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  1. Thanks. In a few days, after this little cold snap has blown through, I'll put the plants outdoors in their pots (may even up-pot them) for some summer sun. I've four plants to play with, so will leave one un-topped as a standard, top some others, and do various other trainings on the other two. Some I might bring into a tent half way through summer to flower, I'd like to leave at least one throughout the summer and flower naturally come mid/end August. Gracias. En unos pocos días, después de que esta pequeña ola de frío haya estallado, pondré las plantas al aire libre en sus macetas (incluso pueden macerarlas) para tomar un poco de sol de verano. Tengo cuatro plantas con las que jugar, así que dejaré una sin cubrir como estándar, superaré a otras y haré otros entrenamientos en las otras dos. Algunos podrían llevarlos a una tienda de campaña a mediados del verano para florecer, me gustaría dejar al menos uno durante todo el verano y florecerán naturalmente a mediados / finales de Agosto. Happy Growing!
  2. The four SilverBack finding their feet in their new transitional (not final) pots: I've upped their feed a little. They're in my tent most of the time, underneath a HLG 135 V2 RSpec, being fed Shogun Fertilisers range, and they have some supplementary CO2 by TNB Naturals. Happy Growing!
  3. Yup, all good @OG.Naj The young plants are getting on and doing their thing. Just transplanted them so will post some pics when they're settled in.
  4. The four surviving SilverBack (one died, weak stem that did not recover). I'd just topped up their pots with compost, to help support their stems and to add a little more media to their pots for their roots to grow into: The cotyledon are very long and huge! Happy Growing!
  5. Sad to hear about all your Kong's Krush beans @gasmeter Mine have not changed much so hopes are slim. I'll keep going with them though just in case, almost feels like a competition within a test just to get even one to germinate. Best of luck with the Passion beans.
  6. Air flow should help make the stems thicker. Wind will make the plant decide it needs a thicker stem to protect itself.
  7. SilverBack looking good: Four of the five germinated Silverback looking good, one (left middle) fading away. A couple of hermie seeds from either El Dorado OG or Sunset Sherbet sprouted in the two brown pots right hand side and two others that germinated and which are still to break soil in the other two brown pots.: I might have a crack in a Kong's Krush that I rasped the other day. Will find out tomorrow I guess. Happy Growing!
  8. This is what I'll be mostly smoking on while growing out the SilverBack and hopefully Kong's Krush: BloodHaze (my creation) - BloodBerries (male) x DelaHaze (Fem): BloodRhino (my creation) - BloodBerries (male) x White Rhino (Fem): BloodX (my creation) - BloodBerries (male) x HiFi 4G (Fem): Jack The Ripper (auto) by Zambeza Seeds: Vanilla Ice (auto) by Zambeza Seeds: El Dorado OG by Paradise Seeds: Sunset Paradise by Paradise Seeds: Happy Growing!
  9. I've used a rasp on the two remaining Kong's Krush seeds. I placed a seed between my fingers, ridges up, and drew the rasp down it shaving a little off each seed. Each seed now looks a little black/dark where the rasp has done it's work. The two seeds are now in for soaking. Fingers crossed!
  10. Three of the germinated Silverback have broken the media surface, here's one of them (media looks moist as I had just given it a spray): The 5 x Silverback's are in my 1x1x1.6 Pro White Budbox tent under a sponsored Mars Hydro TS 600. There is supplemental CO2 (The Enhancer) in the tent sponsored by TNB Naturals (there's also other plants in the tent, about 27 plants of my own creation spread across four strains, BloodHaze, BloodRhino, BloodRoses and BloodX). I'm sponsored by TNB Naturals for the whole of 2020. I received a huge box of products from them recently; 10 The Enhancer canesters pre-loaded, 20 re-fill sachets, PH Up, PH Down, Enhancer, caps, T-shirts, papers, and other goodies. Unless some GreenHouse Feeding magically appears (which would have been my preference when test growing GreenHouse Seeds genetics to be frank), the plants will be fed Shogun Fertilisers (a long term sponsor), starting with Shogun's 'Start'. I have the full Coco range and Terra range of nutrients available. They'll be monitored by a sponsored Sensor Push from Sensor Push Tech. I expect the remaining two Silverback that cracked their shell casings, to emerge from the media in the next 24 hrs. Still no sign of shell case cracking in any of the three Kong's Krush seeds that are still in between the germination plates. I have two Kong's Krush seeds left in their packet. I'll have a hunt for some fine sandpaper or similar and may try to file down the ridge on shell casings a little and try to germinate those last remaining two seeds in a few days.
  11. Looks like @greencloud achieved 100% germination for SilverBack ("silver back 8 out of 8") same as my 100% for Silverback; 60% for CloudWalker ("cloud walker 3 out of 5") and does not have the seemingly problematic Kong's Krush to test.
  12. This morning, the Kong's Krush have still not cracked their shells. My thoughts, re drowning seeds (worry), are similar to yours. My method for soaking seeds is to place them in a shot glass of luke warm rainwater in a warm dark place. The seeds I drop on the water and they float. After 12 hours, I tap the seeds down, breaking the surface tension of the water. Those that sink, I fish out and place in between the germination plates & kitchen roll. Those that do not sink when tapped down, I figure have not absorbed enough moisture so I let them soak for another 12 hours. Rinse & repeat until all sink when tapped down. This method I figure gives them enough time to absorb the moisture they need but not too much so as to drown them, or, that's my theory :-)
  13. It's about balance @BEDZ as you've found. If you can balance a lot of light (1600w) with all the other things a plant needs (as you mention, airflow, etc), then all will be well and vigorous. I'm curious how you fit 4 x 400w of lights in that size tent. I'll have to wait for some pictures :-)
  14. The final three SilverBack have germinated overnight. I've transferred them to small pots like first two SilverBack to germinate. Still waiting for any sign of germination from the three Kong's Krush seeds that have gone through the same process. Happy SilverBack-ing!
  15. I'm waiting for my three Kong's Krush to stop snoozing and germinate as well. All five of the SilverBack have got a wiggle on with lovely tails and are now in pots.

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