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Everything posted by OG.Naj

  1. Yes 2 weeks with a good flush. The plant will show you some fall color. And when the colors of the leave become less green and more coloring like yellow, red, purple you will have a more tasty clean smooth end product.
  2. Sorry for absence and the late reply guy's, but iam full full at this time and it is very difficult to find time to make pictures, report and spend time on the forum.... The Cloud Walker run was great! Big variation between each pheno but it is normal with Punta Roja landrace gene. The more indica one grow short, have a 8 weeks of flowering time with less buds production but the color and the terpenes profile is just incredible! The smell come with a wonderfull over ripe exotic fruits mix! The resin production on this pheno is incredible too and it will be a real
  3. Yes bro, some pheno will be harvested around week 8 for the more speed flowering one. The rest will be harvested around 9 to 10 weeks for the most sativa dominant one
  4. Hello hunters, Here are some pictures of 4 pheno of the Cloud Walker at the begining of week 8. From now they will just received water until the end to have a nice clean tasty smooth smoke
  5. looking nice, and thats really interesting that you arrive to keep them pretty short! The topping and maybe the sun light help you a little! Nice job
  6. Looking nice here, the green color become more deep and your plant looks more happy. Nice work!
  7. Hello hunters, Sorry for the delay but iam overbooked with my work these week. Here are a beautiful specimen of the Cloud Walker at week 7. I start to watering only with water tomorrow until the end to have a nice clean smooth end product. Have a nice day all
  8. The little report is finish, hope you all love it!!! BIG thank you for the super hot welcome to the all GH crew, I had a great time, and i already looking in my agenda to come back
  9. On the third day, I started the day with a super stoned lunch. (Certainly one of the best in town) The one and only English Breackfast from the GreenHouse CoffeeShop United After lunch, I spent a moment at the GH Coffeeshop Centrum to taste different kinds of traditional hash with a real old connaisseur... What a great time ! And finally we visit the city and some beauty places all the afternoon with friends to finish the day we have been in a wonderful Thai restaurant
  10. The second day was crazy busy, i see and talk with so many different people about cannabis, strains, history. A really productive day in the Amsterdam cannabis cloud. But i need to start at the beginning of the day... I started the day with a good coffee and a good joint of Super Silver Haze in the GH Coffeeshop Centrum After that i go to the Dampking coffeeshop for testing the old school sativa like the A5, the C5 and the Old school Haze! This smoke sesh was absolutly amazing, reql old school terps and pure clear high! And just befor i want to go i rece
  11. Maybe but you need to wait a little more to be totally sure! You nee to see some with little pistils ;-)
  12. Thanks guys, The first GH coffeeshop was the Green House central and the first weed smoke was a really nice Hawaiian Haze. Nice sativa with a little lemony touch. Perfect for the afternoon. The second was an classic one, The Super Lemon Haze. The lemon terps are crazy hazy fresh lemony. After i test the Karel Haze from Super Sativa Seeds Club. After the GH shop i was go to the Plug coffeeshop because i want to taste the Tha Melon strain (melon x biker kush) Tomorrow I will smoke the G-unit and Karel Haze. To finish
  13. Hi hunters, Because retarded with the virus, finally I can enjoy the price for my win last year. I create this topic to share with all of you this little trip. I was arrived today at the GH office and what a hot welcom all the crew give me! They show me the office and... I was be able to see the seeds vault with all the old and new genetics the germination table, the seeds packaging area. The nutrients packaging and the nutrients and merchandising storage. And for finish ... the @jan.gh busy working place :-) After the office visite, i was take
  14. looking really good in your garden! Tthey dont strecht to much outdoor, Interesting to see compare indoor setup
  15. Not lucky with the scale bro but good that you top the plant to optimize the lateral branche! Almost flowering, tic tac, tic tac!
  16. Looking good and maybe better than last time. The thrips are almost gone if i see correclty, nice job buddy!
  17. @greencloud looking nice brother. Be carefull with the cloud walker stretch between x3 and x4 depend the pheno! They can easly touch the ceiling of the tent. The bigger pheno i have make 2 meter in a 3 ltr coco pot...
  18. Wouaw that's a moooonster! nice job @Doniusz77
  19. Enjoy your hard work brother,, was really nice to see all this run. Big Up
  20. Your Cloud walker look like they achieve the last flowering line! Watering with only water until the end is the good way, when i see your buds they need around 2 weeks more to be ripe! Keep strong the good work!