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  1. Hi jose.gh I am totally new to this, This will be by first grow ever. I was given a list of books to buy and read. They are arriving today. I still have not made up my mind as to what style of growing i am going to use, or what lighting. So there are many things that i need to do. My X boyfriend, i am able to ask for some tips and help. I spoke to my X boyfriend, and he said he will get me some cuttings, he read a list out, of the selection of cutting available and and there are some green house strains on the list, so looks like, i get to try your Famous strains
  2. lemon cheese sounds game over, has anyone grown this
  3. Hi jose, thanks for the reply, i split with my boyfriend and need to grow some weed, at the moment i am trying to source equipment to get a little grow on, carbon filter fans matched to lighting requirments and carbon scrubber pots meduim sized some liner to line the tent any ideas? Timer controller nutes (fertilizers)chem or organic soil or coco? which is best seeds or cuttings? am not experience but as a women, i used to smoke kali mist, so Hawaiian snow, sound really cool. hopefully the member here will be able to guide me through this time
  4. Nice wish i could come visit you lot @ spannabis need to book flight and organise lots of stuff
  5. Hi all, i love the greenhouse company, smoked some serious chronic back in the day at theirplace in the Adam.