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  2. G22, I also thought there were no seeds in the package, but it is a Stealth Packaging @g22 and the seeds are inside shown below: So, looking inside the GENETIC DISC, @g22 Green House Seeds Steath Packaging 2 - 0 Shaggy / G22 (lol) Happy Seed-Searching!
  3. Hi Jose, Mine just arrived in the post. I have sent you a message regarding it. Kind regards, Shaggy
  4. I'm programmed to worry when I get a message from 'Skynet' (think, Terminator), but not today <chuckle>, and so the preparation begins :-) :-) ….. Happy Growing!
  5. Hi SmokeyfromOz, Plants a looking nice :-) "I dried mushrooms with a weak fan on low in March before, without issues, so will be a similar set up with hanging rack and light weak fan on the buds and natural airflow. The ceilings are high, and I think it might be good enough?" I find it preferable to slow-dry the plants at 18-20c and ~50-55% humidity as this helps keep the terpenes, etc on the plant. Over 20c and I have read lemonene evaporates more quickly and is lost. Hot air rises, so perhaps think about drying the plants low down in the room rather than higher up where it is hotter. Happy Harvesting ShagggyGrower
  6. I found this resource very handy for answering such questions: Happy Growing!
  7. Thanks! I think haze strains would do great in equatorial climates. Yup, I find their monsters as well and I guess easier to grow outdoors (ie, not in a tent with limited height). I defo recommend Arjan's Strawberry Haze. Happy Growing!
  8. Is the 'Egrowr bundle for very early birds' @ $89 going to reopened to more than 5 people? Site looking great btw.
  9. Hi. I think you have root problems with are leaf issue. I think transplanting them to bigger pots will help them a LOT.
  10. Re-reading the competition instructions and details, it sure is a MEGA competition! If I understand correctly, There are 6 (six) end-of-competition prizes, plus 7 monthly prizes (March through September), so 13 prizes in total throughout the competition up for grabs. MEGA indeed! Contestants will all get GH seeds (The Doctor or Sweet Valley Kush). These can be used for the competition, OR other GreenHouse Seeds (verified purchase) can be used in the competition. Those in the EU will get GreenHouse Powdered Feeding's. Those not in the EU will NOT get GH Powdered Feedings. This brings up the question: are GH Powerdered Feeding(s) need to be used in this competition? Those outside the EU won't get any (do they need to purchase GH Powdered Feeding to participate in the competition)? If those that don't live in the EU can use any nutrients, can those in the EU similarly use any nutrients? Happy Growing!
  11. Hi Jose, I would like to participate in the contest and grow The Doctor. Kind regards, ShaggyGrower
  12. Hi gasmeter, I have not tried my Durga Mata II CBD yet (5 weeks into curing, a new record for me). I have tried the Super Lemon Haze CBD (purple pheno, not tried the green pheno yet) and I love it. First time I tried it I felt like my legs where melting a little, like a marshmellow had fallen over them. Very nice. I really, really like SLH CBD (P) I have to say. Hear where you're saying about CBD products. I was about to write,, 'yeah, grow your own and you know what's in it', but I guess that is not strictly true. While we know what we have fed the plants, we don't know what the genetics will produce in our specific environments without scientifically testing each plant at harvest (which I certainly don't do). My SLH CBD is supposed to be 11%/11%. Whether the one I grew is, I don't honestly know. Certainly more pleasure in consuming whatever it is what I have grown compared to whatever it is someone else has grown :-) Happy Growing!
  13. My Super Lemon Haze CBD was of equivalent size (plant and buds) to Arjan's Strawberry Haze. Franco's Lemon Cheese was the smallest plant of the three. My Paradise Seeds Durga Mata II CBD was also as similar size to the non-CBD plants I grew. Note, my CBD plants where 1/1 ration (so not pure CBD, ~11% of THC & CBD). Happy Growing!
  14. I've found the following link very helpful in my VPD calculations It requires a manual entry and Redraw Chart button press. I guess technical difficulty is the reason I can't find the device I described, but I'd sure like one. Until then, I have a Sensor Push that does temp & humidity with a lovely interface. Then I query the chart in that link after manually firing my thermometer at the leaf to get leaf temp'. I'm not in hydro so don't need to constantly monitor my EC & PH, I do that when mixing the feed/water. VPD is important in all media I think, so bigger market. Add proper remote VPD, and you're onto a winner imv.
  15. Hi Egrowr, ShaggyGrower here. Firstly, we sound related Yes, and one item I would like on an all-in-one type device is a VPD readout, so a device that measures all those components as well. Leaf temp & ambient air temp required, and humidity. I'd like to be alerted when it goes out of the recommended bands, a bit like my Sensor Push (that does not do VPD either). Best, ShaggyGrower (Twitter, YouTube, & here) (ShaggyGrower.v2 Facebook & Instagram)

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

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