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  1. Hi everybody just a quick update I’m now in week 5 of flower and i think i have messed up somewhere as I have been struggling to keep them watered every day because of a load of overtime at work so because of this i think the salt content has built up in my coco as i tested runoff and it’s 4.0ec. now because of this i have lowered my input ec to 1.1 to try and bring it bk down to normal. don’t think by doing this it will make much difference as my buds are not stacking up and i think this is why because of the high runoff. any help is much appreciated will also upload pics as soon as
  2. Pheno 1 is the smaller plant and pheno 2 is about 6-8 inches taller and is a lot more bushier. both get exactly the same amount of nutrients with a ph varying from 5.8-6.0
  3. Thanks for the replies, well here are the 2 sisters, i think that from my fluctuating 12-12 phase they have reverted back to veg so now have just got myself a plug timer switch just incase I’m not home wen it needs to be switched of
  4. Stems are now too stiff to bend i have already done quite a bit of topping from when they were in veg also done some defoliation today as well, will upload pics soon.
  5. There are now more pistols starting to show, I also messed up abit with the changes on my light cycle as I am now on 12/12 I started at 10am-10pm n have had to change it 3 times to a different time still 12 on 12 off I had to do this as my shift at work has took a drastic change in times, the girls still look fine all leaves are praying. Will the change have any effect on the plants. Also I will be keeping them now at 1pm-1am till harvest all help is much appreciated
  6. Think I will count day 1 of flower as today, also think my girls are going to out grow the space there in
  7. When do other fellow growers count there 1st day of flower I’ve read a lot of different comments with regards to this question. some growers say they count there 1st day of flower as soon as they change there light cycle, others say once they start to see quite a few white pistols appearing please feel free to comment with how you do it thanks
  8. 12/12 commenced on Thursday last week so should start to see some more pistols very soon, both plants already had a few hairs as I have had them vegging for a long period so I think the plants became mature if that’s how I’m supposed to say it
  9. @Aquakush thanks for the reply, I do have warzone not very good at it but I’ll have a few games with you message me your ps name and I’ll add u tomorrow peace
  10. 12/12 will commence from tomorrow. When does the 1st day of flower start would you say 1st day of the light cycle change or from when you start to see a lot of pitols, I only ask this as I have read many different comments on other journals with regards to the 1st day of flower
  11. Ready to flip these girls Monday. I have also added vitalink turbo to the nutrient mix
  12. Hello all does any member on the forum play online on the PS4
  13. Also just fed them both so leaves are a bit droopy