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  1. autoflower

    Hello @aart123, Beautifull auto you have there, i love the copper you put on your pot to protect your plmant from the predator like the slug and snail Whats the strain?
  2. Yes bro rgs, i grow it many years ago and i think same to you since this time, never i put some new kaia kush in the soil, ha ha ha
  3. Normally i have egnough place for this wonderfull sativa :-) I try to take better picture between 2 different branche to show you what i mean. Difficult to be clear only with words ;-)
  4. Hey Hunters, Little news of the Sour Leonidos (Leonidos#3 x SourD bx2) Today is Day 1 of flowering for the 8 Sour Leonidos... cant wait to see what coming out this new X, he he hee. I already make a little selection with the preflower to look after the male and the femalle but i need to look still a few days closely... Maybe 2 more males. Today is watering day with compost tea and because it is the first day of flowering i need to put the powder feeding bloom. Here are the pictures... 315w CMH side with the taller pheno 600w HPS side See you for the next update hunters!
  5. Looking nice and healty bro @gasmeter, do not forget to put an opaque tape on the little led light on your dehumidifier. To avoid disturbing your plants during the night ;-)
  6. Great that you see the fungus bro! I grow also the Kaia Kush before but i have a poor result with this strain, bad structure plant, no vigor and bad bud structure... What do you think @R.G.S
  7. Beautifull outdoor @Chesterland. Well done! What about the terps of the supersilverhaze outdoor?
  8. The plant are now at 113cm from the ground. The stretch is at 2,6cm / day 😎 She are stacking very well now Sorry for the white balance of the pics but I take it light ON with the phone ☺️🤗😎
  9. Great idea to put some auto in your area @Guovsahas, good luck for the 2020 season!
  10. @Jose.gh he hee, cant wait to smell the first terpenes odor from this wonderfull plant bro! The crazy thing i see right now on this plant is the difference between one branche and the other? If you look closely on the last post the two first pictures you can see on the second pic the internodes distance is still close but only on one stem and it’s not the same on the whole stem. There are 3 internodes of + -10cm from the base then the branch rotates on itself even 360 ° and it is only from this 360° twist that the shorter internodes begin. really interesting. The other 4 main stem is with wide internodal distance... on the first picture you can see the diff between each stem. I try to take a picture of the whole stem to show you what i explain ;-)
  11. @Cannabissapean thanks you man and welcome in my play room ! Really appreciate your comment :-) I make this tread to share my little experience with other people to show how is possible to make some home made great strains. For me, the selection is the key. But yes writing in some magazines sound really good for me, he hee! Do you have some contact? For the macro lens, it is new for me, i just buy this lens a few months ago and try to do my best. I love so much take macro picture and see this wonderfull new little world. Not so little if your look closely :-)
  12. @Jose.gh it is a home made mix with Proffesional Bio Soil, coco and perlite (50,30,20) + Bio feeding grow & ehancer. With the size of pot and the size of the mother plant (1 year old) i need to put more frenquantly the bio grow ;-)
  13. Hey Hunters, Begining of the week 4 for the Nvidia Nevil's Haze selection In a few days i plan to pollinate some lower buds with my SourDbx2 pollen to make some seeds for preservation and sharing... Nevil's Haze "Nvidia selection"

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