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Elektroski Justovski

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Elektroski Justovski last won the day on March 9 2020

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    An illegal Chinese immigrant current living in the U.S.
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  1. Dust my petite labache please scale my spam in to one post, thanks. This nokia3310 cant let me write more them that. The horror will continue... now thats all. ;-)
  2. When i be old i dont waste others time eat more pills and take a shot everyday new problem and whine. Iam bored at hone. Buy a cat omg. Lesson learned i should call ambulance!
  3. Uh,oh,ah look that man walked and dont come out. Hes dead! And soon i will be, stop drink vodka and read directions how doze pills we re young work for you now so please go home or for bingo if you wanna talk.
  4. Cig ye i know but stil cant drop them. Now future moms come to, nice but sewer language. Hey dont smoke or kid be ugly and midget like me you know. Granny with wodka eat soul from that young one, she is lost no sorry.
  5. Collecting cigs from ground, no he walk fast from here to there just touching ground, ha maybe he escape near building now walking on it stairs up and down and up and... Some sister come, he tap dat ass hard. Got it now, man with stick released magic.
  6. Levitating... Some kind chick come but no granny taked her tellin whole life. Na i need smoke. Inhaled already smiling and now ftw i see haha old man with his walk stick chasing strange acting dude, you idiot, ill get you. Hmm...
  7. Awaiting 3hours was enjoyable. Granny come to ask what pills she must eat, got them nice bag ach and small vodka to. This doctor fish is best. Yes,last time he forgot take of scizzors from closed patient chest. Hes best!
  8. Oh, you! What the fuck is wrong with you miss, and this two mopets here, bad day is not a reason to kill all potential patients at reception. Got it but i wont go away. Be nice is so hard? Try it.
  9. I saw this dude from monty pyton holly grail who asked 3questions over the bridge, Whaat is... Is bad i think. Dude working as a phone for sure was on smth, iam sorry for this who called i would die by his patience. Anyway whale start moving.
  10. At hospital reception, a place where people die. What? Do i look like what?! No, so what? Maybe hello sir how can i help you my what master. What?! I call greenpeace to do not disturb today harpoon whale hunting ok. What the fuck?!
  11. - Hi Dust ^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kavblvpqY7g - I'am happy i dont watch it for years now. hehe
  12. Nice man, me quite good... eating candies listien to massive attack. ^^
  13. Cold slowed them a lot, experience gained last slh chopped no need to keep them when i got 0 temp, waste of energy kinda. What i can say, just rollin ex+mm mix with bit of gumby on top of it. Everyday they get better.
  14. I got few ones hidden for ya, be patient padawans.