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  1. COB lights are not the only metric that determines the quality of a grow light. You need to look into input watt vs output light. I found a source that elaborates on what makes an led grow light efficient. I found it helpful cus it cuts through all the bullshit adverted watts and etc. The design of the leds are quite important factor to consider also. read more for yourself here is the link
  2. i would love to participate with afghan kush - regards from D to da K - DK!
  3. The forum threads and the community here has motivated me to even attempt this. Here are some pics from last night: What do you guys think? Moved seedling to cup on Oct 2nd. Switched to flower on Nov 14th. I’m using a 4x2 tent. 600w Bestva LED Fox Farms Soil Fox Farms liquid nutrients Thinking of upgrading light for my next grow. but don't know what to pick. I found this guide for led grow lights quite useful, basically it recommends either platinum, viperspectra or at the cheaper end marshydro. Platinum is out of question because it is too expensive. viparspectra and marshydro has a lot of options. Which one to go for?
  4. First off I will say this LED is the best on the market for many reasons. I own a 300W KIND LED and used in comparison.. I also want to point out the vendors customer service when I experienced shipping issues from Amazon.. ( I live in remote Alaska and used to enjoy pain free shipping up until May of 2016 ) then had an issues from Amazons new policy change ( done in private never a public statement ) and it was this vendor who resolved the problem when Amazon wanted to point the finger at warehouse issues and vendor issues. PERFROMANCE: 5Watt diodes ( need I say more ? ) competitors still using outdated 3Watt diodes.. Lenses on the bulbs magnify the light intensity. My realtime experience. Propagating / germinating in a 2.5 x 2ft "shorty" grow tent.. I have had to move this light clear to the top of the shorty tent.. some 3ft plus away from the plants to prevent burning.. THATS SOME INTENSE LIGHT!!! plants don't lie The light is a nice even mix of RED / BLUE lights and covers the full spectrum... I heard of complaint about too much blue / white light.. I have not suffered from this and in fact I find the light to be a perfect mix and has more color that my KIND LED which has a more pink hue.. I would also like to note that it stays cool and very quiet!! it's sleek looking and I can't get over how efficient it it.. Compared to KIND LED which I have had no issue with other than when you compare the two why pay over $300 when you can get an even better light for under $100 bucks... even if this one malfunctions I could buy 2 more for the price of any 3W diode 300W LED.. I am satisfied and the plants don't lie!!! VENDOR: when Amazon changed policy and everyone here in remote AK also started experiencing horrible shipping service.. I first contacted Amazon to resolve.. they tried to blame it on the address provided, Okay changed that from a P.O. box to a physical one... Still tried to blame it on address.. issues.. THEN they tried blaming their warehouse technical issues.. THEN they tried blaming the vendor themselves.. I contacted the Vendor and they did the leg work for me and on several occasions back and forth and confirmed it was AMAZON.. I went through several customer service reps.. Now I can say Amazon customer service does a good job of trying to resolve issues and give 10% off of future order perks etc.. to keep you happy and I like that... and it works... But!! they never officially admitted to the policy change and to this day everyone on this remote island continues to have shipping issues ( never was this way pre May of 2016 ) WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT ? Because this vendor was in constant contact with me over the entire process and put pressure on Amazon to make it right... IN CLOSING: Why spend twice as much on a 3watt diode LED ? when you can have a 5Watt diode LED for under $100... I compared this to my 300W KIND LED and although I still use the KIND... I will from now on buy VIPAR LED's and I have also purchased the larger 600W and it is just as impressive... HONEST REVIEW... PLANTS DON'T LIE.. THEY LOVE VIPAR!!! GREAT ON THE ELECTRIC BILL AS WELL ..
  5. buffalloo soldieeer
  6. using viparspectra  450w at my latest growing project, i just followed the recommended heights provided by the manufacturer. i am talking about the graph posted by shaggygrower.
  7. i am just making this post to introduce myself

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