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  1. just to keep everyone updated, i have taken my cuttings and are now waiting for them to root,the mother sadly died will be starting a new journal very soon
  2. im never growing in soil again always have nothing but problems coco all the way from now on will get the pic up as soon as i get bk from work
  3. will get a pic in the morning OG.Naj
  4. hi these pics are from the oldest leaves on the plant i am stuck as what to do or what is happening
  5. the 1st 2 pics are of leaves from the middle part of the plant
  6. these are just 2 of the pics the quality isnt all that but if you look carefully the edges of these leaves are starting to get some sort of yellow bits and some sort of spots
  7. hi all im having a few problems with my plants i will upload some pics any advice is welcome thanks
  8. will get you some close ups as i have purchased a 1000x digital microscope
  9. upload more pics 2moz she is getting big, will be taking my cuttings in 2 weeks as i feel the cuttings will still be a bit small if i take them now 2 extra weeks might get another 2 cuttings for waiting a bit longer
  10. gave them there 1st feed yesterday with 0.5ml per litre of fish mix seen some tips today with burnt ends so will be resuming with the plain water until i see that there is no food left in the dirt, maybe a couple of yellow leaves will let me no when to feed
  11. looks like i wnt be getting much info on this subject
  12. thought i was never going to get a reply, but back to the question im growing in dirt myself but with biobizz, feel like once i have completed this grow i will be moving on to coco but wanted to get reviews from other people regarding plant magic nutes before i take the plunge
  13. cheers for the reply gasmeter nice to know someone still uses this site lol
  14. ill be sharing as much as possible jose
  15. when i nxt water ill will proberly take them a couple of hours after

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