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  1. Hi all, so i start a new thread, i am a little in sorry, seeds germinated, this thread in memory of Franco from the greenhouse. I am going to try and reproduce the grow, I am using a 65 ltr pot with mapito, so it 100% hydroponic style grow with flood and drain. lot of light, lots of love, let see what can happen. will update picture later.
  2. Plants look happy, what is slurricane? slurry being pigs shit> i have no idea, this why i ask? have a great weekend strain hunters
  3. hi shaggy, The space is only small, to be honest. Next up, i tried to make a little space. I will post a couple of pics, of the area cleaned up. I have removed some crates. It can get busy, i can confirm that. I will try and get back soon with pics, Now i need to put my feet up, and chill.
  4. Happy harvesting, enjoy the smoke, pictures look great.
  5. Well there you have it, little update, plant are starting to side step, ph was a little low on the return, i increased the flood ph to buffer the rooted medium. flood ph was 6.4 temp at 20c The tank is only getting water now, and ph
  6. really nice bud shot, look forward to reading more in this thread. have a great day
  7. everything looks great man, when i got a little more time i gonna pop back and read through everything. just passing by and saying a quick hello, keep it green man
  8. ok so it got busy in there still running a low ec, they took over the room, some tops got a bit fried, nothing i can do now, so will just go with the flow.
  9. you can run a little less temp if you can maintain a lovely root temp, am sure there was a study some where, ed rosen blah blah. 15 oz of 3* 1500 wat led so max = 4500 watts. interesting these figure don't sound correct why so low yield, there must be other factors. does not sound great. but if the gear that you harvested was really cool who cares? as long as you happy right?