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  1. 1-2-2I just got some fertilizer ( two different kinds actually) from my local hydroponic store. One is for growth. The other is specifically for blooming. I mixed up a batch for the growth (as they are water soluble types) and applied it yesterday, when should I put the bloom on? I don't want to burn the plant. The growth fertilizer numbers are 3-0-8, and the bloom fertilizer numbers are 1-2-2. Any help with a schedule of some sort would be great.
  2. I would like to thank Cindy, and Jose for their response. I suppose that I didn't let my plant get too big by letting it veg for a couple of weeks too long. In retrospect. I see my mistake when I look at the bottom of the plant. It really isn't receiving any light, so I can't imagine much will grow there. So all I did was to waste electricity on growing it that big. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Well, it would seem that I've already allowed my girl to get too big. Yesterday, I switched out the bulbs, now my only question is, do I gradually decrease the time down to 12 hours of light? Or do I just set it up at 12/12?
  4. I have a clone from an OG Cheese plant. It is about 3 months along. How will I know when to cut back the light cycle to 12/12 and change the bulb in my HID light to the red spectrum flowering bulb?
  5. Hi all, I just harvested my first plant. I took several cuttings from it about 3 months ago, one of which survived. The seed came from some OG Cheese I had bought and found a couple of seeds in a bud. I plan on growing more in the future. I have my card, and can legally grow up to 12 plants. My grow space is limited, so I'm not likely to be growing a lot. But I do have questions as anyone new to this would.

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