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  1. Big bud. Old school genetics, i have grown this strain for a while outdoors and in. its not the flashest but i love the piney orange flavor and the indica effect. took a sample of some lower buds to dry and smoke, was delicious at day 56 (day of live plant photos) but i let it go to 64 days to fully mature and bigger yield now.
  2. Sweet @Jose.gh. im keen to try sweet valley kush, i will Dm you.
  3. I am keen to enter but dont want to risk getting seeds in the mail, and my white rhino never got here for last comp. i might grow bubba kush or white rhino for this comp, i have the order history from the seed bank i got them as proof.
  4. This is rentons green onion, created here in New zealand by lounge lizzard seeds, Mikado x Yumbolt, F1s named after the first person in nz to be prescriped cannabis medicine in a hospital, but only after it was too late and he couldnt be saved. R.I.P Alex Renton.
  5. Top one is Ultimate purple (Bcbuddepot) middle is Big bud (ILGM) Bottom is Cookies ( Freebies from seedbank)
  6. I have big bang, Kalashnikova, caboose, white rhino, white lemon and bubba kush, hard decision what to start next,.i have a big bud strain already so was thinking caboose to do a compare, my big bud goes purple in cool temps and so does caboose by look of test grow, plant structure looks similar too. white rhino is an old fav so keen on that too, they all sound great but have limited space, need another tent
  7. yep i just done the flush on day 16 of flower, followed by a 1.3 ec feed, let it dry for 5 days then boost with 1.8ec this coming friday morning.
  8. make sure to check ph before feeding, canna nutes are very acidic
  9. and this is in the shittiest soil but the best i could get at the time, ill run these same strains in some canna terra next round, and likely get their fert range to go with it, ill compare flairform with canna
  10. been so busy with everything its day 49 already. ill post some more later. trimmed a sample of affy x bigbud. starting to,get a few amber trichomes already, i knew this would be an early maturer because it was ready first outside, lots of small solid nugs and super sticky pine / citrus fragrance, super indica look and growth but the high has a sativa buzz to it, not what id expect looking at it. 2nd one is cookies #4 going to give her 2 more weeks to 9th week. its used up most of the nitrogen from old leaves which mostly died on the plant and i pull them off, wish i had pruned more lower bits off before flowering to put more energy into top growth, and i definitely under fertilized them. 3rd photo is cookies #4 6 days earlier than 2nd photo. (day 43)has fattened up alot. since, trichs are starting to get cloudy, 0 amber yet 4th is the affy x big bud#2 bigger than #1 but not as healthy. i think ill give it 1 more week, 2 flushes in the next week or so and a 48 hour dark period before harvest. and my new Bong
  11. i was talking to GH customer service to check if the single seed centre are legit sellers of GHS. they found them listed under the british seed company and yes they do stock the real Greenhouse seeds. i have read many bad reviews about TSSC (thesingleseedcentre) but have had success with what i have ordered, if seeds are damaged or too prem to be viable they will replace, but not if you try to germinate them and get 0 they wont replace. only un successful ones so far are nirvanas white rhino, maybe old seed, or needed longer than a week to sprout, F that. all the good ones pop in 1-4 days. just hope i get one of them to grow.
  12. I regularly watch the GH grow sessions and was thinking about the difference between ec and ppm, and not having an ec tester, only ppm i went on a hunt to discover how to convert my ppm to ec for my fertilizer strength. found 2 charts, mine works with tds Hanna in the flairform chart, 900 ppm = 1.8 ec (i am using flaiform products), and works out the same with general hydroponics calculations, 900 ppm x 2 divided by 1000 = 1.8 ec. hope this helps somebody
  13. was just having a laugh at the youtube subtitles lol Hello my name is arthur greenish!! who writes them lol
  14. sounds good, im sure it would increase the sales yous already get, not just split the %. although alot of people now grow feminized seed, still many will only grow regular seeds. speaking to people about which strains/breeders they choose it can be a deciding factor who they buy from fem or reg or both will get most customers. if both were available, the stubborn regular buyer might buy some of both. sell certain strains only in regulars or a whole new range of strains to get peoples attention. Arjan still has the white widow parents i believe?

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Strain Hunters is a series of documentaries aimed at informing the general public about the quest for the preservation of the cannabis plant in the form of particularly vulnerable landraces originating in the poorest areas of the planet.

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