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  1. Hallo ihr rauchköpfe! Bin grad neu hier. Hab die Bilder vor 2 Wochen gemacht....der Regen zwingt mich, früher als geplant zu ernten....3 Riesen 2,5 m und mehrere Medium size ladies. Alle unbekannte Strains. Schon Proben entnommen und zugelassen!!! 😊😊😊😊
  2. Hi there you growing army! Here my outdoor crop 2017. Begin to flourish at end of August. 3 pretty big mothers and some other Medium size ladies. Strains unknown...anybody recognizes any familiar traits or faces? It´s my third outdoor harvest and with the time it only gets more exciting and better. I prepared the soil at least 6 months before spring came in.....thats around the time I was harvesting last time. I didnt have to care about measuring ph or any other thing...just water from rain and dechlorized, lots of compost water, diluted pee, and guano teas during floration.
  3. Yes...theres a lot of time, love and dedication involved in this crop...also was it necessary to share my time optimally among wife, kidz, work and plants for such satisfactory results!!! I unterstand growing as a whole...which means, a complex synchronization of vibrations at different levels....know what I mean? IT aint easy!!
  4. Lets Not Understimate the Power of Patience and Caring for the plants as essential as Sun, Water and Soil

  5. From the album The colors of nature. Outdoor Germany. Strains unknown.

    Gorgeous top bud of main cola of an unknown strain. Grown in small pot. Transplanted late.
  6. From the album The colors of nature. Outdoor Germany. Strains unknown.

    Interesting frog angle of colas on a big mother against a complete cloud free blue autum sky. 2,5 m high....grown in 40l pot.
  7. Hi! yeah, youre 100% right. I am paying a high price with this plants. they a re going to give me a lot of nice smoke but theres a lot of budrot already .... complete clusters are lost.....the problem was that I never expected them to get so big! 2,5 m I couldnt build anything on time to protect them from killer rains in the last weeks... anyway there giving me nice buds to enjoy for a long long time! saludos guanogusano
  8. Hi! I am a 100% colombian landrace....who ended up in cold germany due to love....this is my third year growing outdoors and the first decent harvest ahead. Problem is strains are unknown. Anybody wants to take a look and give opinions?
  9. Hi oldpro, I was born '77 in Colombia. Happy to learn from THE PEOPLE. I am convinced that a big main ingredient is affect, alias LOVE...I also can see that on your crops..!


    Greetings from germany

  10. Lieber cannabis sapean, Ich meinte, ICH bin pura cepa, landrace, kolumbianer...😊 meine Mutter aus Cali, Vater und ich selber in Bogotá geboren. Die Pflanzen, weiß ich nicht, was für Sorten sie sind. Samen habe ich im letzten Jahr vom regulären supplier in meinem Kauf gefunden, gesammelt und ausgelesen....hatte das ungeheure glück von 17 Samen waren 17 weiblich... 😀😁 VlG
  11. Nein! Ich pflegte noch die Hoffnung, ihn mal persönlich kennenlernen zu können...bis vor wenigen Minuten....hab alle Expeditionen mehrmals angeguckt und liebe seine ruhige Art/Charakter....
  12. Fotos de hace 2 semanas. Actualización en camino....mucha lluvia me obliga a adelantar cosecha. Plantas en macetero de 2,5 m
  13. O charlamos en castellano? :pleasantry:

  14. Hola a tod@s. Soy nuevo aquí. 25 años entrenando paladar. Desde hace 3 años cultivando exterior. Preparando con amor y paciencia mi propia super tierra....el secreto de plantas vigorosas y buen humo! Soy 100% cepa colombiana, nacido en Bogotá, criado en Venezuela y actualmente varado en Alemania ( a dos horas en carro de Amsterdam) y decidido a no seguir apoyando al cochino mercado negro...
  15. Thanks! Thats good News! I wasnt sure if I had to wait so long (10-12 weeks) as for pure Sativas to reach maturity. It is getting real wet and cold up I might get ready to harvest this or next week! I will update on wednesday!

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Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilisation all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threat of extinction. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.

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