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  1. I've increased the rack height to 40cm, instead of 33. From another site: "When the whole plant is being overworked, it starts showing signs of what appear to be nutrient deficiencies. At this point, it might seem like a good idea to increase the nutrients you're giving your plants. Unfortunately adding more nutrients at this point can do more harm than good, often leading to even worse nutrient burn. Because the true problem is the light being too close, upping the nutrients isn't going to help, even though it may look like the plant is suffering from nutrient deficiencies. These overworked leaves began dying early! They showed signs of both nutrient burn and nutrient deficiencies at the same time, though the true problem was the distance of the grow light. Giving the plant more nutrients at this point would only make things worse." What if my light is actually just too close, and the plant showed signs since it stretched? It's another possibility. I'll see in the coming days how it evolves. Peace
  2. I've researched again a bit on the topic of the perk-up. One possible reason is that the plants are receiving too much light. Other reasong could be high temps (not the case) or low humidity (not the case). I'll increase more the height of the rack, bringing it to 36cm instead of 33, and see if that changes something. If it doesn't, i'll turn off a couple lights. Could be that the plant isn't receiving enough co2 from the enviroment to sustain my light. Other reasons, i don't know. Peace!
  3. Look at them! That's a beautiful recover. Looking lovely. Well done!
  4. @jan.gh Good evening, Sir. I too think i reacted too scared for a perfectly fixable situation. Now that i think about it, i have had this issue before, in my very first grow (not journaled), but in a lighter and different "mood". N toxicity (realizing it now) caused by strong PH issues (didn't have a pen back then. Didn't even know what PH was. Booo me). I too am convinced it wont flush out the BioGrow/Bloom. I'm not going to perform a flush right now because it's a delicate phase. I should've done it 2 weeks ago, before switching to 12-12. Lesson learned the hard way. Yes, i let the soil dry as much as possible before watering again. Luckily, ventilation in the tent is perfect, and the girl is dry at least 1 day before watering, every time. Anyway, here's the update with pics. Today i fed her with 6.5PH water only, no Enhancer, and instead of 4LTs, i gave her 3LTs. Runoff PH as always in range. Feeding happened at 1Pm, couldn't do it in the morning, had no time to. After 5 hours, the plant is in a state i never seen before. Clawing has almost disappeared (what the fuck?!), but some of the bottom leaves are still getting affected by the N issue. Well, i should let the pics speak for themselves. Highlander Canopy: Highlander weird "perk up": This is abnormal, to me. Never seen it happen, figures on every cola present on the plant. It doesn't look at all like heat stress, and temperatures are lower than the other days, staying in a 19°-26°. RH ranges 37-44%. Any idea what the heck is causing this? Or maybe it's a good thing and i'm again over-reacting? Highlander's N supposed Toxicity: Took a pic of a leaf that just started developing the issue. Spots on edges appear, overall leaf starts to yellow. Beneath this leaf, out of focus, an affected leaf in an advanced state. Highlander's Early Flowers: Ain't it beautiful, all of this? I hope to see better development of the issue in the coming days. Meanwhile, some thought on the weird perk-up? I'll leave y'all with a stoney-thought that came up in my mind: What if, when we die, we wake up in an alien body, holding an alien bong, sitting with a bunch of aliens and they ask you: "How was it?" Peace! Editted late by Cannabissapean: (holding an alien bong, sitting with a bunch of aliens and they ask you: "How was it?") Fucking LOL!!!!!!! That's awesome!!! That's some great stuff, man...
  5. @Jose.gh I'll post pictures of the various issues present on the plant tonight, or tomorrow, as today is a really intensive day, both at work and in my private life. I do too, partially, think that i should keep going with my schedule, regardless of symptoms, but last grow didn't end too well for my likings. I've watered Highlander right now with less water, no enhancer. I'll see in the next 2-3 days how the issue develops, and then i'll decide if i should resume enhancer feeding or not. Right now i'm of the idea that if i'm getting a toxicity, soil is already pretty enhanced. Do you guys have an idea where to get the BioBizz Soil microelements chart? I can't find it anywhere, but it's possible i'm looking in the wrong places. @g22 Again, i don't have batmix, and even if i ordered it today, it would come in a week or 2. Too late for that. I've also been told NOT to use any organic food as fertilizers. They deplete in too little time, and can cause rot and mold, or pests. I was looking for such solutions when i had bagseed, cause i needed a superfast solution for a superbig problem. Needless to say, there is none. If you fuck up in the beginning, you... fucked up. Nothing more to add. I'll see you all tonight, possibly, hopefully. Peace!
  6. That's another issue i must address, if i decide to flush. My water is normally abundant in limestone, and i don't know about chlorine but it doesn't seem to have such high percentages, as i've let water evaporate a bit just a couple times overall. Last issue with flushing would be i'd need to adjust my whole house reservoir PH to 6.5 from 6.8, but... It's a bit costy. And even if i could, i wouldn't be able to, as i'm connected to an aqueduct.
  7. Point is, BioGrow feeding line is time-release. As far as i'm reading and aknowledging online, time-release nutrients are really, really a pain in the arse to flush. From what i read, each time you water, you activate nutrients. This means (in my head) that if i flush (aka excessively watering) i will activate FAR MORE nutrients than i might want to, resulting in clogging and a serious burn. Is what i'm saying true, or a complete load of bollocks? Either way, since powder feedings are pretty fucking hard to flush away, I have decided that instead watering her each 3-4 days, i'll do it each 2-3, but decreasing the amount of water i feed her. In this way, i should activate less nutrients, but giving the plant a more frequent uptake, aka balancing the issue. It's all hypothetical, and i require more advice. Please tell me if i'm wrong or not, i'll be watering in a few hours. Sorry if i took so long answering, GHS didn't show me ANY notification of yours. Today i'll NOT feed her the enhancer. Doesn't seem a good idea RN.
  8. Ok. I ruled out a N deficiency. It's a Toxicity, not even an excess. The issue is spreading rapidly. Why do i say this? Well.. Upon taking a deep look at the plant, with all the symptoms by my side, i concluded it's a toxicity because: - Leaves are dark green, have always been since the beginning - Leaves have their tip clawed, all of them, some slightly, some others more - Some random leaves yellowed, others showed signs of burning but without yellowing. Now, the burned ones are starting to yellow, and brown - Growth has always been kind of stunted. But i figured out now why. The issue is NOT the feeding line, as i'm using less than a third of biogrow recommended, and 2/3 biobloom recommended. The issue is the BioBizz All Mix media. It's simply too "hot". If i go to see my previous journal, done with bagseed, i can now clearly see the same issue on Rebecca, and i clearly don't want to see such things happen to Highlander. Rebecca, though, had much more clawing and yellowing, than burning spots. So, this is my analysis of my situation: I planted Highlander in a "too hot media", and its growth has been stunted since, because of too much N. Both the plants showed dark green leaves, and i mistook them for "genetics". When i "LSTed" her, she had a way to use the rich presence of N both from the biogrow AND the already present N in the media, so instead of wilting, she exploded in growth. Upon switching in blooming, i added even MORE N, upon @jan.gh's advice, but it's not his fault as he didn't know how hot my media was, and neither did I (until now). I've taken a look at my log, and i added 0.5GxSoil LT (9G in 18L) of biogrow, PLUS 36G biobloom that actually cointain N. Now, that i'm raising PH, the plant is showing the toxicity, and it's doing it superfast. I need to know: will i be able to flush the powder nutrients away? I will re-add them, but in a very light dosage, excluding the biogrow. This will mess up seriously my schedule, but it's the only way to save the plant from inevitable nutrient death.
  9. So uhm, upon further research on the matter, this came up: You may need more nitrogen (N) if... Bottom leaves are wilting, turning yellow, and falling off on their own You may need less nitrogen (N) if... Plant is in the flowering stage Leaves are dark green Leaf tips are clawed Now, i've always had dark green leaves since the beginning. I'm not seeing clawing until the leaf starts yellowing. I do have spots, though, that i thought i could explain with PH issues as they didn't look at any deficiency. But the leaves are indeed turning yellow, wilt, and fall of on their own. The plant is showing both signs from a deficiency AND a toxicity. Any thought or advice?
  10. Ok, i get the idea. It's like installing Mac OSX on a windows pc. It's possible, it can work, but can also bring many issues. I don't want to get through that. I don't have fishmix or whatever, and if i ordered it today, i'd receive it in a week. A bit late. I got the problem by using a third of GHSC's Recommended dosage. Right now the plant is sustaining herself with 1.5g biogrow (0.5g week 4-12, 1g week 8-16). Since Highlander was looking small, i decided to use less not to burn her. It seems i had the wrong ph, and that resulted in a lockout that didn't express her.. "true feelings". So.. What should i do? Since mixing isn't a thing i want to do, can i like, mix 1g biogrow in water when feeding next time? I know GHS literally says "don't mix with water", but i have no other solution to the issue. Adding more biogrow to the soil could result in burns, and it'd be depleted in too much time. Feeding is tomorrow. I need a solution quickly. Last question is, does the enhancer contain a bit of N? Maybe i can solve the issue with that. I am currently feeding half the enhancer dosage, 0.5gxLT every 2 weeks.
  11. Point is, i already added 1g biogrow when the bloom phase started, along with the biobloom. As of now, it affected only 5 leaves, which were some of the oldest ones. But i don't want it to spread to other zones, such as bud sites. Also, N deficiency is heavily impacting on yield and i certainly don't want a miserable harvest. IF i add some more biogrow now, it means that it'll be consumed at the end of week10 BLOOM. Too late. I need to solve the issue now, and i need to solve it gradually. Meaning i need to learn a way to add N without fucking up all the other nutrients. I'll stop adding N when the plant doesn't require it anymore.
  12. Here's the supposed N deficiency pic: Do you think it's N? maybe Fe? Any suggestions on how to fix the issue, a part from blaming me for not using more BioGrow? @g22 I've got the BioBizz Heaven, but from what i read around it's just a less powerful root juice. All i know is that flowering requires less N than in the grow phase. It seems Highlander requires a bit more, but i don't know if adding specific liquid nutes can solve the issue, as the powders are already present in the soil.
  13. Small, but needed update. Now that i'm raising PH from "lockout zone", i'm seeing what it seems to be a N deficiency. 4-5 bottom leaves yellowed, then got a bit brown on the sides, then the stem becomes weak and the leaf falls on its own. Now, my question is: since powder feedings are supposed to last 8 weeks, how do i temporarily increase N till it's not needed anymore? Can i feed her a very light mix of liquid grow fertilizer - biobizz one - like 0.5ML/LT? Or will it cause even more instability? Asking @Cannabissapean 'n @jan.gh, or any other member that knows a bit on the topic. I don't know if mixing powders AND liquid nutes is a good thing. Better to ask before doing it. Let alone this issue, Highlander is still stretching, but it seems the stretch is almost over. Flowers are now visible, yet imho they look quite small, but i guess it's all proportioned (plant is relatively small). I'll post the pics later on. Cheers!
  14. Time for an update. It's Day 8 of Bloom, and i've noticed some pistils are already coming out! Most of her hairs are 1cm long, some actually measure 1.5cm. Useless data, still interesting. Highlander stretched uniformly, but instead of focusing on height, she focused on leaves. Damn, that "thing" was a jungle! She gained 10cm in 1 week, and i'm keeping the lights at 32cm ca. I had to take measures against the jungle before of what i've scheduled, and instead of Day 10, i defoliated on Day 6. I took off 60~ leaves, and that allowed light to reach the lower colas, trying to break out the roof. To my eyes, she recovered from the trauma in a day, and is now proceeding with the stretch. I've fed her with water, raising the PH to 6.3. I'll see in the next days how she responds to the steady increase to 6.5. Now that the plant has grown in height, i have a better idea of temperature. On soil surface, temps reach max 23.5°. At canopy, they reach 28.5°. RH increased temporarily when the jungle grew out, up to ranges of 40-55%, the air inside smelled like rain. With the recent defoliation, those values are back to 30-45%, and there's no more rain-smell. I guess i'll need to defoliate one last time before the buds start fattening, or i'll risk serious humidity issues later on. Pic time! Highlander's Canopy: Highlander's Structure (after defo): Height: Early, early flowers: (thank you macro for not cooperating again on focus) See y'all in the next days.
  15. Little update. I've fed Highlander with the Enhancer, 0.4g x lt, PH at 6.2. I've noticed some other spots, similar to the previous posted. I've researched a bit on the topic, and another idea popped in mind. Maybe it's not a deficiency or an excess, it's a lockout. I'll try raising the PH in the next feedings from 6.2 to 6.5, and keep it there. It's possible i either have a P, Ca, Mg lockout. 6.2 is just enough for the uptake of everything else. As for the enviroment, RH has stabilized around 30-45%, temps range between 20° and 28°. I can't fix the noise issue. I can cover the filter, but most of the noise comes from inside of the tent. Putting a box there would mean way less space. I have another idea, but i cannot realize it today: weather red alert. It's possible it'll rain a month in less than 6 hours.
  16. Mea culpa, by "tasks" i meant "work stuff". Nothing involving the grow itself, other stuff i needed to fix. I guess i'll let them grow naturally, and tuck some of the leaves/branches down a bit. A thing i've got to do for sure is buy supports, and install them. At least i'll get buds tied to something and not risk breaking anything during any moving. As for the defoliation: that's nice! I have defoliated already 2 times, but not so intensively. I've removed 10-15 leaves per defoliation, which is nothing compared to 2 full bags heheheh. I thought i'd stress the plant too much if i did it during flowering, but i guess i am still working with the plant to obtain a good yield. It's another way to use the "less is more": you remove some parts to redirect energy towards others. I think i'll defoliate at the start of the next week, and see the outcome of it. I tried stuffing some cloths in a box, cutting an opening for air, and place it on the extractor. 3Db removal was what i got. Doing it on both had an effect of 7Db down. It feels like i'm sleeping on an airplane, between 44-46 Db. If i place a pillow on the meter, it goes down to a good 39-41 Db. I guess i can try it one night and see how it goes. In the end, i just need to resist 67 more days. I'll try keeping some of the little suckers down there. I know i can harvest the big part of the plant, and let the popcorn buds cook a little longer. I had experience in the past where popcorns would taste not stronger, but sweeter. And there's plenty of energy for the little suckers anyway. Say, i'll keep the ones that surpass 4-5cm, and cut the ones below that limit.
  17. Thanks man. Really. Appreciate it. Indeed, i've noticed 2 shooters, and quickly tied them just a bit down. They were breaking the canopy of 3cm, adjusted them. I now understand i can still train the plant now, but i will not be able to when the buds start thickening, as the branches should get woody and stiff. That's a good thing for me. Less worries for height problems, as i count at least a week before any pistil comes out. As for the fans, i'll figure something out. Original boxes came with a plastic bag, the filter and.. well, the box. No polystyrene in it, no such fluffy things. Yet, having the keys of a warehouse, makes it pretty easy to find such materials. I'll make something out of it today. As for the buds.. In the end, i'll be happy with what comes out of it. WR is still a strong hitter, so i shouldn't be worried about yield anyway. I'm more worried for the spacing between colas, as it could result in mold.. which i obviously don't want. This raises a question for me: at what time can i cut some leaves? If i can at all at this point. Her leaves may seem pretty small (and they are), but she's so, so bushy. I'm concerned about leaf coverage over buds during blooming.. I got a fan blowing on the canopy, and soon i'll have one blowing the light's heat away, but i think i'll have to defoliate more often than i expected, and i don't really want to stunt her. I'll update with what i manage to do later, or maybe tomorrow. Got quite a handful of tasks to fulfill apart from these.. Until then, peace!
  18. I would've continued anyways, privately, and then sharing a long, long post each month, maybe. But i figured it is just not correct. I've started in one way, better finish that way too. Nah, i'm not leading anything if not myself towards madness. Your grow is the best among all. I keep your plants as an objective to reach. The only thing i'm concerned right now is height. My room conditions don't allow a taller (or wider, for that matter) tent. I initially wanted to buy a 80x80x200, but it was just too wide, and i cannot find a 60x60 taller than 170. I feel Highlander could've been.. more. Much more. But i'm happy with what i've got. As said in the previous post, stretch has started and it's going fast. Maybe, a bit too fast. She gained 4cm in 2 days. She is 43cm tall, with the first 2 colas starting 10cm from the stalk, making the whole plant being 33cm. I expect her to reach 70cm circa. Meaning i have 70cm plant + 30 pot + 10cm saucer + 30cm light rack. Total is 140, leaving just 30cm of space. If the plant reaches such heights, i will remove the saucer "elevator" and gain an additional 10cm, avoiding burn. Yet, i'm afraid that by doing so, i can risk some rot beneath the pot. Meh, i'll figure it out. I also researched a bit more on yield. Yes, my estimates are too fucking high. I brought my hopes down at around 80-100g. Still, means to me a 3-month stash, to be preserved for "holiday use". Again, you're in the lead, and i prefer it this way. I've got a lot to learn from you, and this one is a good opportunity to do so. Last thing, wanted to clarify another point of that post. When i said "what i am doing is different from what i planned to do", i meant that initially i was planning a scrog for this grow. I realized the plant was too small for that after the 3rd week, and i figured i'd just top her, and do what i've done. Also, it would've been my first scrog. Doing a first attempt at it, while participating at a contest, with the risk of fucking it up unrecoverably, made me think that it was a really bad idea. My words were not clear at the time, so much misunderstanding had raised from it and i am sorry for that.
  19. Upon reading everything again for the 7th time, and giving it a wide thought, i'll keep posting as usual. It isn't fair towards those who are following, and are interested in seeing this through. More over, it is my grow, my journal. I can be bad, it can be fucked up, but it needs to be updated. Starting now. Highlander begun stretching. I've raised the lights 5cm. Temp inside ranges from 29.5 to 22. I've read WR can withstand high temps with no problem, but flowers tend to foxtail with high temps. I've also read it is resistant to low fertilization (my case), or to over fertilization, but overall WR's uptake is less compared to other strains. Source: http://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/White_Rhino/Green_House_Seeds/review/indoor/ I'll see you all Wednesday. Cheers.
  20. Before any misunderstanding rises, I'm not angry. I'm just deluded. And i'm not angry at you Sal. Because there's a long way between "I was a little worried" to "the guy is full of crap" or "watching a train wreck" or "his deaf ears". It is just mean and cruel. Also, i've never ever criticized anybody's work. More over, if i was giving wrong tips i am sorry, but i didn't mean to fuck other's things up. I am here to learn, and if i'm mistaken about something i know, here i can correct it. I've always supported everybody's work, here. I am just too curious to see where things go, so i can decide for my future grows.. But getting heavily insulted for my passion and the way i've done it, is something that has never happened to me. It just hurts. I hope one day @ShaggyGrower realizes what "private message" means, and keep such considerations for himself. Tagging me was just plain cruel. "Happy" growing.
  21. Since i've been talked shit for so many months, behind my back, from people i'm not going to mention in this topic, i've decided to interrupt updating the journal, up until the last days of the contest. It makes me sad that being a newbie in the field, i've got to be treated like a poor idiot, and not somebody to help. I thought we were here to share our results and experiences, yet it seems we're here to insult each other's work, blame each other's failures, and generally hate who doesn't do the "job" like you do it. I would like, instead, to thank @Cannabissapean who supported all my efforts, and patted my back when i failed. I'll see you all in May.
  22. So this is what you were shit-chatting about me behind my back. Thank you @ShaggyGrower, i really did not expect that coming from you. Not that i've ever offended your works, not that i've even wanted to, ever. I knew @I'm Sal took me in a bad way, and i tried to stay positive about it. But this is just sad. Just to clarify to Sal, no, i never told i'm experienced. I always told i'm NOT an expert, but that i had some experience when i was in my teens. I'll stop updating the journal until the end of the contest, as it seems my work is not appreciated. Thank you for the fake kind words.
  23. Huh, didn't know about this. Also, my math was again wrong. I thought i had roughly 4 sq. ft., instead 60x60cm translates into 6.5 sq. ft. roughly. I knew about lumens per sq. ft., but lumens are also a wrong measure for plants. Anyway, i've got 320 real watts, divided per 6.5, i get a 49.2W per sq. ft. Airflow, i've got 108m3 per hour, therefore 1.8m3 per minute. Translated into cubic feet, that becomes 63,56. As for the amps, well.. Until now it didn't melt! Jokes apart, i've got 10-16A plugs so no worries here. As for the yield yes, you're right.. it's a waste of time discussing it now. Maybe we can start in the last 3-4 weeks : ) Thanks for the chart. Again, learned something. Luckily i'm just below the co2 limit. My air should be fine. Another doubt gone.
  24. Can you please give me an estimate of what i should get? Don't want to give my hopes at the last minute, better be prepared. I'm happy too with less, ofc i'd be happy with more, but i realize the limits. Nah, 1Oz was the requirement for the poor bagseed i did before this grow. Gladly surpassed it, but as you said, it could've been WAY more. I'll say, if i get an ounce per sq. feet with Highlander i'll be happy. Not the best yield per plant, but given the dimensions again, i realize the limitations. Also, why saying that? Your plants look astoundingly good. Yields are in your favour, not mine. What yield do you think to achieve with this grow? Again, to regulate the thought on mine. I'm not aiming to surpass you, i'm aiming to survive all of this : D
  25. Thank you @I'm Sal for the kind words. I'm well aware of her optimal yield, but i'm also aware mine are not the optimal conditions. Scarcity of space is making me scratch my head for where to place the fans. Plus, the sockets have a very short wire, and the plugs near the tent are pretty away. Yet, it's the only spot i've got. Another issue is my lighting system, which is improvised and absolutely not professional. I probably have 8 "hot-spots" instead of 1. Luckily i managed to adjust RH, airflow and exhaust systems. Last but not least: i can count 11 colas, and some other 5-6 beneath them. Less is more, and i've got more over less. Third fuck up. Yes, initial 30 days of the VEG phase were very deluding for me too. I tried to stay positive about it, but it was killing my soul. "A strong indica" is what i kept reading here and there.. i was just confused, a bit deluded, more over angry at myself for not having considered the r. dosages. Now, i get to adapt dosages to her blooming phase as she's not at her full potential. Yes, she's ready, but she could've been "more". Needless to say, the first growth explosion really surprised me. Ok, it was bumpy, a bit weird shaped. But at the end of the 5th week she was another plant. Now i look at it, and if i think that 1 month ago she was probably 1/6th of what she's now, if not less.. I just can't think of it. Nature is a good thing. Weed is just wonderful. Either way, bloom phase is up, and this is where i'm required to pay attention. Closely. All i'm hoping for is 10+g per cola (150-200g more or less). If she yields more well.. much better for me! But i'd be happy with that result. More importantly, i care about her taste. She might not give the largest buds i've ever seen, but i do care about her taste and smell. I'll try to be as precise as possible during this phase, and also the drying-curing. I've already bought four garden sized jars (In our country, it's of use to hide weed.. under weeds, but i say it as a joke - i keep them hidden in a dry and dark place), can hold 2.5lt inside, so i really hope i can stick some sticky buds in there. Next watering (in 3-4 days) i'll water with the Enhancer. Been 2.5 weeks from the last dosage. Next enhancer will be in 1.5 weeks, as i need to adjust the schedule to 2 weeks again. Dosages will be the same: 0.5g/LT (4LT). Regarding Your grow, i'm sticking like a fly (a good one!) as i take it as a landmark for mine, for comparison and for adjustments. Your plants are the healthiest among every website i've visited. I'm really hoping the leaves never yellow (until it's their time to) as i want to see how WR grows in its full genetics. I wonder what colours it'll take: online pics regarding WR are absolute shit. A question: is rotating the pot, hence the plant, a good thing or a dumb thing? I do it to let all spots get all the light possible, and i do it evenly during the day. Maybe i've just wasted my time. Worth the ask, tho.

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