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  1. I hope those 25 share a Darwin Award this year.
  2. Some people in the UK are not keeping to the restrictions on travel. They're hopping in their cars and going to the countryside for their allowed exercise. They've not realized that hopping in their car leads to them putting others at risk. Cars need petrol from petrol stations; people in cars can have accidents requiring the emergency services to be called out to help them; cars required maintenance from garages; etc etc. So, I expect there to be severe travel restrictions (by vehicle) to be put in place soon due to these people who feel they have the right, are 'entitled', to travel where they want. Be safe, and help keep others safe, by not travelling unnecessarily, imv. What people believe is 'necessary' often is not necessary at all, it's merely them actioning a 'want' they have rather than a 'need', imv.
  3. I recently got myself a job in an essential service and am a key worker (got a letter today from my employer to show the authorities if I am stopped by the authorities while out of my home). I'm now a delivery driver, very different to my usual IT roles. My outdoor grow will be along my commute from home to work (about 7 of my gents in late flower already are), thus giving me access to my plants. Dib dib dib, be prepared (Boy scouts motto).
  4. Depends how thick ones tin foil cap is, how tight ones underpants are, and how much weed one has smoked, I'd guess.
  5. If you're into conspiracy theories, check out the one that says the Americans brought it over to Wuhan, China, when they sent a team to the 2019 Military World Games which were held in Wuhan on 18th October 2019. Connected to that are the unexplained vaping deaths that started in the US starting around 24th August 2019, allegedly the first COVID19 deaths, with similar symptoms to COVD19. That's the most plausible of the tin-foil cap conspiracy theories I've read. Enjoy your down time research those, and don't forget to wear tin foil caps.
  6. Yup, many people have COVID19 and are "asymptomatic" ("asymptomatique"), ie, not showing any symptoms of COVID19. This is why the WHO is saying test, Test, TEST!
  7. I'm defo no hero @Jenji, not compared to medical staff. I'll be hiding away in my van. Granted, delivering essential goods, but as far away from people as I can stay. Here's the car today after I tended to my ladies in the Cannavan. I was moving all the pots I could lay my hands on from my stash that's kept at my mates (where my Cannavan is located, in his back garden). A 8000btu air conditioner (for the summer), 50l of Shogun Fertilisers for my vegetables I'll be growing in those pots at my shared house home back yard, three tents (8x4, 4x4 and 3x3) with lights & extraction fans and filters. My cars name is The Giant Bucket, you can see why :-) Here's one of the Paradise Seeds new genetics (into Week 5 of flower now): Your pics looks lovely. Best way to say thanks to the delivery persons is to stay as far away from them as possible, and give them a sincere wave of thanks from behind a window, imv :-) I decided to make my own crosses last year (late August) when I failed to impress any seeds sponsors to send me more than a three pack here or a five pack there. My financial position meant I could not afford to buy any. Still would love to grow auto's this summer but have none, so might try to look into breeding some next if I cannot source a generous sponsor who will barter a bunch of their seeds for my social media work(s). All the best, ShaggyGrower.
  8. Hi Jenji, I'm turning in to a bit of a prep-er. Not a complete hoarder as that would entail standing in queues with The Great Unwashed (hands, lol). Just trying to keep one step ahead, hence the trip to the garden centre a couple of days ago (which was not busy, or I'd have turned back home). My car is quite good a providing me with Vitamin D production, as well as turning into a giant bucket with the roof down: The above seedling plants are tomatoes (3 x 3 varieties, mangetout, and radish) are in my veg (which is a veg!) area in the wardrobe in my room (light is a Mars Hydro TS600) in my room (in the shared house I live in. An ensuite (just shower) bigger room has become available so I'll be moving into that in the next couple of days). I also picked up a variety of seeds (spinach, lettuce, seed potatoes, etc) some of which are showing shoots already. The potatoes I'll start off today: I've my cannabis ladies in my Cannavan (Week 4 of flowering for the new 2020 Paradise Seeds genetics; 2 x El Dorado OG and 2 x Sunset Paradise): ... and my gents guerrilla growing near where my Meshbox Ladies where late last year (on a fenced off south facing railway embankment). Below is my own cultivar called BloodHaze (Bloodberries male [SubCool Seeds] x Delahaze female [Paradise Seeds]): If you can, order stuff over the internet so you don't need to be around other people or order it for pickup. Hope your sore throat turns out to just to be from too much smoking week (although I'm in two minds whether it's best to catch COVID19 now while there are ICU beds available or gambling for later, when I doubt there will be). A good balanced diet will help your immune system be the best it can be - it's can't be boosted any more than that. Everyone has a different immune system level, but everyone can keep theirs up to be-the-best-it-can-be level by a balanced diet and a bit of sunshine (or Vitamin D supplement, for more northerly latitudes) - you look on top of that, more so than me. I'm still vaping, which is my Achilles heal (I make my own vape juice, just 4 ingredients, PG, VG, 3ml nicotine, flavour). I've been out of doob for nearly three weeks now. Sleeping is very difficult. Got a scratchy sore throat the day after I only had 2 hours sleep, and had an oh-fuck moment (aches as well). Gone now, so I think it was lack of sleep and prep-ing muscle aches). I bodged/McGyvered the rotten floor in the shed that's in the back yard of the shared house I lived In yesterday so that was quite a bit of exercise/prep as well. My new role will be as a delivery driver for a company that delivers for group of supermarkets (not quite the jet setting IT consultant roles I've been doing the past 30 years, but a job is a job and I feel fortunate to have got it - strange old world), so I'll be in a pre-loaded van delivering [by myself] to peoples doors (not stepping inside their dwellings) my working day, handing the van keys over when finished (no unloading) and driving home and tending my veggies, ladies (every so often, they're an hour away) and gents (15 minutes away and between the work depot and home). Best of luck with keeping yourself safe & well.
  9. Vitamin D is produced in ones skin from sunlight I think. Enough Vitamin C is good for you, although too much does no extra good and I think. I read somewhere the body just gets rid of the excess (unlike some other vitamins/mineral which can are really quite bad if too much is taken) in urine (and makes ones urine a strange colour or smell, not sure which). Lemon is usually a bit to tart for me, so lemon and honey is the way I take my lemon tea. Best is a balanced diet, ie, a healthy diet. Ones immune system can only go at the maximum speed an individuals body can make. It's can't be boosted past that, it can only be made worse by eating a non-balanced diet that does not contain all the body needs to keep the immune system balanced. Green vegetables are very important, so for us (considering this site), steamed cannabis leaves are absolutely awesome imv. Tastes and feels in the mouth like spinach to me :-)
  10. That is very good advice, especially in more northerly latitudes during winter periods or when one is stuck inside a lot wherever.
  11. Frankly, the WHO said it's ok one day, not ok the next, then back to OK: Who (pun intended) knows what they'll say tomorrow. I've found this Dr John Campbell, and he explains fever and it's use by the body to combat viruses & bateria so well, I won't be taking NSIADs or Paracetamol at home ever again. Part 2 is here: His YouTube channel is here which, I'm finding, fascinating and educational: I'm convinced, but that's my decision for me. Anybody reading this has to make their own minds up please. Keep safe & well. Happy Surviving!
  12. Watching this video may save your life, imv. It concerns the misuse of Ibuprofen, Asprin (NSAIDs) and Paracetamol which are used to lower fever. Fever is a natural body response to fight bacteria and viruses. My additional theory (not proved in this video, or in Dr John Campbells other videos I have watched thus far) on "Cytokine Storm Syndrome" makes more sense with his knowledge and my research. Cytokine Storm Syndrome is accelerated by the increased use of NSAID's and Paracetamol for the reasons I have explained in earlier posts.
  13. I now feel fortunate for the social distancing and social isolation experiences I have passed through over the past number of years. Today, that is valuable experience and I feel empowered by it. It's a strange old world. I have a couple of hundred bottles of wine from when I went a bit wine-collecting mad a few years ago, most are now ~10 years old - bonus. I have harvests to come, a solar power generation/storage kit I built last year for my Meshbox Ladies that may come in handy, and I've managed to secure myself a job in what is now an "essential service". My job training starts next Wednesday, and by Saturday I will be working on my own with remote help from the company - another bonus, and will help me mentally and physically. I'm geared to help myself and to help others where I can. I'm fully motivated. All I need is luck in not catching COVID19 and further luck that if I do, I will not suffer the severe/critical symptoms. Time will tell and Lady Luck with have her way. Best wishes to everybody whom deserves best wishes; the kind, thoughtful and compassionate. The rest will gain Darwin Awards me thinks.
  14. After some more research @ganjalover, you might be onto something. "No one knows exactly how paracetamol works, but scientists think that it works mainly in the central nervous system (the brain and the spine). Paracetamol is thought to reduce the intensity of pain signals to the brain. It may also prevent the release of substances, called prostaglandins, that increase pain and body temperature." - So yes, Paracetamol may be an issue as well as NSAIDs, and also causes "cytokine storm syndrome", because it suppresses the bodies ability to raise body temperature to fight infection. The body is trying to raise temperatures to fight infection, and Paracetamol fights to lower temperatures, ergo, there's a battle raging within the body between the immune system and Paracetamol. Sounds like no pain no gain is the way to go, ie, don't take NSAID's (Ibuprofen, Aspirin, etc) and body-temperature reducing medication (Paracetamol, etc). Thanks for your thought!
  15. I don't have a problem with being governed per se. I have problems with some individuals whom govern. A system (government) is an inanimate object, given life by people. People who don't like governments, imv, are people looking for someone to blame. Does them no good overall, just makes them more frightened of "them". There are good people in government as well as bad. Try not to generalize as you'll likely be shooting yourself in the foot. Do what you want though, it's our life / mental wellbeing.

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