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  1. I love the Paraberry as well, especially the purple stemmed pheno. Hoping some clones root. I might have two viable mothers. The logo was created for me @sycosyco.slapsmaster on Instagram. My previous pic was off the internet, so perhaps copywrite is the reason for my original insta account to be closed. So, I got my own logo designed. Happy Growing!
  2. Thanks Still a ways to go, but looking good. My Instagram account was closed down for some reason I do not know. New account is called ShaggyGrower.v2 Happy Growing!
  3. Some more advanced pics. Arjan's Strawberry Haze (four photo's below): Happy Growing!
  4. Nice photo's. Those nugs look lovely
  5. The White Rhino genetics from the comp' are still alive and well in my tent. Below is a WR clone that was planted outside in May, did not do very well in the rubbish Dingly-Dell soil/environment, and was eventually found dug up by some animal and lying in it's sponge out of the ground almost dead. Looking good now though! Happy Rescuing Genetics!
  6. Here is Franco's Lemon Cheese today: Below is Super Lemon Haze CBD (Plant 1 of 2): Below is a White Rhino clone: Below is ShaggyParaBerry green pheno. Hermied seed from a White Berry (I think). Happy Growing!
  7. Yay, harvest! Looks lovely buddy
  8. Bud rot would be my main worry as well. Too much humidity and not enough air flow would be my concerns for an outdoor grow, ie, standing water in the buds. If I could (ie, in my own garden if I had one) I would try to fashion some sort of warm airflow around & through my outdoor plants (fans, camp fires, temp' tent around plant, etc), as well as keeping the roots in the pot-off-the-ground warmer (perhaps surround the pot with a box filled with straw for insulation (make sure the straw does not get wet when it rains / you water). I'd also spray them with some diluted H202 as well to kill mildew etc. Good luck and Happy Growing!
  9. Hi @UKNew2it From looking at people's UK outdoor grows on Instagram, their issues this time of year is be able to let their plants completely flower before bud rot or the like gets to them. You're plant look 3-5 weeks away from ready (more like 5). I feel you have to gamble on the plant surviving & filling out rather than harvesting now as the harvest now will be very, very poor. Is you plant in a pot outside, or in the earth outside? The second photo, zoomed in, looks fantastic - a very healthy plant imv, and looks to be about week 3 of flowering. What strain is she? Good luck & happy growing!
  10. Hermosos colores que aparecen. Muy agradable.
  11. How long left to go @g22 do you think?
  12. Sorry to hear about the bud rot, @g22. I hope the soap, etc, help stop it for you. Fingers crossed!
  13. Hi @UKNew2it, That damage looks like wind damage to me, ie wear and tear on the leaf being blown about rather than insect damage. There are various bug sprays about for different bugs. I've tried Neem oil, then got worried about Azadirachtin poisoning from it so don't use it as much now. Pyrethrum I have also used (up to two weeks before harvest). Diatomaceous earth seems to work the best from my limited experience. Happy Growing!
  14. Good to see you're now harvesting @R.G.S . They look good. A nice slow dry & cure and you'll have some wonderful buds I think. Happy Harvesting! Es bueno ver que ahora está cosechando @R.G.S Lucen bien. Un buen secado lento y cura y creo que tendrás algunos brotes maravillosos. Feliz cosecha!

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