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  1. chemical bride looks good one, i managed to get a pack of these beans, good luck with the grow
  2. nice simple scale perfect
  3. 12 year willdo it that quite some experince you got there, would love to hear all the tips, can you break idown for a stupid person. respect
  4. lst works good but if you do it to hard i find that the may brant some time never recovers, i notice when the plants one not juicing high brix, we use a humic and vulvic acid along with genreal nuts and the plant just love, it easy to be heavy handed
  5. big plants they done well
  6. am looking forward to seeing the buddha kush in form with this cross who know what you will get
  7. i like the new packaging from green house, plant are health good look with the mid to final stages
  8. hi there i been here while but posted so much big welcome. haze plant are lovely to grow. i got some old flying dutch man mixed seed divas. looking forward to the plant ex p hd growing. good luck with everything
  9. Hi guys as the title say, it a mix all strains are killer, the forbodis is from inhouse, bakers from dna, sour dna, french cookie thc seeds cheese as friend la grape limited seeds from dna tracked down after years of searching. grow is hydro keep it simple flood and drain. have a nice day guys regards
  10. Keep it simple and that what you did, it dont need to be expensive, respect
  11. you gonna strip out the middle for the light or leave it?
  12. got to love the chem d i had the orginal log time ago but lost it. i did how ever grow out some og18 and it had all the smell, more sour very viny plant but the bud although small where heavy. kosher dawg was good aswell, i think og 18 need to fixed so that it has a fuller form which would make it much easeir to grow, needs a lot of staking or need to be fliped no later than 8 to 12 days in 36 ltr plant pot. bag appeal is good also, now days there are some new monster though, what you think is best on the market at the moment for form thc taste price?
  13. sugar and soap, good closes help, and iso to keep cutting equipment clean, metal on metal to sharpen when blunt,