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  1. indeed I can see the love in her
  2. Yes mate 5.5pH for soil is too acid, your plant won't aborb all the nutrients because soil get nutrients at different pH then hydro as you might have seen in Franco's videos they grow hydroponics and go for 5.5pH.. soil growers tend to go from 6 to 6.5 depending on stage of the plant as well.. so 6 for better root stimulation then going always a bit higher... I'm sorry for the kalashnikovas test, we had a lot of unfavourite conditions...you might wanna look my past test http://strainhunters.com/portal/content/indicando-md-sc-26-11-2010 Good Luck with your ladys
  3. 5.5 pH is for hydro my friend, you need to raise your waterings have a look here http://www.strainhunters.com/portal/content/ghsc-official-feeding-chart
  4. I just got up from an afternoon sleep ...kinda confused
  5. I know people in your are that told me, it's the way to grow, big yield and quality it's a bit of labour compared to soil, with 100% coco instead of 60% as istance you can regulate your pH properly..as coco absorbs the exact pH of the waterings, but yeh giving more air is good too...it comes down to experience in the end..start from scratch and learn - evolve. Blessing my friend
  6. I reckon you should try different feedings...for the SD, you can surely guess better if you have to go up-or-down of pH OMG alex, you so lucky..out of my tap i get 9 pH ....
  7. 18/08 the picture is from the PAST! lol today my mind is pretending to be funny... 46 days for the #1
  8. I couldnt make it to the kalashnikova because was too hot but I took some picture of my mate's plant which is closer walk he waters too much with canal water..so I'm gonna bring him some pH'd water with some flowering nutes looks like Zinc deficency here..flush and we'll see
  9. Super Critical 22 days of veg, first on Blue 200W CLF then HPS AGRO 600W The width is about 40cm and the pot are common paint buckets of 14L
  10. well alex, maybe you have better enviroment and strain..and experience.. In a badge of 5 fem seeds you can get 1 good plant that could be a mother..the traits are like your one fast growth, healthier, bigger then the others.. I planted late out of 9 seeds 1 had this traits and another that was germinated indoor at least survived but has developed 60% less then the other.. there's a lot of factors to consider
  11. The SD might need another pH level of feeding
  12. I really don't know because I don't splash water on the leaves and not over watered them.. last watering was with sun on the plants..but both plants have the same burnt spots from middle to bottom, top is fine...so I don't really worry... beside this the buds are forming nicely.. Just would be nice to know..
  13. Mostly on bigger fan leaves, are curly upwards and they feel dry.. I feed them last night with 5.9ph and NPK canna 13-14
  14. Thanks for the post lamsbread, well about digging the holes..we thought about that, but since we had like 9/10 seedlings and wanted to do a real natural grow to see how they copied on this soil/enviroment...was bad luck ofcourse.. in the end they survived in 2..and if you see when we did start was end of April..which is crazy in good conditions now we would have got trees...but my mate felt safer this way..so I didn't want to dictate the rules. Also we had the pH tester un-fased so even when we tryed to give the right nutes...we gave wrong pH... it's good we layed low, but next year we will bl
  15. just grow more..so even if the eat it..still will be enough to harvest... share with the monkeys