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  1. @Gaz We will see whats coming after the drying process but right now: 1) The SVK#2 have the most attractif smell but less in visual and less trichome covering. ( next run a will adapt the nutrient regime of this one, because she is a heavy feeder) 2) The SVK#5 have a strong punch smell, she is beauty and extra covered with trichomes. But no veg vigor ( next run i will be put 1 or 2 more vegetation week for this pheno) 3) The SVK#8 is ultra ultra white, fully trichome covered but the smell have nothing particular and not very strong.
  2. Thank you @Jose.gh! The bud formation of this strain is pretty good, and 5gr of bio bloom / ltr of substrat is th good range for this strain except for number 2 ! The number 2 is a heavy eater and this pheno have a time of flowering a little longer than the others pheno (9+,10 week). Here is a pic of a clone SVK #2 at 1 week of flo As it is a heavy eater than the others, I put 5g of biobloom / ltr of substrat during the week 1 of flowering, and I would put 1gr / ltr during week 2-3. For improved soil life and nutrients uptake, I will watering : 1x/week at week 1-3-5-7 with compost tea + Ehancer and 1x/week at week 2-4-6 with compost tea charged with guano PK. We'll see what she has in the belly for this 2nd run
  3. Hello @R.G.S, For me, your bud need a little time to grow bigger ;-) you must wait a little bit more befor harvest, 2 weeks maybe, what do you think?
  4. The Sweet valley Kush group 2 is at the end of week 8 day 56. Watering with only water. Day Temperature : 27c° Night Temperature : 21c° Day Humidity : 50% Night humidity : 65% The sweet valley kush group 2
  5. Hi @Jx-, Yes she have beauty color et she is pretty frosy but the buds formation, calix/leaf and the smel is less attractive..
  6. Yes thats the theory, but in practice it is a little different and difficult to see the good harvest time with only the trichomes... Just because de trichome is the secondary metabolite on the plant... Exemple : with true SATIVA plant, the trichome stay more clear that with the INDICA plant...
  7. @R.G.S thanks for the story man. If i can advice you, next time you must take a choice before flowering stage. OUTDOOR or INDOOR Thats because you can stress your plants if you put them outdoor and indoor in differents conditions. (Temperatures, hummidity, luminosity, timming, etc) So now, whats your choice for harvest ?
  8. Your SVK look ultra healty! weel done @Kalumè ...and the outdoor flowering are coming slowly but i think you can cut down some branches like that the plant gowing more bushy and less high
  9. SVK #5 this plant is the smallest but the buds are big and compact and the smell is good too...
  10. Hey @R.G.S your last picture looks good! How many weeks in flowering now?
  11. Some pheno of this strain is very lemony with a little touch of haze It is a great strain

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