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  1. She'll just become more vigorous and produce more buds/trichomes due to the damage. :-) Simplemente se volverá más vigorosa y producirá más brotes / tricomas debido al daño. :-)
  2. Hi @Guovsahas, I've still have no idea if my The Doctor's are alive and thriving, or not. I must plan a trip back to Luxembourg to their guerrilla spot to check. There's not much of a water source where they are planted, but I am hoping that because the forest has very thick moss in it, that there is enough moisture in the air for their leaves to supplement any water they can obtain by their roots. When I make the trip to see them, if they're still alive, I shall feed them with the Mineral line I was given for this contest. While it is not used the same as the Bio line I was given in the previous competition, I shall have to devise as way to feed them the Mineral line over time (which it is not meant to do, as opposed to the Bio line which is). Your grow on top of a beaver dam sounds interesting :-) Happy Growing!
  3. 3º mega concurso

    No idea of year. I found it on Green House Seeds site. Obv' when Franco was still alive :-( Maybe seed quality control has gone downhill since Franco departed us :-(
  4. 3º mega concurso

    "On the American continent feminized seeds are somehow less popular than in Europe, but this trend is changing rapidly, with sharp increases in feminized seeds sales all over Canada. Reading the various American and European Internet forums one can easily see that there are many different views regarding the subject; the same type of categorization that one can make between soil and hydro growers, organic and synthetic growers, sativa and indica growers, now it can be made for feminized seeds and regular seeds growers. But the fact is that feminized seeds have not been created for breeders; they have been created for growers. From small growers dedicated to personal self-sustainable production programs, up to large-scale growers producing volumes. In my opinion, feminized seeds are a very good tool to produce cannabis in an effective and efficient way. It is a very simple, basic concept, but one making a whole lot of difference. Both indoors and outdoors, feminized seeds guarantee that space is used in the most productive way possible, by making sure that each and every plant is producing cannabis, not just squatting space waiting to be eliminated. Moreover, feminized seeds allow guerrilla growers more safety, lowering the number of visits needed to the field. Many myths surround feminized seeds, most of which are false. Over the last 5 years, as more and more growers in many situations have used feminized seeds, most questions have been answered. It is now clear that feminized seeds are as good as regular seeds to make mother plants. It is also clear that feminized seeds present greater uniformity of product on a large scale. There are different techniques used to make feminized seeds, from hormones to STS reversal, and each company producing feminized seeds has a secret recipe. Some are more reliable than others, and the quality of the feminized seeds can be judged by the number of hermaphroditic plants that appear. Some strains are more prone than others to hermaphroditism, but good quality feminized seeds are close to be 100% free from hermaphrodites. Only great stress factors (light schedule completely irregular, absence of dark period, extreme feeding intoxication) can produce hermaphroditism even in good quality feminized seeds. In conclusion, the most important factor in selecting feminized seeds is their source, the professionalism of their producer. In my opinion, feminized seeds are the future of cannabis production worldwide. FRANCO "Strain Hunters""
  5. 3º mega concurso

    I'm very glad you warned us based on your experience @R.G.S Thanks! Estoy muy contento de que nos haya advertido en base a su experiencia @ R.G.S ¡Gracias!
  6. Was #3 a full male, like the full male you found in your The Doctor grow? ¿Era el # 3 un hombre completo, como el hombre completo que encontró en su crecimiento de The Doctor?
  7. 3º mega concurso

    Hi @R.G.S, Just catching up and read about your MALE!! That's awful. He could have completely RUINED your harvest. Really NOT GOOD to have a male seed in a packet of supposedly FEMINIZED genetics. Got me wondering whether when I get back to Luxembourg, I'll find a male in the middle the other (HOPEFULLY) females. Can't really plant and leave The Doctor genetics imv The male I found in my UK Outdoor grow was from a regular seed from BadgersDank / Subcool Seeds, a test strain I was growing for them. So I knew to look out for males from those seeds. I'm absolutely SHOCKED you have a male plant from a feminized packet of seeds. ¡¡Solo ponte al día y lee sobre tu HOMBRE !! Eso es horrible. Podría haber arruinado por completo tu cosecha. Realmente NO ES BUENO tener una semilla masculina en un paquete de genética supuestamente FEMINIZADA. Me pregunto si cuando regrese a Luxemburgo, encontraré un hombre en el medio y otras mujeres (HOPEFULLY). Realmente no puedo plantar y dejar The Doctor genetics imv El macho que encontré en mi cultivo de UK Outdoor fue de una semilla regular de BadgersDank / Subcool Seeds, una cepa de prueba que estaba cultivando para ellos. Entonces supe buscar machos de esas semillas. Estoy absolutamente ENCONTRADO que tengas una planta masculina de un paquete feminizado de semillas.
  8. Hi RSG, sad to read about your issues. Just to clarify, Ed Rosenthal recommends milk as a sticker agent, I prefer horticultural soap. Milk can go rancid. If I were in your shoes, I'd take the ladies out to the terrace and give them a good dusting of diatoms, using a woman's blusher brush to get the diatoms (Diatomaceous earth) in every nook and cranny of the plant. Put some on the surface of the media as well, and when your feeding the plant, mix some in the liquid as well. Neem oil mixed in luke warm water with horticultural soap is good, but messy, and not too good outdoors for the environment though. (with some DE as well) Pyrethrum mixed in luke warm water with horticultural soap is good, but messy, and not too good outdoors for the environment though. (with some DE as well) Potassium bicarbonate mixed in luke warm water with horticultural soap as well. (with some DE as well) A little hydrogen peroxide in the water when feeding/flushing as well. (with some DE as well). I hope you defeat the beasties Solo para aclarar, Ed Rosenthal recomienda la leche como agente adhesivo, prefiero el jabón hortícola. La leche puede ponerse rancia. Si estuviera en tus zapatos, llevaría a las damas a la terraza y les quitaría un buen polvo de diatomeas, usando un cepillo de rubor para mujeres para obtener las diatomeas (tierra de diatomeas) en cada rincón y grieta de la planta. Ponga un poco en la superficie de los medios también, y cuando alimente la planta, mezcle también algo en el líquido. El aceite de neem mezclado en agua tibia tibia con jabón hortícola es bueno, pero desordenado, y no demasiado bueno al aire libre para el medio ambiente. (con algo de DE también) El piretro mezclado en agua tibia tibia con jabón hortícola es bueno, pero desordenado, y no demasiado bueno al aire libre para el medio ambiente. (con algo de DE también) Bicarbonato de potasio mezclado en agua tibia con jabón hortícola también. (con algo de DE también) Un poco de peróxido de hidrógeno en el agua al alimentar / lavar también. (con algo de DE también). Espero que derrotes a las bestias Happy Growing!
  9. I think there will be high humidity during flower, so a good test of the genetics' resistance to powdery mildew, botrytis, etc. If they're still alive when I get there, I'll give them treatments with Diatomaceous earth, Pyrethrum 5 EC, and potassium bicarbonate, and wish them well until I go back mid/late October. Granted, I'm giving these genetics a VERY stern test. We shall see. Happy Growing!
  10. Thanks mate. I left them on Sunday 30th June. July was the hottest on record in Luxembourg. August has been rainy. Either died or thrived, obviously hoping for the latter, lol. Where they are is a very moss covered forest, so if the elements have not watered them (rain), hopefully humidity will have. I have some expectation they might have survived my lack of watering due to the very thick moss about. Moss does not like very dry conditions, so the place I chose was for this reason. Reasoning; if moss can survive, perhaps so can The Doctor(s). I've pencilled in the 1st/2nd week of September to go visit their plot, as that should be when they're going into flower if they're alive. I can do a defoliaton/pruning if they're still going. I'll give them a feed, but Greenhouse sent me their mineral line, not the powder line. The latter would have been handy to top dress and leave. The former, I found burns the heck out of the plants when you try to top dress with it, lol. Always read the packet :-) Happy Growing!
  11. 3º mega concurso

    The dosage of potassium bicarbonate in water is 5-20 grams per litre. The former for prevention, the latter for curing a visible infection. It needs to be mixed with an organic wetting agent so it stays on the surface longer, so any horticultural soap will do. Ed Rosenthal uses milk, but I don't like that idea personally. It can be applied up to late flower if necessary. La dosis de bicarbonato de potasio en agua es de 5-20 gramos por litro. El primero para prevención, el segundo para curar una infección visible. Debe mezclarse con un agente humectante orgánico para que permanezca en la superficie por más tiempo, por lo que cualquier jabón hortícola servirá. Ed Rosenthal usa leche, pero esa idea no me gusta personalmente. Se puede aplicar hasta la flor tardía si es necesario. Happy Growing!
  12. 3º mega concurso

    Thank you my friend. By 'diatoms' are you referring to Diatomaceous Earth? If so, then yes I use that as well. I feel it is very effective. Regarding 'Neem cake', I have used Neem Oil mixed into water with a horticultural soap, so that maybe the same/similar as well. I really don't like using it, but is seems to have a small beneficial effect. I shall research 'bacillus thuringiensis', thanks. I have read that people apply *sodium* bicarbonate to prevent/treat powdery mildew. I have researched this and found that using *potassium* bicarbonate is a better alternative. It is supposed to be 20-30% more effective than the former, with the additional benefit that the plant will love the potassium during flowering. Where I live it can get damp during outdoor flowering, so powdery mildew is a real issue. Thank you for your thoughts, I shall use them as a basis for further research. Gracias mi amigo Por 'diatomeas' te refieres a la tierra de diatomeas? Si es así, entonces sí, también lo uso. Siento que es muy efectivo. Con respecto al 'pastel de Neem', he usado aceite de Neem mezclado en agua con un jabón hortícola, de modo que quizás sea igual / similar también. Realmente no me gusta usarlo, pero parece tener un pequeño efecto beneficioso. Investigaré 'bacillus thuringiensis', gracias. He leído que las personas aplican bicarbonato * de sodio * para prevenir / tratar el mildiu polvoriento. Investigué esto y descubrí que usar bicarbonato de * potasio * es una mejor alternativa. Se supone que es 20-30% más efectivo que el primero, con el beneficio adicional de que la planta amará el potasio durante la floración. Donde vivo puede humedecerse durante la floración al aire libre, por lo que el moho powerdry es un problema real. Gracias por sus pensamientos, los usaré como base para futuras investigaciones. Happy Growing!
  13. 3º mega concurso

    Can I enquire as to what process, procedure, and products you plan to be using to ensure your outdoor plants are protected from pathogens such as powerdery mildew, spider mites, bud rot, etc, from now through to harvest? Preventions is better than cure, so I would like to try to help ensure you have the very best harvest you can my friend. This request is partly selfish as I am still learning. We are all both teachers & students, whether we accept that or not. We all have knowledge that may help others, and others have knowledge that may help oneself. ¿Puedo preguntar qué proceso, procedimiento y productos planea usar para garantizar que sus plantas de exterior estén protegidas de patógenos como el mildiu, los ácaros, la podredumbre, etc., desde ahora hasta la cosecha? Prevenir es mejor que curar, así que me gustaría tratar de ayudar a asegurar que tenga la mejor cosecha posible, amigo mío. Esta solicitud es en parte egoísta ya que todavía estoy aprendiendo. Todos somos maestros y estudiantes, lo aceptemos o no. Todos tenemos conocimiento que puede ayudar a otros, y otros tienen conocimiento que pueden ayudarse a sí mismos. Happy Growing!
  14. 3º mega concurso

    Gracias mi amigo. Estoy muy contento de haberte enviado algunas de mis semillas = segundo puesto. Estoy seguro de que este año, ganará algunos de los suyos. Si no, te enviaré un poco más porque eres un cultivador FANTÁSTICO. Thank you my friend. I am very glad I sent you some of my =2nd placed seeds. I feel certain that this year, you will win some of your own. If not, I will send you some more because you are a FANTASTIC grower. Happy Growing!

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