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  1. hi, maybe some of you might be interested in this statistical compairison of 5-year survival rates in conventional and alternative medicine: http://www.zedorock.net/comparacion-en.pdf if you know of cancer patients, no matter how they treated their cancer, i'd be thankful. i need year of diagnosis, type of cancer, type of treatment and how the person was doing 5 years after diagnosis - alive (helthy?) or ded?
  2. hi, my name is zé do rock, i'm a brazilian writer living in stuttgart, germany. my next book project is a thriller about cancer and big pharma. i've set up a database with cancer cases, mostly from friends, aquaintances and friends of aquaintances, and so far i have 280 cases. the 5-yeer survival rate for patients who ar treeted with conventional medicin only is 40%, for mixers (of conventional and alternativ medicin) it is 57% and for refusers (peeple who interrupted thare conventional treetment or never started with them) is 86%. wen it comes to cancer in vital organs like brane, lung or liver, the difrence is much stronger: 11% survival for the conventional medicin, 66% for alternativ. the problem is, the statistical significance is stil low for patients treeted with alternativ medicin, i hav mor or less 20 cases of refusers and 30 cases of mixers - this shows the direction, but such numbers ar too small to be mor or less precise. and i'v been doing reserch on wat alternativs ar better, so far i'v herd of mor than 150 sorts of treetment, but for the grate majority of them thare is very little or no evidence at all - no studdies, no survivors i could find. still i found half a dozen substances for wich thare is a lot of evidence, and the stuf with the most studdies and survivors so far is cannabis. but heer is another problem: i dont hav cases on my database with patients that took cannabis, perhaps becaus i liv in germany, and it seems that much fewer peeple use cannabis to treet thare cancer in europe than in north america. i'v seen menny cases on youtube, and sometimes in the forums, but i can rarely infer how long they'v been living after the diagnosis. and then, i cant count peeple who tel about themselvs, since it could deform the statistics - yu can count the survivors, but yu cant count the ones who didnt survive, since they cant count thare story... so can ennyone help me with data about cancer patients other than themselvs? it wouldnt be a problem if the person didnt survive, since i'm quite sure that not evryone who took cannabis or another alternativ treetment survived, and it is hard to convince peeple that my statistics ar corect if they ar too optimistic. yu can put the data heer in this forum, or if yu feel this is too indiscreet, write an e-male to me: ze@zedorock.net. the first question is for identification in case i hav questions about the patient and hav to ask bak: i'd need the first and last letter of the first name and the first and last letter of the last name (forget about middle names). wich meens that if your name is barack obama, yu'd say BKOA, if your name is donald trump, DDTP. if u considder this too indiscreet (eeven if it would be impossible to identify them as persons), u can giv the names u want, but if u send mor than one case, u should no who i'm talking about in case i ask bak... and heer ar the questions: 1) inicials and last letters 2) yeer of diagnosis 3) tipe of cancer (wich organ was afected, and if u no the stage, all the better) 4) tipe of treetment (conventional or alternativ, and if alternativ, wich one) 5) how was the person doing 5 yeers after the diagnosis, and if the diagnosis was less than 5 yeers ago, how is the person doing now? helthy, il or ded? 6) is/was the person 75 yeers old or older? i'd be thankful for enny info i can get...

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