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  1. Hello Hunters, Today i will show you how i make some good compost tea. Compost tea is very beneficial for plant growth. Compost tea is the name given to the extraction of micro-organisms from compost to water via aeration. Oxygenating the water activates the multiplication of microorganisms. Improving plant growth, generally compost tea also helps the availability of nutrients for the plant. By adding beneficial micro-organisms to the soil, this tea has the effect of reducing pathogens in the root environment. It contains beneficial nutrients and microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, ...). Recipe: - 27ltr of rainwater - 450gr of compost or vermicompost - 1 tablespoon black sugar cane molasses (organic) - (30gr of ehancer)* - (3 ltr of vermicompost juice)* *optional To make the compost tea you need : - Air pump - Heater - Plastic pot (No metal) - cheesecloth or filter Put the air pump and the heater to keep the solution aerate and at 20c° for 24h. Happy sunday hunters and see you tomorow for the compost tea watering
  2. Hi hunters, The nutrients and the seeds arrived yesterday so, it is time to beginning the 3° Mega Contest. You will find below the culture information. The strain i will use for this 3° MEGA Contest is the new GH Sweet Valley Kush! The nutrients I choice is the GH Powder Feeding BioLine Veg SETUP: VegRoom : Clone boxe from homebox Ligth : 2x Sanlight P2W 62W full Spectrum Nutrients : GH Powder Feeding Bio Grow and Ehancer Substrat : home mix substrat composed of 50% Coco Plagron, 25% Mills lightmix, 25% Promix Plagron Container : 1ltr plastic pot transplanting on a 7ltr plastic pot after 3-4 weeks of grow Flo SETUP: FlowerRoom :"homemade box" of 1m x 1m & 2,2m high Ligth : Dimlux Expert Series Full Spectrum 315w CMH Nutrients : GH Powder Feeding BioBloom and Ehancer Good luck to all participants & like Franco say, Peace, love & THC OG.Naj
  3. Well done @g22 Little patience now for the reveg... When I take clones in bloom, it often takes 2 months to can cut new correct clones ;-)
  4. Hello Hunters, After the canopy picture, here are some pics of the top of the soil. This soil loving GH Feeding and i can say : is literally a living soil Only a few days after the addition of Bio Bloom the beneficial mushrooms have already appeared... Beauty nature Have a nice week end hunters and see you for the next update!
  5. Beautiful report here, clear, precise and complete. You do not think that the # 1 has a problem with its stem, from my screen I have the impression to see the stem very thin and a little brown Good start @gasmeter
  6. Here are the picture of the first pistil on the sweet valley kush #3,,, @g22 the #7 with the purple color...
  7. The group 1 Week 2 - Day 9 of bloom for the Sweet Valley Kush number #2 - #3 -#7 & #10. The plants grow very well they make now 54cm tall. So they took 11cm in 1 week (1,57cm / day) So here are the pics of today for the group 1 I noticed a mutation on the SVK #2. So 3 plants totally have the same trifoliate mutation. @jan.gh @Jose.gh any infos if that come from the genetic or if that come from my cultivation or environement ? Picture of the SVK #2 with the mutation
  8. Hello Hunters, Here are some big news. The second group of Sweet Valley Kush are now switched in bloom. The SVK #4-#5-#6 & #8 are already at day 2 of bloom and they are 45cm high Yesterday i put 80gr of biobloom / 19 ltr smart pot, so 320gr totally for the 4 plants. After that, I watering the 4 plants with 1,5ltr of water (50% rain water - 50% tap water) Day Temperature : 25-26c° Night Temperature : 18c° Day Humidity : 60-65% Night humidity : 65-70% So here are the pics of today, day 2 of bloom...
  9. Hi @g22, what do you add in your tea EM? Can you take some pictures of your leaf?
  10. Hello hunters, Here are some news of the SVK #4. That show some "Trifoliate-Quadrifoliate mutation"... The exact name is "Whorled phyllotaxy". This is actually the fact that 3 or more leaves grow from the same node. What is interesting is that this plant grew normally up to 4 stage and this mutation is shown only on 2 of the 4 main branches. The two other branches are quite normal. So here are the pics... Have a nice day hunters And because it's his birthday today : "Peace, love & THC" (Franco Loja)
  11. Hello Hunters, Some news of the growroom ina di clonebox Week 7 Grow+43 For the Sweet Valley Kush #4-#5-#6 & #8. I kept the 4 smaller plants in the grow room and I did well, they grow well and will soon be ready to be switched. The 4 bigger, the #2-#3-#7 & #10 the 4 largest were spent wednesday in bloom. Today I watered each plant with 1,5ltr of water (50% rain water - 50% tap water) Day Temperature : 23c° Night Temperature : 17-18c° Day Humidity : 55% Night humidity : 65% So here are the pics of today... In this photo we can notice the intensity of two bars LEDs from sanlight. only 62W each one but how effective See you for the next update hunters
  12. Well done bro and the Ehancer work very good to for cloning!
  13. The SVK #7 has no longer purple under the leaves but has stems more purple than other plants. It seems to me that the end of flowering will be very purple for this one :-) I will take a pictur for showing you ;-)
  14. Hello Hunters, Day 2 of bloom Some pics of the 4 Sweet Valley Kush already switched Real indica leaf for the SVK #2 SVK #2
  15. Hello Hunters, Day 1 of bloom 4 of the 8 Sweet Valley Kush, the number #2 - #3 -#7 & #10, move under the 315cmh from dimlux. The #4-#5-#6 & #8 will be switched in 1 or two weeks... Because it is the first day of bloom, it is feeding time... 80gr of biobloom / 19 ltr smart pot, so 320gr totally. I watering the 4 plants directly with 1ltr of water (50% rain water - 50% tap water) + 1gr of ehancer. Day Temperature : 21-22c° Night Temperature : 16-17c Day Humidity : 55-60% Night humidity : 55-60% So here are the pics of today, day 1 of bloom... See you for the next update hunters_
  16. Thanks for the respond dude!
  17. We can see the love you give on this girls! Beautifull tent dude!
  18. Yeah, never stop to learn but sharing the knowlegde most possible. I will use some comfrey mash with compost tea for the flowering Have a nice week bro ;-)
  19. Super Mr Moose, i love your thermometre :-) You put some biogrow directly with the allmix?
  20. Good start, happy grow hunter!
  21. Hello Hunters, Week 6 Grow + 36 Working day ina di garden. Tranplantation time for 8 of the 9 Sweet Valley Kush. I decided to kill the SVK #1 because this is the more strechy, nutrients sensitive and bad looking plant for me on the 9 SVK. So for this last transplant i use my soil mix (50% pure coco- 50% promix from plagron). Ii watering each plants directly with 1ltr of water (50% rain water - 50% tap water) + 1litr of lombricompost juice for 10ltr of this mix of water. Next watering, Tuesday or Wednesday, i will put some Ehancer! Day Temperature : 21-22c° Night Temperature : 17-18c Day Humidity : 55-60% Night humidity : 55-60% So in a few days this 8 beautys Sweet Valley Kush ( number #2 - #3 - #4 - #5 - #6 - #7- #8 - #10) from Green House will be switched in flowering mode So here are the pics of today, day 36 of grow and the grow box are totally full! Have a nice week end hunters! And see you for the big day, Day 1 of flowering!
  22. You are true @gasmeter, there is still you who reads the texts I forgot the second SVK#5 but there is no SVK#9 because it is the seed that did not germinate at the beginning... Thanks for reading good my post dude :-)

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