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  1. Once grown SLH. I harvested at flowering day 70\77. Depending on the growing conditions can be harvested at day 63-84 of flowering. IMO, need minimum 10-11 weeks in flowering..
  2. In love with the Highlander Great report. Enjoy your harvest @LedCherryBerry All the best
  3. Hawaiian is out of stock. When will be available again?
  4. Lots of work, devotion and love.. The girls are looking like very delicious.. Guten Appetit and enjoy your harvest
  5. @LedCherryBerry Thanks a lot for your reply. It's a pleasure having it. Please feel free any time. I really am missing it to spend time with the girls.. I am waiting the day that I will start a new grow and share it here.. No time these days due to my biz travels.. Thanks again & All the best
  6. Half a gram and less.. However I would like to remind another perspective regarding this point. For me marijuana experience is total of some conditions: * having the suitable genetics which support your mood at the time : For me there is time for sativa and there is time for indica. There is time for anxiety and there is time for stopping the mind. * understanding your inner self and your personal life projection: what I mean that marijuana, due to its effects on neurological system that creates what we are and who we are, opens new perspectives and pushes one to have rather different analytical point of view on the matter and time. Our all life experience is to discover and experience what the moment brings and what is our reaction to what the moment brings. For me marijuana is not sth for being high but for understanding the moment correctly.
  7. Thanks a lot Id like to tell about my first adventure I must say that I met all kind of problems in my first grow. Currently I am residencing in europe but in the time of the grow I was somewhere out of europe and the climate was incredible high. When I switched to 12/12 the climate was perfect. Max 27 degree C. during day time and humidity was about 60 percent. However from the 3rd week of the flowering the climate prised incredible and the location was not suitable for an AC installation. I chopped them at the 10 week of flowering ( 10 week from the very first day of 12/12 switch. The first signs of flowering could be seen from the 5th day of the flowering. Wıth the heat uprise in climate the average degree in daytime was 40-48 degree Celcius. And in my tent it was exactly same with the temperature in outside. I had 600 w MH & HPS with cooling reflectors. The temperature difference between day and night in my tent was 0 (zero). As the lights on it is 40-48, and as the lights of it is 40-48 degree celcius. Until the 3rd week of flowering I didnt check my pH and the pH fluctuations was amazing. I lost lots of my leaves and the plants were harmed so much. After I that I bought a PH100 scaler. I had a 120x120x200 tent. I put 4 x 20 liter airpot and 4 x 10 liter standard pot. And it was a mess. There was no space to reach for the girls at back of the tent. The THC production was amazing actually until the 7th week. However after that the crystal dust on my girls started to disappear day by day. When it is time for harvest there was no glittery element on the buds. During drying I had noticed that there were some seeds. In that time I have realized that the girls could not resist anymore and they had no chance but to be hermies. Also I followed an agressive and out of control watering. Also overfertilizing was another issue that I had met. This was really awful. But I can honestly say that all those mistakes taught me lots of real information. I have already invested a 5000 eur AC system in the room. 48000 BTU Daikin tower type AC unit. Now I am only searching about the genetics and in a couple of months I will start for a new grow. All the best
  8. Hi everyone.. This is Onionland. Living in central europe. There is only one experience of indoor flowering in 2017 which was also my first ever grow. Used Hesi and some Adavanced N. fertilizers and now preparing for an organic grow. In my first tent I had SLH from Greenhouse and Blue Dream, Amherst Sour Diesel, Lemon Thai Kush from HSO. Attached pictures from the very first grow.
  9. From the album Super Lemon Haze - 1st ever Grow

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  10. From the album Super Lemon Haze - 1st ever Grow

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  11. From the album Super Lemon Haze - 1st ever Grow

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  12. From the album Super Lemon Haze - 1st ever Grow

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  13. From the album Super Lemon Haze - 1st ever Grow

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  14. From the album Super Lemon Haze - 1st ever Grow

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  15. From the album Super Lemon Haze - 1st ever Grow

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