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  1. that's a great tools for the guerilla grow, thanks for sharing mate!
  2. Yep they drop the price around two months ago a think. First they go from 125 to 75 and now 60,75
  3. No really because all the seed from Green House is feminized so they are all S1 or R1 if they are from the first generation of breeding or s2, s3,... if it is the next generation... A other thing, normally the male used should be written last like : Strawberry Banana x Bubba Kush x Super Lemon Haze that a breeding rule/tricks to know the male used in the cross
  4. Hello @ganjalover, These seeds are not F1. In this case the limited usa strain from GH is a R1. To be right with the denomination here is a bit of genetic nomenclature. F1: First cross between two differents parents S1: Is the first selfed cross. For exemple I have a Zkittles cut femalle, i reversed this cut to produce pollen (feminized pollen) and hit the same Zkittles cut female with this pollen. The result are Zkittles S1 (like the Exodus Cheese from GH) R1: Is when you use reversed pollen (feminized pollen) to pollinate a other female than the pollen donor. (like this SuperLemonHaz x StrawberryBanana x BubbaKush from GH) Bx1: Is the denomination for the first backcross. It is when you take a progeny male or female and you cross back to the parents zero (P0). (Like the SourD bx2 from Karma Genetics that are the second backcross called bx2)
  5. I hope that you find the right direction to finish you crop properly brother!
  6. Looking beautiful! We can see the begining of the trichomes formation
  7. I think with short growth, they take a little more time to really start to make bud. Dont take me wrong, that's done mean it's not good. It is only a observation and your plant are looking really nice 👊👌
  8. Hello Everyone, Is this time again when some beauty little seeds go into a glass of pure temperate rain water.... ☁️🚶Cloud Walker Punta Roja x (Mendo Breath x Purple Punch) Grow under a Gavita HPS 600w in some Plagron Coco with GH Feeding Hybrids - PK Booster - Calcium - Ehancer as nutrients. Let's gooooo....
  9. Yes, it is because i want to go speed in bloom, no time to a long veg. Normally i love give much more time of veg before the flip to the flowering but this time i follow your way, I want to enter the speedy crew, he he hee
  10. If iam good, they are now 26 days of flowering, right? If yes and when i look the buds formation for week 4 the Cloud walker look like they have a slow start of flowering,,, What's your thought?
  11. Nice germination here, cant wait to see the Banana Krumble in rotation 👌👍🔥
  12. Subbed 🍿 Sound like a great environment setup here 👌👍
  13. He he yes they are nice and vigorous. But be careful the next fews days ... I can become the third member of the speedy crew. They will flowering in a week or so 😁
  14. Hello hunters, It is DAY 1 for the ☁️🚶Cloud Walker I prepare a light solution of tap water + ehancer and a little bit of hybrid to have 0,6 ec. My tap water is at 0,2 so I add 0,4ec with the ehancer and the hybrid powder. I adjust the ph at 5,8 and let's go for the first watering.
  15. Nice and healthy as always brother, keep it strong and green 🔥👊
  16. Happy speed harvest my friend and welcome in the "speedy crew". Do you become the second member after @R.G.S Can wait to see some buds shot!
  17. Hello @Johny and welcom to the SH forum, Can you explain a little bit more your setup and parameters. With more informations like : The type of substrat, light mix or prefertilized? How do you water them, how much and with what? Temp and humidity in your room? It is the only one plant that show this problem or other plant show the same things?
  18. These beautifull plkant look ready to support a nice and big harvest. Good job
  19. @R.G.S I think @Doniusz77 run 2 Cloud Walker and 2 Silver Back, maybe iam wrong but i dont see KK here 😉
  20. Looking nice! How much grow time you will give them before the flip?

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