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  1. Hi all, This is my 1st grow journal on this forum. I will be doing zombie kush by ripper seeds, its a cross between amnesia x lavender x bubba kush had 5 seeds only 1 popped, the 1 that popped is more of a indica pheno from what i have seen from it up to now, i will be using all organic nutrients from the biobizz range. fishmix and rootjuice for veg biobloom for flower hopefully will turn out good plant is about 2 weeks old in biobizz light mix soil and is under 4 20w 6400k cfl's i do have all the other equipment needed i.e tent ect but its a bit early for that stage yet will upload 1st pic of my little girl 2moz people peace
  2. Hi all, was wondering if ghsc will ever be doing any strains that contain USA genetics like cherry pie,sherbert,cookies ect. Hopefully they will
  3. Just letting you all know I'm moving home so will be unable to participate in this wonderful competition. Hope you all do well my fellow hunters
  4. Looking good, keep up the good work
  5. March 1st needs to hurry up
  6. I'm interested in the sweet valley kush. It sounds amazing would love to give it a go. I will also give the powder feed a try as never used it before and have heard lot about it
  7. There on week 8 now nicely purpling up. I'm on the 2 week flush now will upload pics 2moz
  8. Can I participate in this contest pretty plzzzzzzzzz,are you only allowed to use the powder feed or do you have the option to use ure own nutrients
  9. Hi All was wondering if any of my fellow growers can help me in choosing a new strain to grow next. I'm after something with cookies in the genetics can any1 recommend a seed company that sells decent seeds with a cookie lineage. Maybe ones that you have grown before not untested seeds as don't want hermies Thanks
  10. Or just pure girl scout cookies
  11. Hi All, will there be any grow contests anytime soon or in the near future, wouldn't mind testing some of the greenhouse genetics
  12. Looking good
  13. They are 35 days on 12/12, All the top of the buds are starting to turn a shade of purple. Can not wait to test some.
  14. Just upped the ec to 1.8 see how they react if badly will lower. well here they are my fellow hunters 1st grow. Think I'm on my way
  15. Hi all, I'm 5 weeks into flower on my zombie kush cuttings and seem to be having problems with bud growth, it is going very very slow buds don't seem to be getting any fatter. Now I have been reading something about dialing in your ec to find that sweet spot for your plants, im new to all this growing stuff but im in it to learn and to learn how to grow myself some nice giving my ladies an ec of 1.6/ ph 5.8, yet my ec is coming out at 1.8. I need some help as I'm new to all this. Is my ec feed to high for this strain.I'm growing in cAnna coco with vitalink nutrients. All help is appreciated
  16. I'll be pulling up a chair for this grow, im very intrigued to see how the peyote goes as I have chose that as my next strain once this zombie is finished
  17. I'm giving them all an ec of 1.6 but runoff is coming out at 1.8 still struggling to fine tune the ec, the plants look good though, leaves are dark green though so dnt know if my ec is right or should maybe bring it down to 1.4ec also the trichomes are all over the place and mainly smells of lemons
  18. I took cuttings and vegged them for 6 weeks there now 5 weeks in flower I will upload a pic 2moz just having problems with my bud growth seems to b going slow
  19. you to gasmeter, have a nice xmas hope santa brings you everything you asked for
  20. just to keep everyone updated, i have taken my cuttings and are now waiting for them to root,the mother sadly died will be starting a new journal very soon
  21. im never growing in soil again always have nothing but problems coco all the way from now on will get the pic up as soon as i get bk from work
  22. will get a pic in the morning OG.Naj
  23. hi these pics are from the oldest leaves on the plant i am stuck as what to do or what is happening
  24. the 1st 2 pics are of leaves from the middle part of the plant
  25. these are just 2 of the pics the quality isnt all that but if you look carefully the edges of these leaves are starting to get some sort of yellow bits and some sort of spots

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