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  1. Tokage: Thanks, she's about 14 weeks old and a week into flower. The night temps are okey here, but i'm putting her inside my tent every day. Update I dindt have all my pics with me here but i'll post some more this week. I trimmed her legs off and she's doing great. This pic is from 3 days ago. And these are the roots of one of the culings i made (transfered to a bigger pot), will post pics of them next update. Keep smoking, Peace
  2. It's been a while since i posted an update, thats because i couldnt anymore due to some isseus. But now i can so i will continue my thread with a new seed. On 15 januari she came above the ground but i dindt make pictures( didnt have a good cam), bought a new phone last week with a good cam. So i will keep posting new pictures starting today. These are made today. I,m gonna shave her legs tomorrow, i was thinkin to make some cuttlings with them will(will post that too). As you can see she's been topped twice, but it's hard to see Next update in a week. See you then, Realbudz ps: This plant
  3. Thanks everyone, I had a little issue with the authority and because of this I had to break down my tent and move my equipment. But everything is cool now and I can continue with the thread. Mareska, I grow in a 1.20x1.20 Silverbox with a 600w bulb, normal reflecting hood, clipfan, 250m3 outtake and a 200m3 filter. I dont know what the genetics are neither, if i find out i'll let you know. Looking forward to your thread. PS: pics will be on later in the night. Gr Rbudz
  4. Very good post Samuelo, will try it out for sure. Thanks!
  5. Finally found the seeds in my mailbox, I received 10X Moby Dick and 10X Super Critical. Gonna germinate 5x Super Critical tomorrow for this grow and the next time it's Moby's turn , But for now here are the seeds. Next update is gonna be when the seeds pop-up. Gr Rbudz
  6. Ur girls looks like they're frozen, gonna be a top quality smoke for you. Nice grow
  7. Excellent choise, I would have chosen this region myself. Smoked a herb on my vacation on Curacao that came from Jamaica. I could nearly roll a joint from it, but i never had been that stoned before(and that after 3/4 hits) and never had redder eyes than that time. Would be nice to see Strain Hunters hunting over there. Gr Rbud
  8. Nice strain, sorry for your losses. But after rain there's sunshine right? Looks like if you smoke one of that it shoots you straight to the space. Would be nice to read a smokereport at the end good luck with your grow. Gr Rbud
  9. As promised here are the pictures of my garden, but first some info about the setup. -Homebox 1.20x1.20x2.00m -Electronic VSA 600W -30L pot I,ve vegged her outdoors for 2/3 months, but because the wether conditions went very bad here i desided to put her inside. As you can see her leafs are turning yellow, I was wondering how this could be? Can someone help me with this? This one i call The Shadow:P Hope you guys enjoy, Gr RBudz
  10. Dont know about the Super Lemon Haze, but i got a Super Silver haze and cloning with her went rather easy. Just do what you normally do(if you ever made clones). I even made a clone once just by putting it in my living room, without the right conditions(humid, room temp....) it just shows how stong this plant can be. Hope this helps you, Gr RBud
  11. Hello everybody, im very glad to join you guys. I got a Super Silver haze going on now with a little Super Silver Lemon by the side. I'll see if i got time to put some pics up tomorrow. Gr RBud