting to develop around and on flowers. Haven't dared touching them, smell should come along in a couple of weeks. Stretch seems to be done, at least most of it. Got quite lucky with it, as i still got 15cm left for the rack (light source to canopy distance is 41cm, can bring it to 56). If i'm ever going to do another grow in the future, i should consider buying a better led light. One light. 8 sockets are quite a fucking pain to handle. Boo me, again. Speaking of lights, has anybody here had experience with COB LEDs? I'm thinking of buying one to give a much full-er spectrum to the plant, not just blues and reds. Is COB worth the price? Any opinions about it? Peace!
  24. Indeed, i am still deciding wether to flush or not. With the flush, i'm aiming to remove any substance still present in the allmix media, and not to remove ghsc powders as it's useless to even try. But i am also aware that flushing is putting on the plant extra stress, so if i do it, i'd better be extra-careful. All i'm reading online about that "praying" is that it's the light rack too close to canopy. I don't know if it's true or not, but i don't want to risk anything, so i moved up the rack just for safety measures. Stretch should almost be done either way. I prefer not to pluck them off. Again, it's adding just a little stress. When they fall on their own, they were ready to. At least, that's my opinion, but nothing changes the fact that some leaves are falling. Of course, with the change of light supplied (18-6 to 12-12) plant should adapt to it and think seasons might be shortening, so i guess some leaves falling are normal.
  25. As always, my friend, it's a guessing game. Winner is who guesses right. I think i had the signs of both light stress and Nitrogen issues. Afterall, space is little, light is a lot, and i fed her a third of the dosage. If highlander fucks up, and all goes wrong, i'm the one to blame. Nah, didn't send an email to them. I'm pretty pissed on my own for them not to include the chart on the product. I mean, what do you do when you eat milk? You read milk's numbers and shit! It's normal for us! hehehehehe.. I'll see in these days how it evolves. Surely keeping a close eye, but overall there's not much i can do other than raising the lights. Thanks for the support.

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